Crypto Portfolio update: week 7 2019

We are already at week 7 in 2019. Had to correct the title because sometimes I still think that we are in 2018. We all hope that 2019 will be a better crypto year than 2019 was.
So let's see how we are doing.

Winners and losers

First let's have a look how the coins in my portfolio did in the past 7 days and maybe more important since January the first!


Last Thursday most coins had a revival but if we look at the increase/decrease since Jan the first, only 8 coins are up and 9 are down.
In the past 7 days, only 5 were down and all the rest was up.
The biggest increase was for scorum coins, EOS and COSS. All do have a very different business case.
Although Steem did well last Thursday, it still had a decrease of 2,4! Don't forget that we are still 18% up compared with the beginning of the year!

Portfolio share

Last week the top 3 was:
  • BTC 25,31%
  • Steem 24,9%
  • NEO 12,33%
  • This is the new pie chart!


    This week top 3 is:
    • BTC 25,69% (+0.38%)
    • STEEM 22,97% (- 1.93%)
    • NEO 13,08% (+0.75%)
    I really would like to see Steem taking the biggest market share, but I do guess we will have to wait until March for that when the new Steem earned will be added!


    Overal the portfolio was up a little bit. An increase of 400 Euro. Not to bad. Would like to have more weeks like these.


    I all will depend on the course of Bitcoin. Because all other coins still will be following the godfather of the crypto world.
    Curious what next week will bring. The more we do think about it, the more we understand that it is extremely hard to make a crypto project mainstream.

    Fiat betting report: January 2019

    January is a few days behind us now, so it is time to write my betting report for the month of January 2019.
    December 2019 did end with a small profit and I was really keen to add another green month to it! The betting report consists of 2 parts. The published bets for the SBC league and the non published ones.


    Well the first conclusion is that a lot of time was spend on Scorumbet, this of course had a result that I did have less time tp spend on fiat betting!
    I did place 28 bets in the month of January. 19 bets were published, 9 were not published! This is 10 bets less than in December 2019.
    Only 8 bets were won, which is a hit rate of only 28,57% and 5% less than last month.
    But the most important thing the ROI was positive with 26,51%.

    The bets are always published on Steem. A crypto blogging platform!

    As you can see a profit was made both on the published and non published bets. But the live bets more or less saved the day.

    Here is the complete overview!

    7 days were losing ones in contrast to only 5 winning days. On the best day I did made a profit of 10,75 euro, on the worst day I made a loss of 4 euro.

    It is all about the odds!

    Well maybe it is interesting to have a look at the odds played in the past month!

    Lot's of bets were parlays, which explain the high amount of bets on the higher odds.

    The most profit was made in the odds range between 2 and 2.2 And that from only 3 bets. This is were live betting comes in handy if the favorite is getting behind early in the game.
    It also shows that it is hard to make a profit in the range of odds below 1.7!
    This is an interesting exercise which every serious sports bettor should be doing for itself. Know where your leaks are and try to solve them!

    Now I have some benchmarks to compare with next month. The sample size of bets is of course still to low to make any conclusions! But the year has started with a profit, which is great! Let's see if I continue this in February!


    Scorumbet: January report

    January was the first month that I took sport betting on ScorumBet seriously.
    And I am glad that I did. Overall it was a good month, but it could have been better!

    As you can see, I did place 112 bets. The Hit rate was with 48.21% lower then expected but still I managed to get a very decent ROI of 7.62%.
    In total 5495 SCR was wagered, in Euros this is around 241. The total profit was 415.72 SCR,  18.29 euros. But if and when the value of SCR will increase I will be glad with this 18,29 euros because it could be worth at least 415 euros.
    The value of SCR is still way too low, but there are, like the complete crypto market, suffering of the ongoing bear market!

    Betting types

    My own spreadsheet also allows me to show my bets per betting type!

    Only one loosing betting type, which is the Double Chance. Strange that this one is a loosing one, for sure with the hit rate of 53%. This means that I did loose a rather big bet!
    Most bets were regular single 1X2 bets. Scorumbet doesn't have the possibility to create parlays, which has to do with the fact that it is a betting exchange and no regular bookie!
    But the most profit did come from the Over/Under bets. The hit rate of 54% and the average odds of 2.064 are just the way I like it!


    For the moment only football (soccer) bets are offered on Scorumbet, but they did promise to add more sports soon! Personally I don't have any problems with only football related bets, but if Scorumbet wants to grow, adding more sports is crucial!

    Funny that I had to take the biggest loss on my domestic competition! Most money was bet on the Premier League and most profit also does come from the premier league.


    It is all about the odds. The odds decide if you will make a profit or not!

    The bets on the odds below 1.5 were all double chance odds.
    The biggest loss was taken in the range of 2.6 and 2.8. 4 bets and all 4 lost!
    The best ranges were the ones between 2 and 2.2 and 2.4 and 2.6.
    Also do like the 2 bets in the range between 4 and 5. Which I would have put more SCR on those!


    The start was a great one! Now it is important to keep it going. It will be hard to have back to back green months, but I will try.
    Also now I do have my benchmarks. Which will make my next report better and will also give some more insight!

    If you also want to try out Betscorum, just clikc the link in the right side banner. On Betscorum you can find lots of possibilities for arb betting! Don't miss out on these chances!


    Jupiler Pro League predictions: round 24 & a full cover bet experiment

    Last week Genk lost surprisingly at home again Mouscron. Mhh, didn’t see this coming nor the models did predict it. Antwerp and Standard shared the points and Club Brugge, Gent and Anderlecht won. The lead of Genk has been decreased to only 7 points. While this does look much, it actually is much less. When the Play off starts, the points will be halved. So a lead of 7 points is converted into a lead of 4 points.
    At the bottom all seems lost for Lokeren. Only a miracle can save them but I don’t see this happening.

