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Looking forward to 2009

Normally people first look back at the previous year and afterward look forward to the next, well I will do it differently. Let’s take a look at my betting year 2009.

The start:
First we have to determine a starting bankroll for next year. At the moment I have a bankroll of 198€. Let’s be honest this is a dull figure to start with. So there are 2 options left (not a third cause a deposit is ruled out.
- Option 1: I will play some more bets this year hoping that my bankroll goes above 200. Not very likely cause there no more football games this year in the major European competitions.
- Option 2: I will bank some of my profit and start with a bankroll of 150€.

I will go for option number 2 for 2 reasons.
Reason 1: This would mean that I would have banked 100 euros in 2008, which is satisfying knowingly that I started with a miserable 50€ and reason number 2 is that this bankroll isn’t high enough to start taking to much risk but big enough to give a comfortable feeling. Everybody has it own …

Merry X-mas


The Jupiler Pro League predictions

Last week I had 4 out of 6 correct. Not bad but it can be better. This evening there are again 6 games. Let's see if we can get them all correct.

AA Gent - KV Kortrijk: 1 (odds: 1,45)
Well normally Gent may not have any problems with defeating Kortrijk but the defense of Gent is the area were the problems are but is possible that these problems will switch to the offense with the injury of their topscorer Olufade. No selection problems for Kortrijk.
Last year Gent won 4-0 at home but that was a cup game. The odds for a Gent win are at the moment around 1,45. Good enough, I would say.

Dender - Lokeren: 2 (odds: 2,30)
When looking at the classification of both team, this should be a no-brainer. Lokeren has besides the best defense of the league also the topscorer. Maazou should be able to score against the second worst defense of the league. Last season Lokeren won with 0-1 and I see them stealing the 3 points at Dender. Also the odds for a win of Lokeren are gigantic, namely 2.30.

Genk -…

Weekend Recap

It was a long time ago that I cashed with the Supertoto and this streak was broken last weekend. I had 2 tickets with 11 out of 14, good for 1,28 euro per ticket. So still a loss but beter than nothing.

I had 4 out of 6 in the Jupiler Pro League. The victory of Roeselare on Westerlo came as a complete surprise to me. The other incorrect prediction was the victory of Mons. This victory was probably but still I had a strong believe that Dender could take the 3 points home with them. Next weekend better, I hope. But like I said before. It is good enough to predict all these games correct 2 or 3 times a season to make a major profit.

Besides the supertoto I had 4 winning tickets, good for a pay-out of 29,53 euros, bringing my monthly profit on 12,91.

Good luck,

Jupiler Pro League Saturday games preview

Well after lady luck helped me last Saturday by granting me the wisdom to predict all 6 games of the Jupiler Pro league (Belgiums first division) correct, I did find maybe something useful to put on this blog. At last, it became time after 170 posts :).

From this week on I will try to predict all the Saturday games from the JPL. Last week 1 euro was good for a pay-out of 57,90 euros. So I complete the season without any worries. I also can cope with the fact that it will probably only happens 2 or 3 times a season that I can manage this. I hope that I can fund this fun thingy with the profit from the other bets and that with this I can give the world some more inside information from the JPL.

To increase my odds I will allow myself to use all types of bets!

Well there are 6 games this saturday.
Anderlecht - Tubeke: over 2.5 (odds: 1,40)
Well this is maybe the easiest one to predict this matchday. Anderlecht (2) will should have no problems with Tubize (14). They have never faced each other…

November 2008 Recap

To be honest: well I didn't deserve a profit this month but the betting slip on the left did turn a loss of over 50 euros into a profit of 4,something euros. I also have to admit that it was placed in Tilt mode. But a win is a win!

November started of great with 3 winning tickets to continue into a real betting nightmare. Bankers failed to win, resulting into a loosing streak, resulting into a spiral of badly placed bets etc...

In total I placed 93 bets and only 16 of these were winners, that's a miserable 17,20%. 7% below my average. But the thing that bothered me the most was that my combos with 3 games failed, weekend after weekend. Only 2 correct out of 14 played and that's only 8,33%. 21% below average. Have to create these combos with more care next month.

On the positive side, this was the first month that I made a profit with my 4 games combos.
Like each month the Supertoto was my biggest loosing pot, good for a loss of 17,62 euros. Which brings the total Supertoto los…

Last chances to turn things around

Well the month is not even finished and I already can declare this my worst betting month ever.
I did place my bets for today already and probably will place 3 others tomorrow.
To try to make up my losses I gad to place a fun combo with combined odds of 32. If this one is correct it will bring my losses into an acceptable area but to be honest I don't count on it cause I'm into a spiral of loosing bets.

