Betting on the Tour de France

Betting on cycling is never easy. To many possible winners, always a chance of bad luck, etc.... If you compare this variables with the odds you are most are mostly to low for a good value bet.
Therefor it is utmost important to compare the odds of some different bookies.

Why? Cause there can be big differences in these odds.
Let's take a look. I will compare some odds of 2 of the most known and respected bookies used in Belgium. The one is Unibet, the other is Bwin.

First let's take a look on the odds for the green jersey.
The odds @ unibet are the following:
Freire -> 3.00
Hushovd -> 3.75
McEwen -> 5.00

While Bwin does offer the following odds:
Hushovd -> 3.00
Freire -> 3.50
McEwen -> 6.00
So if you fancy a bet on Freire or McEwen you should put place your bet via Bwin, if on the other hand you have a strong believe in Hushovd, Unibet is the place to be.

No differences for the polka dot jersey, both bookies are offering these odds:
Soler -> 3.25
Moreau -> 8.00
Sanchez Samuel -> 9.00

For the creme the la creme of the betting for the tour, the yellow jersey.
Both bookies have to same 3 riders on 1,2 and 3. Both place Evans on the first place with a 3.25 to 1 odd. But there suddenly there are major differences. And again they put the same rider in second place, only this time you get a slightly better value for Valverde at Unibet, where the odd if 5 to 1, while at Bwin the odd is only 4.50 to 1. Menchov is third at both bookies but this time the odds at bwin (8.50 to 1) is better than at unibet (8 to 1).
The odds for the same 3 riders to end on the podium are better at bwin.

Now these differences looks like peanuts if you are playing like me with 1 EURO bets, but if you are a big gambler these differences can mean a big difference.

Suppose that my bets would be as followed:
Yellow Jersey: Valverde
Polka Dot Jersey: Moreau
Green Jersey: McEwen

If I would place all three bets at Unibet my possible pay-out could be: 3.25 + 8 + 5 = 16.25
The same bet at bwin would pay-out if won: 3.25 + 8 + 6 = 17.25
Only a difference of 1 Euro, but this means a free bet for me.

You can take if even one step further and make combos of this bet and then suddenly the differences are immense (if you compare this with the ante).
Combo @ Unibet: 130 EUR for a 1 EUR bet.
Combo @ Bwin: 156 EUR for a 1 EUR bet.

Good luck,

weekend bets

No fancy combos for this weekend.
First let me answer a question from the comment box. For one reason or the other I have a strong believe that Koeznetsova will win Wimbledon at the ladies tournament and the sportsbook gives a nice odd for a win of her (18 to 1). Unfortunately my sportsbook does not offer a win bet for the mens tournament, which is rather strange. Bet if I could place a bet there, I would put my money on Federer with Djokovic out of the way and Nadal who will net reach the second round. So my bet. I hope that Kiefer will win which could give me a profit of 6.5EUR.
Also did put a EURO on Mathieu for his match against Cilic.

Tomorrow we will know the new EC. My money, ok money is a strange word if u only play bets of 1 EUR, is on Germany. While Spain is the more deserved finalist, Germany stays Germany. Besides this the odds for Germany are 2 good to ignore.

BR after these bets: 15 EUR, still a profit of 5 EUR.
Good luck,

Wimbledon and EC 2008 bets

Today I made an incredible profit of 0.20 EUR. Better then a loss I guess.
For tomorrow only one tennis combo, mainly cause the womens odds where not available at the moment. Also 2 EC 2008 bets. 1 EUR on Germany, who should easily defeat the Turks, and another EURO at the correct score of 4-0 for Germany.

Current BR @ the moment: 17.21 EUR.

Good luck,

Wimbledon bets 24-6

Wimbledon started today. So the focus will change to there. Made some wrong bets during the last euro 2008 games so time for some quick wins.

The beginning of a Grand Slam always offers some great opportunities. I tried to get some maximum value with a minimal risk. At least thats the game plan. We will see how it turns out.
The problem with the early rounds is that there no money can be earned with the favorites. Betting on the outsiders on the other side can be to dangerous. So I my bets are on players, which aren't favorites not outsides but ones which should be capable of easily making it to the second round.

Here are my bets. Like always I tried to find 2 combos, where it is sufficient to win of the two to make a profit. I also changed the language of my bookie to English, which should make it easier for most of u to understand.

