FA Cup and Primera Division

My year could have started better. One surprise in football and the other one in tennis crushed 2 combos where I had a lot of faith in!

Let's see if I can do better, worse is not possible!

English FA Cup
Manchester United - Aston Villa (Won)
For once I'm not using the head to head stats cause each cup game is different. Last game Aston drew against Chelsea while Man U drew at Newcastle (which I consider as a good result!). Manchester will win their first game at home this season.
Sheffield Wednesday - Manchester City (Lost)
Sheffield is the number 11 of the championship while City is the number 10 of the Premier League. Their last encounter on the field of Sheffield ended in a 2-6 victory for the team out Manchester. And again Manchester will win but probably not with such a big figures. It is from end november last year ago that Wednesday won at home. While each team will play better than they are capable against a team from the premiership it will not be enough.
Cardiff City - Tottenham (Lost)
Tottenham just have to win this game. They can have no excuses when a miracle happens for Cardiif City, the number 8th of the Championship..

Primera Divsion

Deportivo(15) - Real Madrid(3) (Lost)
Real has never won within the Premier League at Deportivo. Incredible, I personaly do not know another team which hosted already 13 games against Real Madrid and did not loose once. But I'm afriad for Deportivo that this year will be their first loss at home against Real. Real cannot afford to loose another point in the chase of Sevilla and Barca.

Combo time:
Combo 1: Real and Manchester U -> actual bet 1€ -> possible pay-out: 2,37€ -> Lost
Combo 2: Tottenham and Manchester C -> actual bet 1€ -> possible pay-out: 3,85€ -> Lost

Total at stake: 2€
Possible pay-out: 6.22€
Actual pay-out: 0€ -> Actual loss/profit: -2€

The sportsbook which I'm currently using is not offering a bet on the final Malisse vs Coubek yet. Probably the odds for Malisse will be around 1.40. Give it a try!

Good Luck,
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