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October Recap

Well it wasn't my best month to be honest. A loss of 61,23 Euro. Oeps.
The good news is that there should be a lot of leaks to be discovered.

I played 163 bets, which is a little bit more than in the previous months. The biggest change was the ante, in total I put 440,34 Euro at stake! That's an average of 2,70 Euro pet bet, which is an increase of 40%. Way to much.  If I look at my ROI, which is -13.91%, it is obvious that the main reason for loosing so much money was my increase in stakes.

Due to my betting bake strategy I did withdraw 45 Euro from my Unibet account, leaving 125 available. I didn't withdraw any money from Bwin.

Performance by Sport/Event
If I look at my performance per sport/event than there are more loosing ones than profitables:
1. Supertoto -> -49,16 (-92.8%)
2. Primera Division -> -13,72 (-67,4%)
3. Euro League -> -7.50 (-41.7%)

I do accept to loss at the Supertoto because it is all or nothing, but I have to admit that I played way to many t…

(My) Betting bank

First of all I have to make clear that I'm not a professional punter. Sports’ betting is one of my hobbies. Of course my ultimate goal is to make a profit with it. This article describes my thoughts on a betting bank and has nothing to do with a staking plan, nor should it be considered a bible!

I'm betting on sport since 98 or 99. Not continuously but with waves. Active for months until my betting bank dried up.
Then not playing for months/years. Each time when a new football season starts, it starts itching again and I do fund my betting bank again.

Each time when I do need to fund my betting bank with fresh money I had to do this via my real life bank accounts. Funding never exceeded 50 euros. Most of the time it was even less. I never did see it as investments more as lost money.
This time I was lucky because the second month of my wave was so profitable that I directly decided to withdraw my funding from my betting bank back to my real life account. Meaning that I'm pla…

Homework for the weekend is done! Wen't a little overboard.

For once I will try to give you an insight in my betting strategy.
After doing to home work for this weekend, I did place 15 bets for a combined ante of 44.23 euro. That an average of 2.95 euro per bet. The average odds are 1.95.

I have to admit that this is not according to my bankroll management, nor the money I'm normally willing to put a risk on a single weekend. Don't know why I did it.

I first selected from all the football games across Europe the games where I think I can predict to winner, a goal scorer, etc...
This were put on a sheet. The next step was to collect the odds at the 2 bookies I'm using.

Normally I'm more a one-day gambler. Meaning that in the evening I do select and place my bets for the next day. If I do an analysis of my previous weekend, the number of bets will probably be around the same number. I do doubt however if the average ante would be as high. But it is what it is.

Without any further delay here are my weekend bets:
    Bet type     …

September Recap

September was good for me.
Concluded bets:         135
Total stake                 258,07 euro
Net profit:                  254,61 euro
Return on investment: 98,66%

38,3% of the bets were winners.

While my biggest part of the profit does come from 1 supertoto ticket my other results weren't that bad either.

Performance by Sport/Event
If I look at my performance per sport/event than there are only 4 loosing:
Golf -> - 9,47 euro (-41,2%)
Tennis -> - 7,56 euro (-19,9%)
Serie A -> - 1,56 euro (- 52%)
Premier league -> - 3,61 euro (-31,4%)

The biggest winning sport/events were:
1. Supertoto -> + 240,56 (783,1%)
2. Ligue 1 -> + 17,20 (63,7%)
3. Eredivisie -> + 6,73 (84,1%)

Fairly proud on the fact that I also made a profit with football combos. One of the most difficult areas of sportsbetting.

Performance by bet type
27 bet types are defined in my sheet. 7 bet types weren't used in September. 13 bet types were causing my money, so only 7 were winners.
Top 3 of th…

Woohoo: big pay day!!

Had a normal night with only 2 football bets running but at the last moment I also decided to fill in a supertoto ticket @ Unibet. 32 combination good for an ante of 3.20 euros.
My 2 regular football bets were winning tickets. One single and a double. Good for profit to cover the Supertoto ticket.

But thx to the surprising win of Scotland and the win of France, I did manage to predict all matches correctly. Good for a pay-out of around 265 euros. That's a ROI of 8121%.

So back in the green figures now. Still need to free some bonus money @ BWIN.
Will withdraw some money tomorrow from my Unibet account. Meaning that I will be capable of playing with pure profit money and that all risks of loosing money are eliminated. Did not expect to be capable of withdrawing my investment with a profit so quickly!

Still waiting that Unibet makes the pay-out official so that I can add the ticket to my biggest wins.


Golf bets recap

The European tour bets were according to the new betting scheme, the PGA tour bets were still random.

Only one winning bet. The place bet on Gallacher which did return 0.58 pts, so a loss of 0.42 pts for the european tour.
M. Warren missed the cut.
Cabrera (T35) was never really in contention.
F. Molinari (T42) made the cut, but from then on he couldn't play a sub par round.
Koepka (T28) was in contention untill saturday.

Update Johnnie Walker Championship bets

At the end of round 1, all my bets are still within the cut.
I expect the cut tomorrow around -1, maybe even -2.
Wiesberger, one of the favorites of the bookies, took the best start with -7.

Pleased with the start of Koepka, with -4. 2 boogies, 6 birdies.
Molinari is also still within striking distance at -3. Also 6 birdies but one boogie more. Last year, he did start with a 68, followed by 2 rounds in the seventies. If he can record another sub 70 round tomorrow, he still will be in contention.
Warren, Cabrera and Gallacher all recorded a -1. Only 3 birdies for Warren and Cabrera. Gallacher just had to many boogies 5 but did end the day with a promising eagle.

Still 54 holes left to play. So lots of things which can happen. The first hurdle is always to make the cut, followed by a good score on moving day!

The Barclays:
J. Day and H. Stenson didn't miss their start.Together with Spieth they were the only 3 bets who did play a full round. Spieth had a terrible start with a double …

Here we are again

Playing again since a week or 2.
No big results yet, but also no big losses.

For the meantime I'm more gambling on golf than on football. Took some time, to create a golf gambling plan. But finally I have one, no I have to stuck to it.
I'll be betting on the PGA and European tour. Max 5 players per tournament on which I will place a win and place bet, eacht worth one point.

When gambling on golf, you and your bankroll has to be capable to under go some long loosing streaks.
It is hard enough to pick out a place or winnen within a 140 people field. But most of the time, a winning bet will buy you some time.

My bets for the Johnnie Walker @ Gleneagles are the following:
Win and place both for 1pts at the following players:
- Cabrera-Bello (w: 34 p: 8)
- M. Warren (w: 26 p: 6)
- S. Gallacher (w: 23 p: 5.75)
- F. Molinari (w: 13 p: 3.75)
- B. Koepka (w: 51 p: 11)

My bets for the PGA tour this week, (not according to the betting plan, placed before the plan was created):
- K. Bradl…