The only thing that can save my months is the supertoto but last week I had only 6 correct out of 14.
Looks I'm into spiral of losses, I hope I turn things around next month!

Good luck,

Weekend recap

Another loosing weekend, the so many in a row. But on the positive side, the loss was less than the previous weekends.

First things first. I again did loose my preparation, probably I will find it again some where next week. I decided to decrease the number of bets. With my preparation I have planned to bet 5 combos, 1 single and the already placed Supertoto. It became 7 combos and the supertoto, good for an ante of 8,44 euros. I got one combo correct and an was decreased to a single bet due to bad weather, good for a pay-out of 6,08 euros. So a loss of 2,42 euros for the weekend. Bringing my monthly loss on 28,36 euros.

On the supertoto side I was thinking that it was impossible to do worse than last week but I managed to do it. Only 7 correct out of 14. The draws of Chelsea, Liverpool and Barcelone were a complete surprise.

This month I placed 64 bets but only 12 came out as a winner. That's a miserable 18,75%, which is below my season average which is 24,81%. As usual the biggest …

The loosing streak continues

And the title says, again it wasn't a good weekend. At the moment even the most simple combos fail. some of my combos for this weekend were risky but there were also very feasible ones but always at least one team didn't do what I expected.

The prevent going bankrupt I banked my initial deposit + 5% of it. Maybe my bets became to risky due to a bigger bankroll than normal. To put myself back with my 2 feet on the ground I did the banking action I hope that this will help.

Also on the OLBG front it was a lousy weekend I drop 50 places in the central European table and lost my top 3 place in the NHL table. But still half a month to go. The most important thing is that I end the month with a profit if I want to be a pro tipster in January.

I hope that my next post will be a more positive one. I still have 2 weekend in November to make up my momentarily loss of 25 euros. Maybe I should fall back to single bets. I'll see.


Weekend Recap

Well it was a loosing weekend. Bugger. First of all I lost me prepared bets, so I had to create new ones. And those new bets were bad. Only one good combo (Sunday evening I found the sheet again and it appears that it also would have been a loosing weekend with the initial bets) good for 6 euros. Which resulted in a loss of around 10 euros.
Also on the supertoto front it was a bad weekend. As usual I had 10 out of 14 correct. Again close but no sigar! Still waiting on that big win :).

On the OLBG front everything is going fine. I'm standing fourth in the central European table (top 3 paid) and third in the NHL table (top 3 paid). Beside that I only need two profitable months. If I can achieve this in the next 4 months, I will be a pro tipster for at least one month. And that is were the big money is.
We will see how this will evolve.

This midweek a lot of cupgames will be played. So a chance the recover some losses. For today I have placed 3 combos and one fun combo for today and tomo…

Where to go from here?

Well it has nothing to do with sports betting cause I like my progress and the raise of my bankroll. It has more to do with this blog.

Like all bloggers I had big dreams for my blog. But to all good things come an end. It's strange but the motivation and drive I had in the beginning have vaporised. If I was a loosing playing this would lay within the line of expectations but I'm a winning one. The main reasons are probably the low visitor numbers and the lack of comments. And we all have to admit that recognition is always nice to receive. Like a mastercard add, it's priceless.

But I will not give up this blog too much effort have been put into it already. It will just not post my bets anymore but will follow the mainstream of betting blog and will just announce my results, look for reasons for my loosing bets and spread other betting news. I must admit that I hope for more interaction with my blogging strategy of posting my bets in advance but I guess that nobody is using t…

Weekend recap and CL bets

Due to a cold I did not post my bets for last weekend. Not that anybody are using them but still.
I even didn't prepare my bets as normal. I just logged in on Saturday and Sunday morning and placed my bets. But never less it was a success. A profit of 7.10 euros. And this thanks to one successful combo of 4 games, with a combined value of 18,30 euros. In total I played 8 combos and the Supertoto 14. This last one again without success. I have to evaluate the Supertoto at the end of the month if it is still worth playing.

The bankroll is steadily increasing and reached 193 euros. Which is not bad considering that I started with 50 and only play 1 euro bets. When my bankroll will break the 200 barrier I will increase my bets with 0,25 euros. While the increase seems marginal it is a increase of 25%, which seems substantial. I will stick to this new ante until my bank drops below 175 or it reaches above to 250, what ever comes first.

