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Week 6

Almost missed the deadline, for sure missed the deadline of the 10% discount. Will be leaving on a holiday on Wednesday so I had to make sure that all my tasks were finished.

Quickly made my supertoto for today! So in stead of paying 0.90 euro it will be 1euro. Now i have to win something.

Good luck,

Supertoto week 5

Again not a winning ticket last week. I think I have to much variations. So from this week on I will pick 3 games for which I fill in the same score for all 14 tickets.

For this week these 3 games are:
W. Bremen - Frankfurt: The reining Champions need to start a winning streak.
Liverpool - Derby: A no brainer I guess. While nothing is sure within football Liverpool should be a banker within everybodies bets.
Man U. - Sunderland: Man U also a banker for this weeks bets. They cannot afford to loose another home game so early in the start of the season.

Good luck,

week 4

Last week showed some improvements but not money yet!
The loss of Lyon probably surprised everybody again cause there was no winner with 14 correct predictions. I myself had 2 tickets with 9 correct and 2 others with 8.

Okay my bets for this week:

Good luck,

SuperToto week 3

The third week already. Last week I was close to the money a victory of Marseille or Lyon would have done it.

Here are my bets for this week:

Good luck,

So close!

My best result 10 out of 14.
So many chances but Lyon and Marseille let me down.
To bad cause 11 correct would have meant 30 euros.

How can you convert 0.10€ into 100.000€?

Well by playing the supertoto. This weekend somebody has hit the jackpot. (s)He was the only one with all 14 games correct. Good for a price of 100.000€ this is a profit of 99.999,90€.My start wasn´t what I was hoping for, my best result was 6 good predictions. To many draws within the French league, which I didn´t see coming. But I guess not many of us did. Cause 11 correct out of 14 paid an astonishing 33€. Believe me this is a lot.For this week on, many more familiar leagues will be joining the SuperToto.In Germany and England the competition starts. In Germany it will be interesting to see if all the investments of Bayern will pay off immediately. Will Hamburg again have such a disastrous start? Don´t think so, but nothing is sure. According to the bookies, Bayern has to most chance on the title (1.55) followed by Werder Bremen with 5.00, Schalke 04 8.50 and VfB Stuttgart 13.00.In England it will be close as always. Within the top 3 there are probably 2 certitudes Man U and Chelse…

Week 1: of the Unibet SuperToto Challenge

This week I play the following bets.
As promised 10 rows for the Super Toto!

As explained earlier I got a 10% discount on each bet. So instead of paying 0,10 euro per bet, I paid 0,09 euro per bet.

Join me at Unibet! A make a profit from this week on based on my tips!


Still alive and kicking

No, this blog is not dead (yet).

For the moment I´m putting more effort in my poker blog than in my sportsbetting blog and there are only 24 hours in a day. And off course you can only write about poker if you are playing poker.

Also don´t underestimate the effort needed to find each week interesting matches and try to come up with the good analysis. Therefore I have decided that for next season I will use a different approach.

Unibet offers each week a big Toto. Each week 14 matches. Most of the time from England, France, Spain, Germany and Italy.

Filling out a ticket costs only 0,10€. With other words peanuts.

Each week I will discuss during the week these games and will fill in 5 to 10 tickets. So at maximum it will cost me one whole euro a week. An amount which I can easily miss (I hope!!).

This way I will rule out the mistake I sometimes make with selecting games with a feeling, which is not always a good thing to do.

Sometimes there are also midweek toto´s with for instance the Uefa Cu…

Weekend picks

Almost the end of the football season. An excellent time to prove that I have it in me to choose the correct bets with the correct result.Belgium
Nothing is decided yet. It is already know that Lierse or Beveren will relegate directly and that the other will have to play the face-offs. The title fight is getting to its summit. Anderlecht has to play a derby at home against Brussels (the president of Brussels promised an extra bonus if they beat Anderlecht) after there elimination in the Belgium Cup last Wednesday. Racing Genk has to face Charlerloi at home. Charlerloi was the only team who was capable of claiming the victory against in the first part of the season.Racing Genk (2) – Charlerloi (5) (1.33, 4.50, 9.00)
It will be close but I expect a victory for Racing Genk, based on the home advantage. They never play good against Charlerloi but a lot is going on in Charlerloi. The head coach was sacked two weeks ago cause he signed for Club Brugge. Germany
Still 3 teams in the running for …

Week 18

Last weekend there was a small loss, due to the (for me) unexpected loss of AZ and ….
5 out of 7 correct, but even with single bets I would have made a loss.