    Round 24

    Here at the models predictions for round 24!

    Full cover bet experiment

    Well it is time to honor my name and to use the strengths of the Nyls in full force.
    A full cover bet is a bet where you do bet on all possible combination of the betting slip. Depending on the number of bets on the betting slip the full cover bet has a special nickname.

    In general no single bets are placed. When the singles are added to the betting slip a Yankee (four games) for instance in turned into a Lucky 15, the Canadian (fivegames) is named a Lucky 31 and so on. As you can see the number of possible combination are added to the Lucky.

    A Goliath (8 games) consist of 247 bets with no singles. If we would add the single it would consist of 255 bets. But I am not that crazy nor wealthy!

    I have analyzing the predictions of the Nyls (Jupiler Pro League Prediction model) and its results. 2 market prediction are good enough to be considered to be used as input for a full cover bet!
    Both are from the model based on the results of the last 3 seasons! These are the Both Teams To Score and the Over/Under 2.5 goals markets. Both also based on the % possibility.
    So I was searching for a combination of bets, which could deliver a profit on one side with a minimal possibility to go bankrupt!

    I have been analyzing the results to see, how much times a weekly prediction does have more than 5 predictions correct. I also did the same thing for 6 or more correct.
    If I would play all sixfolds within a Goliath, this would mean 28 bets, if I would play all the fivefolds this would result in 56 bets. So the double amount of bets.

    After putting everything together I did notice that if I would have played all the fivefold bets for the complete season with the Over/Under 2.5 % I would have made a profit! Not a big one, but a profit.
    7 times out of 23 it did predict 5 games correctly, 4 times it did predict 6 games correctly and 2 teams even 7 games.

    So in the previous 23 rounds, 13 round would have resulted in a payout. In most cases the pay-out for 5 games correct have resulted in a loss, the 6 games do deliver a profit and 7 correct grants you a small jackpot!
    8 games correct would be like finding the pot with gold at a rainbow!


    So, I decided to take a risk and will play for the remaining 7 round of the Belgian Jupiler Pro League, all possible fivefold bets on the Jupiler Pro League based on the Over/Under 2.5 goals. On each possible combination I will put 0.15 units. If you are interested a unit for me is €1.

    So in total 8.4 units are at risk every of the next 7 rounds. In total this will be 58.8 units! To be honest I do expect a negative ROI between -5% and -15% but what is life without taking risks?

    Too bad I can’t play this on Betscorum, because Parlays can’t be created on a betting exchange! The bookmaker which will be used will not be named but the ones who do bet often, will probably recognized the betting slip!

    For round 24 this will result in the following betting slip!

    Good luck with betting!


    Betscorum = Betfair meets Crypto betting

    This blog has been in Hibernation for a long time. Time to make some changes.
    I am still betting and creating my prediction models. I just do post on different channels.


    Since a half year Scorum is life. Scorum is a sport blogging platform where you can earn some money. It has been build on the Graphene framework, which is one of the fastest and most reliable blockchains around!

    Each time you wrote a post, people can give the post an upvote! And depending on how powerful the upvoters is, the post will get more value. In the case of Scorum, upvotes are done with SCR (Scorum Coins). At the moment Scorum coins do have a market value of around $0.08.

    That's is why I am posting my models on that blogging platform. Since the beginning of Scorum I was capable to earn a little bit more than 30K SCR, that is around $2400.
    I never would have been able to do this via Google adsense or other affiliate programs!


    But is getting better! Since the beginning of December Scorum also launched their betting exchange! On this betting exchange you can, just like on Betscorum, create your own odds or match the odds for a game which are offered by other sports bettors!
    The currency used for these bets are of course SCR!
    SCR can be bought via Ethereum or can be extracted from the blogging platform!

    Like I wrote in the title it is betfair 2.0!


     As you can see that interface is smooth and well designed!

    Also it does shown a clean overview of the current and past bets you have made!

    Placing a bet goes smooth and fast!

    The odds

    This is where it becomes interesting.  The odds are mostly comparable with the Pinnacle odds, Pinnacle is considered the most fair bookmaker in the world.
    If you look around, you will be able to find even better odds than offered by Pinnacle. Which makes it really interesting.

    Let's take the Ac Milan vs Napoli game for next weekend as an example!
    On Betscorum the odds are 3.82 for a Milan win, that 0.05 better than on Pinnacle!
    If you do think that Napoli will win, even then you will be getting better odds than Pinnacle! 2.05 vs 2.04! All these small difference could be the difference between a winning week or a loosing week!

    Knowing your stats!

    Well this feature isn't implemented yet, but for the moment, the Scorum development team always did deliver as promised! So, I have no doubt that this feature will be alive and kicking before the end of Q3 2019!

    So why Betscorum?

    In contrast to other crypto betting platform, you still own your own funds. You don't have to deposit it in a wallet of the betting platform.
    Because Betscocum is so fast, it is also easy to offer live bets!

    Beside this, maybe the most important reason is that it is a 0% commission betting exchange! That's right zero commission. So you don't have to pay any commission over your winnings!

    To sum it up:
    • 0% commission.
    • Bettors own their funds.
    • Transparent gameplay.
    • No KYC.
    • High-volume capability.
    • Live betting.
    • Worldwide betting community.
    So you can place your bets, write about on the scorum blog and win twice! Or if you loose you bet and the article was great, that you can at least recuperate some of the losses!

    The best crypto sportsbetting book of the moment ! 0% Commission! 
    Click on the banner to create an account! And become and winning sports bettor!

    Good luck,