This midweek there is a lot of action on the field wi…

October Recap

Well October was a good month. It wasn't great but just good. I made a profit of 26 euros.
In total I placed 77 bets (Supertoto not included) and 24 of these 77 bets were winning bets.
The total ante for October was 95,52 euro. The 24 winning bets and the supertoto were good for a pay-out of 121,8 euros.
The difference between becoming a good and great month is the lack of a winning fun combo. September was a great month due to such a fun combo, but on the other hand only 15% of my combo were winning ones, while in October 31% of my bets were winning bets. So my betting is improving!
The most money was won with the combos of 3 games and 5 games. I made a loss with my funcombos and the combo of 4 games.

My Bankroll is steadily growing. The aim for November is to bring it above 200 euros so that in December I can increase my bets for 1 euro bets to 1,25 euro bets.

Good luck,

Weekend bets

My bets for the Uefa Cup assured me a profit for the midweek games. A 12 euro profit on Thursday, made up the small loss of Wednesday. Even better for the first time the bank showed a figure above 180. Still 20 to go before I will increase my bets to 1,25 until the bank drops below 175. So 20 bets as a trial.

Here are my bets for this weekend.

Good luck,

Weekend recap and CL bets

It had to come one day cause my results were against all statistics. Last weekend I made a loss!!! I lost, you will be reading it correctly, 1.95 euros!!
And there is only one to blame and that's me. Due to the fact that I failed to make 1 winning combo this weekend with one to go, I created 3 new ones. Without these the profit would have been 1.05 euros. So, lesson learned once again.
For once the supertoto minimized the losses. I had 2 tickets with 12 out of 14, good for 2.10 euros per ticket, and 4 tickets with 11 out of 14. To bad that so many peeps had 11 out of 14, good enough for a pay-out below 1 euro and accordingly no pay-out.
With the CL games and the first match day of the UEFA cup poules, there are plenty of chances to bend the curve into the good direction again. For the CL games I have 6 euros vail, for the UEFA cup games another 5 and probably I will create a Supertoto (depends on the costs).

Here are my CL bets:

Combo 1:
Juventus - Real Madrid: 2: 2.55
FC Porto - Dynamo …

Weekend bets

Hi all,

After a successful midweek with a profit 0,12 euros I proudly present to you my weekend bets.

good luck,

WC qualification Wednesday bets

After a winning weekend I also hope that I can make another profit with the WC qualification games. I took a gamble with the supertoto. For this midweek toto there are 10 games and only to the top 2 scores will get paid. Price per ticket is 0,25 euro. Her is my ticket.

Also I made as usual some combo. I did want to add Belgium to one of the combo cause I have the strange feeling that they are going to win against Spain, so I played it as a single.

Good luck all,

Weekend recap

A winning weekend! Not all bets have been settled. It can become an even better weekend if Equador will beat Chili. In that case the profit will be 10.56 euro! Without the unsettled bet the profit number stands at 10.56 euros. Not bad for an ante of only 13,24 euro. A much bigger payout than the stock exchanges are paying out.

The supertoto was also going fine unfortunately it was going good for more peeps. 13 out of 14 correct was good for a miserable 1,69 euros.

The combo with the most profit was a six folded combo, good for a pay-out of 8,42 euros. Besides that a single, a double and a triple combo was correct!

Looking forward to the midweek WC qualification games!


WC qualification bets

Without any explanation.

Good luck,

Nothing muc to report

The tittle more or less covers it all. During the weekend I was close to another giant win but the draw between Gent and Lokeren ruined a 1 euro combo with combined odds of 86 euros. Bugger.

Yesterday I clicked again the wrong button. I had a combo of 5 tennis games and did want to place a 1 euro bet but I typed to 1 euro in the fourfold combo, meaning that I did place 5 euros for 5 fourfold combos. Luckily for me the combo was correct, so a profit of 16 euros. Giving my BR a boost, which enables me to take some risks during the interlands this weekend!

Now that I removed the idea that I will explain all my bets in front, I feel relieved :). I will still post my weekend bets in front, but my midweeks bets not anymore.

Good luck,

Weekend bets

At the moment the profit for the month is 3 euros. That's 1 euro a day :)
Made a small loss with the CL and a small profit with the Eufa cup. It was good to see that both Belgian teams won.

Here are my bets for this weekend. For one or the other reason the combined odds are lower than normal. Also a win on the Supertoto would be nice.

Good luck,

September recap

Well September was not bad. I made a profit of 118 euros. Which is not bad considering my 1 euro bets. My BR was lifted from 38 euros to 156 euros.

