October Recap

Well October was a good month. It wasn't great but just good. I made a profit of 26 euros.
In total I placed 77 bets (Supertoto not included) and 24 of these 77 bets were winning bets.
The total ante for October was 95,52 euro. The 24 winning bets and the supertoto were good for a pay-out of 121,8 euros.
The difference between becoming a good and great month is the lack of a winning fun combo. September was a great month due to such a fun combo, but on the other hand only 15% of my combo were winning ones, while in October 31% of my bets were winning bets. So my betting is improving!
The most money was won with the combos of 3 games and 5 games. I made a loss with my funcombos and the combo of 4 games.

My Bankroll is steadily growing. The aim for November is to bring it above 200 euros so that in December I can increase my bets for 1 euro bets to 1,25 euro bets.

Good luck,

Weekend bets

My bets for the Uefa Cup assured me a profit for the midweek games. A 12 euro profit on Thursday, made up the small loss of Wednesday. Even better for the first time the bank showed a figure above 180. Still 20 to go before I will increase my bets to 1,25 until the bank drops below 175. So 20 bets as a trial.

Here are my bets for this weekend.

Good luck,

Weekend recap and CL bets

It had to come one day cause my results were against all statistics. Last weekend I made a loss!!! I lost, you will be reading it correctly, 1.95 euros!!
And there is only one to blame and that's me. Due to the fact that I failed to make 1 winning combo this weekend with one to go, I created 3 new ones. Without these the profit would have been 1.05 euros. So, lesson learned once again.
For once the supertoto minimized the losses. I had 2 tickets with 12 out of 14, good for 2.10 euros per ticket, and 4 tickets with 11 out of 14. To bad that so many peeps had 11 out of 14, good enough for a pay-out below 1 euro and accordingly no pay-out.
With the CL games and the first match day of the UEFA cup poules, there are plenty of chances to bend the curve into the good direction again. For the CL games I have 6 euros vail, for the UEFA cup games another 5 and probably I will create a Supertoto (depends on the costs).

Here are my CL bets:

Combo 1:
Juventus - Real Madrid: 2: 2.55
FC Porto - Dynamo Kyiv: 1: 1.53
Combined 3,90

Combo 2:
Fenerbache - Arsenal: 2: 2.05
Bayern Munich - Fiorentina: 1: 1.83
Combined: 3.66

Zenit St. Petersburg - Bate Barislov: 1 : 1.27
Steaua Buciresti - Lyon: 2,15:
Combined: 2.73

combo 4:
Bordeaux - CFR Cluj: 1: 1.75
Atletico Madrid - Liverpool: 2: 2.75
Combined: 4.81

Combo 5:
Shaktar - Sporting Lissabon: 1: 2.00
FC Basel - Barcelona: 2: 1.50
Combined: 2,88

Single 1:
PSV - Marseille: 2: 3.00


Weekend bets

Hi all,

After a successful midweek with a profit 0,12 euros I proudly present to you my weekend bets.

good luck,

WC qualification Wednesday bets

After a winning weekend I also hope that I can make another profit with the WC qualification games. I took a gamble with the supertoto. For this midweek toto there are 10 games and only to the top 2 scores will get paid. Price per ticket is 0,25 euro. Her is my ticket.

Also I made as usual some combo. I did want to add Belgium to one of the combo cause I have the strange feeling that they are going to win against Spain, so I played it as a single.

WC qualification bets
Good luck all,

Weekend recap

A winning weekend! Not all bets have been settled. It can become an even better weekend if Equador will beat Chili. In that case the profit will be 10.56 euro! Without the unsettled bet the profit number stands at 10.56 euros. Not bad for an ante of only 13,24 euro. A much bigger payout than the stock exchanges are paying out.

The supertoto was also going fine unfortunately it was going good for more peeps. 13 out of 14 correct was good for a miserable 1,69 euros.

The combo with the most profit was a six folded combo, good for a pay-out of 8,42 euros. Besides that a single, a double and a triple combo was correct!

Looking forward to the midweek WC qualification games!


Nothing muc to report

The tittle more or less covers it all. During the weekend I was close to another giant win but the draw between Gent and Lokeren ruined a 1 euro combo with combined odds of 86 euros. Bugger.

Yesterday I clicked again the wrong button. I had a combo of 5 tennis games and did want to place a 1 euro bet but I typed to 1 euro in the fourfold combo, meaning that I did place 5 euros for 5 fourfold combos. Luckily for me the combo was correct, so a profit of 16 euros. Giving my BR a boost, which enables me to take some risks during the interlands this weekend!

Now that I removed the idea that I will explain all my bets in front, I feel relieved :). I will still post my weekend bets in front, but my midweeks bets not anymore.

Good luck,

Weekend bets

At the moment the profit for the month is 3 euros. That's 1 euro a day :)
Made a small loss with the CL and a small profit with the Eufa cup. It was good to see that both Belgian teams won.

Here are my bets for this weekend. For one or the other reason the combined odds are lower than normal. Also a win on the Supertoto would be nice.

Good luck,

September recap

Well September was not bad. I made a profit of 118 euros. Which is not bad considering my 1 euro bets. My BR was lifted from 38 euros to 156 euros.

My biggest profit with one combo was around 111 euros.
With the supertoto I made a small loss of 1 euro.
In total I made 52 combo bets and 8 of them were winners, that's only 15.38%. Which could be better but remember that it is more difficult to make a winning combo with enough profit than playing a single bets. Single bets can be very profitable but only when you BR is big enough and mine isn't.
Cause this is the first month that I did record my bets, I don't have benchmark figures.

So, the stats are still very basic.

Good Luck,

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