The answer on the question what my success rate is, is simple. I have no idea! With tennis it will be around 65%, Football is another story. This has to do with the fact that I don't only play single games or combos but also fancy bets on correct scores, which makes it much harder to get a good success rate. On the other hand 1 out of 6 or 7 correct bets is good enough to make a profit.
Unfortunately I also don't have any ROI figures, which probably would give a better insight. I don't want to put effort in stats like that. I tried it before but I always stop after some time with updating these records.

Good luck,

EC 2008: Bets 19-9

Hi all,

Without this words this time! A picture says more than a thousand words!

Good luck,

EC 2008: bets 18-6

Yesterday I was lucky. Thx to the Dutch B-Team.
Today I wont go overboard. Only 4 bets, good for an ante of 4 EUR, what else. Like every time 2 correct score bets. One on for a 3-0 victory for Spain, the other one is a predicted 2-1 victory for Sweden. (Have to admit that this bets was an error, it should have been a 2-1 victory for Spain) So, if I were you I would put a nickel on that one. An easy bet (I hope), is the side bet that Spain will have more possession than Greece . Last but not least is the combo Spain - Russia.

Update: and again a profitable day. A small profit (1,39 EUR), but it is a profit.
BR now: 27,68 EUR

Good luck,

Tickets 17-6

A need a good result and probably due to this I went a little bit overboard with my bets for today. 7 bets is total, good for an ante of 7 EUR. But hey, you only live once. And after the European Champs, I'm planning to start with a new BR and a scheme which should keep me busy until June next year!

Let's start with the correct score bets.

Besides these correct score bets, I also have 4 combo's around the 2 games of today. Almost save to say that if neither both of these games and in a draw it is good for me:Update: Thx to the Dutch B-team, 2 bets were correct, good for a profit of 9,64 EUR. Back enough ammo for tomorrow. WOOOOOOT!

Cross your fingers,

bets of today (16-6)

Yesterday was not such a good day. It was looking very promising until Cech misjudged a cross, eliminating 3 of my 4 bets. Strange how 1 millionaire can screw up your bet. But shit happens more than once. Still an amazing comeback of the Turks. A live bet after 75 minutes on a win for Turkey would have been great!

Today I added a fantasy bet. I'm pretty confident that Germany will have more corners in the first half then Austria. The other bets are a win for Germany, a win for Germany with 0-3 and a very profitable 0-2 (a pay-out of 18) victory for Croatia.

Good luck,

EC 2008: bets 15-06

I decided to play one combo today and 2 correct scores.
I hope that the substitutes of Portugal are motivated enough to beat Switzerland. Combine this with a x2 on Tsjechie and we have my combo.

The correct scores are one for Swiss - Portugal (0-3) and in the other one I expect that the Turks will suffer a 1-2 defeat. We will see.

Bankroll after these bets: 19.27

For the one who are interested. I have created a Widget which you can place on your website or blog. Feel free to add it.

The result looks like this:

Good luck,

Woohoo: doubled my bankroll in 5 days

Yep, you did read it correctly. I doubled my initial BR in just 5 days. Sound spectacular, doesn't it?
Things like the fact that my BR was only a miserable 5 euros, makes it a lot less spectacular but still it is a great start. Now I should try to keep my cool and invest my profit wisely.

I doubled the BR with 4 successful bets. 2 superscores, one combo and a correct score (good for 9 euros). So, I can state that the European Championship is treating me well. Not yet sure if I will place some bets tomorrow. But if I do, I will post them in advance like always.


My bets for today!

Cannot stay away from the Euro 2008. So here are my bets for today. My total ante is 4 euros.
I expect a win from Spain and Russia. Besides that I have placed 3 correct score bets on Sweden - Spain. The downside is that only one of those 3 bets can win.

Below you can see my ticket:

Good luck,


It is strange how few people within the blogging sphere doesn't know that Adsense and gambling related content are not one happy family.
I'm planning to kick start this blog again after the summer when the new football season starts. So I was browsing around the internet to search for quality blogs for link exchange and what do I see? A lot of sportsbetting related blogs full with Adsense adds. So my question now is: Was I wrong when I wrote this post: Adsense? Don't think so!

So if one of you who is reading this runs a gambling related website in combination with Adsense and got an Adsense check for that particular blog, please let me know.

Good luck,

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