My biggest profit with one combo was around 111 euros.
With the supertoto I made a small loss of 1 euro.
In total I made 52 combo bets and 8 of them were winners, that's only 15.38%. Which could be better but remember that it is more difficult to make a winning combo with enough profit than playing a single bets. Single bets can be very profitable but only when you BR is big enough and mine isn't.
Cause this is the first month that I did record my bets, I don't have benchmark figures.

So, the stats are still very basic.

Good Luck,

Uefa Cup Supertoto and Cl bets

Nobody is reading my analysis anyway so I'm going to make it easy for myself. Here are my CL bets and my Supertoto for Thursday.

Come back or not on Wednesday evening for my Uefa cup bets.


Weekend Recap: Profit made

First let's take a look at the downside of the weekend.
I made a loss of 5 euros by trying some live betting. When Werder Bremen was up 4-1 I made my first mistakes, the second was made when Bremen got a red card and Hoffenheim scored the 4-4! Lesson learned stay of Live Betting!!!!

On the combo side, I had 3 winning combos out of 8. Good for a combined weekend profit of 28,71 euros, the losses on live betting included! For me, and probably for a lot of us, the surprise of the weekend was the loss of Arsenal against Hull City. Combo 2 on Saturday didn't had a chance with the unexpected loss of Hertha and the draw of Juventus.
Sunday, I made the mistake to have faith in Tottenham, I had the idea that they could turn things around but they are in a down spiral! This error screwed up one combo, the other one didn't had a chance with 2 games out of 3 incorrect!

The plans for next week. I will play the uefa cup SuperToto and Supertoto 15. Supertoto 15 has to be played before Thursd…

Sunday bets

I can't complain about my postedbets. 11 out of 14 games were correct. Good for 2 winning combos and a payout of 8,75 euros. So if I wouldn't have lost 5 euros today with live betting (Thx Werder Bremen) and if I wouldn't have mis clicked when I did register my first sunday combo, it would have assured a profitable weekend.

Make sure that you look on the net for the goal from Dembele from AZ. What a beauty!

So here we go with the Sunday bets:
Starting with the lowest combined odds.

Combo 1: Combined Odd: 7,84-> Lost
Teams involved:KRC Genk and Tottenham
Yepm this one is tricky. Genk cannot afford to loose another game but they will face Mouscron and for some reason or the other they always have it difficult against them. Never less I'm confident that they will take 3 points home. The some lines are valid for Tottenham. They can't keep loosing or can they?

Combo 2: Combined odd: 17,38 ->Lost
Teams involved:
Man. City, Napoli and Roda JC
Such high combined odds for a com…

Friday and Saturday bets

The midweek bets did cost me some money and it's the last weekend of September. At the moment I still have green figures. The total ante for this weekend is 9,44 euros. Meaning that I will always end the month with a profit of 77 euros, which are excellent figures for an average ante of 1 euro.

So here we go with the Friday bet:

Friday Combo: Combined odd: 2,96 -> Lost
Teams involved:Schalke 04 and RSC Anderlecht
Schalke 04 plays away at Fc Koln. Koln still have to impress me and I hope that they will not excel this weekend. The other game is Standard Liege vs RSCA Anderlecht. The two big favorites for the Belgium title. I will play an X2 for this game. Anderlecht is out on revenge after the chance less defeat during the Supercup. Standard probably will already have the Uefa cup against Everton in the back of their mind, willingly or not! Therefor I will bet on X2.

Saturday Combo 1: Combined odd: 3,12 -> Won
Teams involved:FC Twente, Aston Villa and Werder Bremen
I decided to add s…

Last minute bet

Just placed a last minute bet. And it is for my norms an outrageous bet this because:
A: the ante is 5 euro
B: it is not a combo.

Unibet is offering a odd of 2,15 if Wesley Sonck scores. I consider this a value bet! Why? Cause Sonck is at moment in really good shape. Bailly of Genk did some magical thing to withheld Sonck from his first goal of the season. Secondly Akpala, his partner is crime is suspended. Thirdly: I consider Club Brugge at lost stronger then KV Mechelen and I expect some free kicks for Club Brugge, which are excellent chances!

Come on Wesley don't let me down!

Cross your fingers,

Wednesday bets

In both combo of Tuesday one 1 game wrong. To bad. Certainly surprised about Nantes. Most of the times the cup is an excellent chance for the teams in the bottom places of Ligue 1 to gain some confidence. And Frankfurt had an excellent chance, but they missed a penalty in the last minute to win the game but thats gambling!

For Wednesday again 2 combos. Both with a high pay-out so it is a gamble. Also due to time constraints no explanation. Sorry!

