The Does and Don'ts within online sports betting

Some rules which you normally should follow when playing online sports betting. OK the reading of it may be boring but please continue cause it can make the difference between profit, even more profit with the same bet or loss.

1) Never play with money you can't miss. When placing a bet you always have to think that you can loose your bet. We all have seen sport games with an undeserved winner. Or football games were the favorite had chance after chance but didn't score.
2) Play for fun. As we all know betting can be addictive. Please don't step in this pitfall, like some of us did before.
3) Never, I repeat, Never pay for advice. Wonder why people need to reveive money for their advice? If they were so good they earned enough with their bets and didn't had to ask money for it and gave it away for free, like me :).
4) Never trust advice you find on the Internet or which you hear from friends. You always can use it to make your up your mind but don't let it guide you. Maybe those sources are misinformed.
5) Do your own research. Knowledge, Knowledge, Knowledge is the key in sports betting. Does a team have a home reputation, is the star player who scores half the goals and give the assists for all other one injured? Such thing can give you a complete different view on a game.
6) Try to setup goals when gambling and cash out when you reached a certain point.
7) Never place a bet which is more then 10% of your bankroll. Loosing such a bet can really hurt.
8) We you are in a bad streak don't try to make it up in one bet. You also can have lesser days at work so why wouldn't this be the case when placing a bet.
9) You can easily increase your winning by having an account with multiple bookmakers. There are various reasons for this. Some bookmakers give away free betting money or will pay your first bet if you loose it. Having accounts at multiple betting sites can make a difference of 10% to 20% at the end of a season.
Also odds can differ between various bookmakers. For example:
Tonight's game Watford vs Blackburn
The odds at Bet365 are 3.40 for a win of Watford, 3.25 for a draw and 2.10 for a victory of Blackburn.
The odds at Bwin are 3.00 for a win of Watford, 3.20 for a draw and 2.20 for a victory of Blackburn.
For this game Bet365 has a 10% better offer for a victory for Watford, but Bwin has 4,7% better odds for a Blackburn win.
Suppose you place a bet of 10 euros on Watford. Why wouldn't you want to take the 4 euros EXTRA pay-out at bet365.

Besides this Bet365 has for the moment an beautifull present if you sign up now.


Register with bet365 to qualify for up to £100 in Free Bets. Your first bet will be matched (up to £25) with 3 x free bets (up to £25) available once you’ve placed an additional 10, 20 and 30 bets of £5 or more with bet365.

10) Try it out for free first. There are multiple sites with tipster competition available. Online Betting Guide is such a site with a brilliant tipster competition. You get 1000 pounds per month which you can bet on almost all the sports in the world. It gives you an idea which bet types are available and how to play them without the danger of loosing real money. I can tell even such a game with nothing at stake can be very addictive.

Links to other bookmakers, like and can be found in the left frame of my blog.

What is written here within this post is no rocket science but keep this rules and remember them, they really can mean the difference between a loss and profit.

Good luck,

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