Combo 1: Combined odds: 18,32
Teams involved: Hamburger SV, Sevilla, Club Brugge, AC Milan, Manchester City and Mallorca

Combo 1: Combined odds: 10,21
Teams involved: Atletico Madrid, AS Roma and Valencia

Good luck,

Tuesday bets and Supertoto Euro Mix

I prepared 2 combos for this evening. Within lots of countries this midweek, without CL and Uefa cup games, is used for the national cups. Besides this I also filled in an extra Supertoto Euro mix, all with games played on Wednesday, and Supertoto 14. This Supertoto was filled in today to make sure that I could profit from the 10% cashback.

Here we go:

Combo 1: combined odds: 4,81
Teams involved: AZ, FC Den Bosch, Nantes and Werder Bremen
AZ is confident after their win over PSV and they will continue this line this evening against Heracles. Fc Den Bosch is one of the tittle candidates in the Dutch Jupiler league, I expect nothing else than a home win. Nantes and Werder Bremen have away games. Bremen has an easy game against Ezgebirge and Nantes will play at Cretiel, both feasible teams for the team from the Bundesliga.

Combo 2: combined odds: 3,28
Teams involved: Eintracht Frankfurt, Arsenal and Manchester United
Arsenal and Man U should have no problems with beating Sheffield United and Mi…

Weekend Recap!

Well let’s start with the most important thing, I made a profit and besides that I had a lot of fun. And let’s be honest that what it’s all about. In total I made a profit of11,76€ with. Good figures!The start on Friday was excellent with one combo played and one combo won.The success story continued on Saturday. The downside was that only one of the three combos was a winner but on the positive side the winning combo has the highest combined odds of the 3. It could have been better but Groningen started with a red card in the second minute. The fought back and were withheld a penalty in the last minute, which could have given them the win and some more profit for me.On the supertoto side also everything was going good enough with 6 correct games out of 7.Sunday was a little bit of a cooler. The fun combo has an excellent start but Everton crushed it, so the Marseille wasn’t important anymore (luckily). Tottenham, yep Tottenham again, blew the second combo, while my fourth combo was c…

Sunday bets

Had another profitable Saturday! Let's see if we can continue this line on Sunday. It will be though cause it are all risky combos but the profit for this weekend is already assured even if I don't have one winning combo!
Also there are still possibilities with the Supertoto. At the moment we are halfway and I have 6 out of 7 games correct. Only Arsenal did let me down. From the 7 games of tomorrow 3 of have them have 2 correct outcomes, so I am confident!

Let's take a look at the combos for Sunday! First I will give my explanation and at the bottom of the post, you will find all combos visualized (you can enlarge the picture by clinking it)!

Combo 1: Combined odds: 59,34
Team involed: Nancy, Marseille, De Graafschap, FC Twente, SC Heereveen and Everton.
This combo can be called my fun combo for the weekend. It includes 6 games and has a combined odd of 59,34. I can explain this one, it is just a gut feeling!

Combo 2: Combined odds: 9,11
Teams involved: Standard Liege, Barcelona,…

My bets: Friday 19th and Saturday 20th of September

After the successful midweek bets the believe in making some big cashes this weekend in big!
For this weekend I have planned 8 combos. One for Friday, 3 for Saturday and 4 for Sunday.

Besides planning my bets I'm also working on my stats page and BR movement page, which I hope will be finished this evening. So when you come back tomorrow I will make sure that you can find the links to both pages in one of the right frames. Also I will post my bets for Sunday on Saturday evening. At the moment I'm still not sure if I will play the Supertoto or not. Probably I will, if so it will be posted before noon tomorrow!

Had some problems with creating tables in my blog and to tired to write it all out, so you will have to do it with the jpeg!

As promised my supertoto 14 ticket. I became a 3.20 euro ticket. It is hard to stop ticking boxes when you are busy with it.

Come back tomorrow for my Sunday bets!

Good luck,

Big, big, big wins

Sorry not to have posted my bets for the Uefa cup first round matches but it were last minutes bets and with a son of 24 days old it isn't always easy to do what you had planned.

I made around 10 combo, good for an ante of 22 euro. My complete BR. Okay, I admit I went a little bit overboard but it paid off big time!

At the moment 2 combos are already won and there is one very nice combo between them. My 1,80 euro became 101,80 euro. I predicted the wins of the following teams within 1 combo correctly: AC Milan, Spartak Moskou, Besiktas, Ajax, Saint Etienne, Braga, CSKA Moscow and Tottenham.
Another successful combo was the predicted win of Spartak Moscow, Galatasaray, Nancy, CSKA Moscos and Tottenham, good for a pay-out of 12,40 euro.

Valencia is winning and only a few minutes to go, which will means that I have 11 out of 12 correct games for the Supertoto. At the moment the pay-out is 4,99 euro but that will increase a little bit. And cause it was a ticket of 6,40 euro it will be mul…


Nothing to do with sports betting cause it is just a hobby. But I'm trying to make the best of this blog. And due to the content of this blog it is hard to find fellow bloggers with decent content, willing to exchange links. But fair is fair and if I link somebody up, I more or less expect a link back. While I do read all blogs in my blog list 2 or 3 times a week but I also check each 2 months if a link to my blog is still there. If it is gone, I will remove those blogs from my blog list and unfortunately I had to shrink my blog list with almost 50%. But hey that's life.

If you have a sportsbetting blog and want to exchange links, drop me a comment. Please also inform me if I did remove your blog by accident! I did check it and the commenting thing is still working (had to check it myself :)). Also other comments are welcome!


First Round CL bets

Tomorrow the CL 2008-2009 kicks off. I have selected 7 games were I'm going to bet on. These games were selected without knowing the odds so there is a possibility that the pay-out will be lower than expected.
Also, there will probably very juicy odds for a home win of Marseille against Liverpool and for Atletico Madrid winning at PSV. But my gut feeling says to stay of these games, so I will.
Due to time constraint no explanation this time.
Also, as an expection I did put 1 euro on Tottenham for this evening. If they win I have one combo for free for tomorrow :).

Because 4 of my 7 selected games will be played on Tuesday, I will create 3 combo. 2 combos with 2 Tuesday games and one combo with the 3 Wednesday games.

Combo 1: combined odds: 3,66
Teams involved: Werder Bremen and Shaktar

Combo 2: combined odds: 1,63
Teams involved: AS Roma and Barcelona

Combo 3: combined odds: 3,51
Teams involved: Celtic Glasgow, Manchester United and Arsenal

Money at stake: 3 euro
Potential Pay-out: 8,08 euro

Weekend 12/13/14 September bets

Here we go with the bets for this weekend. The WC qualification games did cost me some money. Maybe it will be better to stay of these in the future or to restrict the combos to 2 games.

For this weekend I'm feeling a little bit adventurous. I will be playing 5 combos. 3 combos with 4 games in it and 2 combos with 3 games. Only the first combo can be considered a safe one, the other 4 will have more risk involved. But it is time to bend the curve to a winning curve. No risk, no glory! And lets be honest all bets are a risk.

I will describe the combos below in risk order. The one with the lowest risk, and of course the lowest payout, at the top, the one with the most risk at the bottom. For once it will be not enough to have one combo correct, if Combo 1 is the only one.

Combo 1: combined odds: 2.96
Teams involved: Heereveen, Barcelona, Lyon, Inter
This combo already kicks off on Friday evening with the predicted victory of Heereveen at home against Heracles Almelo. All three other game…


The title says it all. I was so close to a big one and a small win. But the penalty rewarded to the Turks was light in my opinion. England did what I expected.
The small win was destroyed by the amazing injury time of Denmark, which was really a surprise to me.

But hey, the weekend is near. So enough new chances :).
I just printed out all the games from the major European Leagues, so tomorrow morning and after work tomorrow you will find my new bets for the weekend.

Also please be so kind to give my blog a boost on the renewed BlogTopListing, by clicking the button at the bottom below.


WC qualification

Just a quicky. 3 combos for today with 2 very risky ones.

Combo 1:
France - Serbia: 1
Portugal - Denmark: 1
Sweden - Hungary: 1
Odds: 3,72 (and this is my safest one)

Combo 2:
Finland - Germany: 2
Lithuania - Austria: 2
N. Ireland - Tsjechie: 2
Odds: 8,12

Combo 3:
Croatia - England: 2
Turky - Belgium: 2
Odds: 18,69 (would be great if this one holds)


Supertoto unibet and season bets

Maybe it is not such a bad idea to play on the supertoto this week. Cause nobody had a perfect score in the past 2 weeks so there more then 130k Euros in the pot for the one who has as only one a perfect score. So I will give it a try for 1.80 Euros.

I also added 3 more bets to my season bets. I put on euro on the fact that PSV will take its fifth title in a row in the Eredivisie, that Sporting Gijon will relegate and that Atletico Madrid will end in the top 4 in La Primera Division.

Besides that I will post my bets for this weekend later on today or tomorrow morning.


Weekend and August Recap

It was a good weekend ... for the bookies I guess. A lot of people will not have won with their combos due to all the surprises divided among all the major leagues. But I may not complain cause I came out as a winner. Today Lyon, Stuttgart and Atletico Madrid assured my profit. This combo was worth 5.80Eur. Meaning a 2.80 Eur profit for the day and a profit of around 4 eur for the weekend.

Lets look at the surprises which made the bookies rich this weekend:
Feyenoord lost, AZ lost at home and Ajax failed to win their opening game of the season.
In the Premier League, Liverpool did not win, nor Chelsea did. In Italy it was a graveyard of big favorites, who could please their fans with a predicted easy win. So if I look at all of this, I can be really proud with my profit made this weekend.

If I look back at August, I did not do so great. I went completely overboard with my first bets and lost something around 10 euro on my first day. After that the only was was up. I started with a BR of 5…

Bets 31-08

Yesterday I made a small profit of 1.16 EURO. It seems small but it was more than 35% of the ante, so thats fine. For today i have again 3 bets. All of them have great pay-outs, which of course is related with th risk level.

Before I post my describe my tips, some advice. Yesterday Ajax lost surprisingly. When reading a sportsbetting forum, I noticed that a lot of peeps out there lost several combos due to this one loss!!! Never put one game in all your tickets. Why should u? There are games enough to choose from!

Here we go with the bets for today:
Combo 1:
AC milan - Bologna: 1 No explanation needed I guess.
Aston Villa - Liverpool: 2 I'm hoping that Liverpool wants to make something good after the CL qualification game.
Santander - Sevilla: 2 Just a feeling.
Possible Pay-out: 7,76

Combo 2:
Atletico Madrid - Malaga: 1 Should not be a problem for Atletico.
Saint-Etienne - Lyon: 2
Stuttgart - Hannover 96: 1
Possible Pay-out: 5,80

Combo 3:
AA Gent - Charlerloi: 1 Gent got their asses kicked in …

My bets 30-08

Just a quick update. I will quickly post my bets for today. No explain due to the reason explained in the previous post.

BR after these bets: 33,09 EUR
Outstanding bets: 9 (6 season bets)
Possible pay-out for the bets of today: 14,53 EUR

One winning tickets is again enough to make a profit.

Good Luck,

And suddenly sportsbetting became ...

... not so important any more.
2 days ago my wife gave birth to my first born son! So, due to this major chance in my life, I will not post any bets for this weekend. I will spend the next days with my son and wife and enjoy this beautiful little creature.


US open 2008

After a rather succesful weekend on the footbal front. Hey I made a profit and it doesn't matter how small it is, it is a profit and progress compared to last weekend. It can become even a big profit if my last combo is correct. But we will have to see.

Tomorrow the US open starts. So another chance to win or loose a lot of money. Betting on the first round can be tricky.

Let's take a look at the favorites for the mens title. Without looking at the odds 3 names spring into my mind. At number 1. Rafael Nadal. He is winning almost everything. It will be his 6th appearance at the US open, his best result was the quarter final in 2006. So the stats are against him but with the form he is having at the moment, everything is possible.
The second favorite, for me, is Djokovic. It will be his 4th US open. He is hoping to do better then last year, when he lost the final against Federer. I think that Djokovic has a better chance than Nadal. Why? For the players, the Us open is one of the s…

Weekend 22-24 August bets

Last week my bets weren't as good as I hope for. Only one gold combination to minimize the losses. So this weekend bets have to be better. Maybe you expected some tips for this week International Friendlies but I have learned not to bet on friendlies. You will see that a lot a coaches are experimenting, other countries have appointed new coaches and others need to fill in gaps of players who resigned from the international competition. So to much factors are into play to make some save bets.

For this weekend bets I have selected 12 matches. More or less the same number as last week but this week I will play 4 combos of 3 matches. Also I did print out all the Unibet odds for this weekend matches. I have placed my bets really soon in the week so a lot of these odds will change during the week.

So here is what you all have been waiting on:
Triple 1:
This triple bet is based on a win of Liverpool, Germinal Beerschot and Hertha BSC. Liverpool won last weekend but scores the winning goals i…

Online betting Guide

I did plan to post my bets for next week already but ... my bookies didn't had the odds yet. Most of the time if you plan to bet on the favorites it is better to place your bet as soon as possible. Most of the time the odds drop when more and more people are placing their bets. Remember that these odds (and the money placed) should balance each other.

So instead I will write a little post about OLBG.
Well OLBG is a free betting competition. Here you can pratice your betting style before going to risk your own money. But it gets even better, they pay real cash prizes to the best tipster. They offer bets in all kind of sports and all kind of betting types.

Give it a shot.

Let's get started!

After this weekend 4 major, okay 3 and Belgium, competitions are on its way. The first match days the bookies are offering always great odds.
My previous bets were terrible, they were placed to quickly without enough time to over think the bets. I will not step into that trap again. These are dream bets for the bookies. Always take your time, one of the major betting rules.

My rule for this season. I cannot wipe out my previous bets and I shouldn't, so my starting BR was 50€. 39€ still remaining, with a few outstanding season bets. I hope to double this BR before the winter break. Like always my maximum bet is 1€.
No exceptions!!!!

My betting plans for this weekend are:
- 1 triple toto type bet,
- 4 double toto type bets,
- 10 supertoto bets.

My first action was to print out all 1x2 odds for all the 4 competitions (Ligue 1, Premier League, Bundesliga and the Belgium Jupiler Pro League).
Second actions was to select the games I did want to play. 11 games popped u…

CL qualifion bets

Today I did start my new BR, which should last for the complete Football season.
I deposited 50 euro, so with the 4 already placed season bets my starting BR is 100 euros.

Today I have placed to following bets:
2 correct score bets on Standard Liege vs Liverpool. It can haunt on Sclessin and Liverpool will know it. Both in the advantage of Standard Liege.
Standard Liege - Liverpool: 2-0 -> 45.00
Standard Liege - Liverpool: 2-1 -> 22.00

A combo for the games of today with a potential pay-out of 4.84
Famagusta - Olympiakos: 2
FC Twente - Arsenal: 2
Shaktar Donetsk - Dinamo Zagreb: 1

Another Combo for today with a pay-out of 2.80.
Brann - Marseille: 2
Levski Sofia - Bate: 1

A single bet on Standard Liege again good for a potential pay-out of 6.00.

And one qualification combo with a pay-out of 1.65. Claiming that Shaktar and Marseille will proceed to the group stages.

Good luck,

Preview Premier League 2008/2009

How was it last season?
Well last season the battle for the title lasted until the last match day. Chelsea and Man U entered the last match day with the same points but with a clear goal advantage for the Reds. While Chelsea was hoping that Man U. would loose some points, they only tied against Bolton but due to the win of Man U on Wigan it wouldn't have mattered.

Arsenal ended on the third place and Liverpool disappointed not so much with the 4th place but with the gap between them and the top of the league.

The transfers:
In total the teams of the Premier league spend in total around 388.000.000 €. Yep, you are reading this correct. The biggest spender is Liverpool (62 million €) (Keane 24.000.000€ desperately hoping to close the gap with the top 3, closely followed by Tottenham which bought new players for 61 million €.
Man U on the other hand is very quit on the transfer market. They even made a profit in the middle season of 6.500.000€. Chelsea made a loss of 12 million mostly be…

Preview Bundesliga 2008/2009

One of the competitions kicking of this weekend is the Bundesliga. One of the most difficult competitions to predict within in Europe.

There can be so many surprised within a weekend, that it is one of the goldmines of the bookies. Besides Bayern Munich it is also rare to see a team on the top for a decade.

How was it last year?
Well it was no surprise that Fc Bayern Munich took the title after major investments. They did buy player for all lines with as undisputed star, Ribery.
At a considerable distance Werder Bremen took second place, with a 2 point lead on Schalke 04.
On the bottom side of the table, Duisburg, Hansa Rostock and Fc Nurnberg took the dive.

The favorites for this year:
Just like in France, their is only one favorites and that is Fc Bayern Munich. Everybody expect that they will just extend their title. But it will be a strange season for them. It is the first season within Kahn as goalie, which is their biggest loss. On the incoming side they had a calm season the biggest n…

First Olympic Bet

While the opening ceremony still has to start, the games are already started. Yesterday the ladies kicked off the games and today the U-23 mens follow.

Time for a quick first Olympic bet I would say and due to the status of the BR I need a win. So with an attempt to maximize the value a combo of 4 games.
Ivory Coast - Argentina : 2 (1.50)
Honduras - Italy: 2 (1.30)
China - New Zealand: 1 (1.50)
Brazil - Belgium: 1 (1.35)
Potential pay-out: 3.95 euro.

After this bet, my BR is 1.50 Euro and 5 running bets. 4 season bets and 1 Olympic bet.
When I loose this Olympic bet I think I have to finance my BR a little bit and take it personnal again :).

Good luck,