All competition are now in the final phase, in some countries the champion is already know in others 2 or more teams are still in the running for the title.

My picks for this weekend:

3 match days to go. It is exciting at the top and at the bottom of the league. At the top Genk has a very difficult away game at Lokeren, who still needs points to be mathematical sure, Anderlecht should have an easy home game against Beveren. Still due to these facts I don’t feel confident about this game to place a bet on them. There is just to much at stake.

GBA (8) – Cercle Brugge (14) (1.80, 3.40, 4.25)
Both teams only play for the pride and money. For this match I favour GBA, cause they play at home. At home GBA always tries to dominate the game and a lot of team have problems with this unBelgian play style. A good team can profit from this,…

Online betting Guide

Yeaah. I won my first real money with OLBG.

Bet for Free at OLBG

The correct score bet on Espanyol - Werder Bremen (3-0) rocketed my sky high on the overal ranking. I ended at the 14th plave overal, good enough for 5 ponds.

With the team we ended up in 4th place. Just beside the podium and price money. In the ranking of the Uefa cup I was second but to bad that I didn't place 5 bets on the Uefa cup in the past month :(. So no extra 5 pond.

But hey, playing on OLBG is great fun. You can try your bets and most important it is for free.
So, I just need to win 20 more ponds so that I can cash out :).

Good Luck,

Here we go again

Okay, here we go again. A lot of competitions within Europe are now within a crucial phase.
Due to the absence of an internet connection at home I probably saved a lot of money with placing no bets.

From this weekend on, my bets are back. This time I made my selection without looking @ the odds. I have selected 8 games in which I think I can predict the winner without taking to much risks. At the end of the season some more factors kick in, while selecting the game.
- Is the season over for the team (already relegated, avoided relegation, no chance anymore on a European ticket). Such teams only play for the pride (depending from country to country) and the money.
- Also in a lot of teams where the outcome is already known, youngsters will get a chance to show their capabilities. These youngsters are very motivated, which can turn a game around.
- Is a team still in the running for a European Ticket or the title.
- Can a team still win the cup?
All these things…

Its alive

Whooh after one month of an internetless live, I have back access to the internet.
Scarlet Belgium was capable of solving a time-out problem within the adsl connection within one fucking month.

So, you can imagine that I'm going to look for a new internet provider.

From next week on I will bring you again my sportsbets for the week.


Still alive and kicking

No the blog is not dead. It is just on a break. I guess for one more week.

In the weekend we completed to move to a new house. Completed is a big word. The furniture is now there, but still there are a lot of things in the appartment that we have to bring over.

For the moment I don't have an internet access at home. So no time to predict the score of next week friendlies.


Busy, busy, busy

So busy that I forgot the Uefa Cup.
Had to install a new LAN at home, cause my modem died on me after a power failure caused by a broken boiler.

Besides that I have to arrange everything for the move of Saturday the 24th of April. You can't imagine what kind of paperwork you have to fill in. Tomorrow we will sign the deal and get the keys of the house and then the real hassle can begin.

For this week I will only bet on the weekend games.


Indian Wells

We are getting used to it :(.
It feels like bad beats at Poker. Sevilla not capable of winning, as GBA and Lens. Strange results this weekend.

Okay back to Tennis, let's see if I can change the red figure at the bottom of the post into a green one. Cause it is not going so good at the moment, I will stick with single bets. The positive side of this is that the risk is much lower, the other side of the medal is that it will take me longer to get back in the green figures. But sportsbetting is a marathon, not a sprint.

Bartoli (23) - Safina (12) (3.55, 1.28) (-/-) -> lost (2-0)
My money is on Safina. She's playing very well this year. Bartoli is losing at lot lately against player which are much lower ranked than she is.

Golovin (19) - Stosur (29) (1.28,3.55) (0/1) -> Won(2-0)
While the head to head stats favour Stosur, I favour Golovin. Stosur is coming back from an injury. After an injury, does not matter how small it was, it is always a mental thing. Didn't I start to ear…

Weekend bets

Made a profit yesterday of a stunning 0.30€. Was hoping on a little bit more but hey we can't have everything.

For this weekend I have 4€ available. 2 combo's and 2 single bets.

Charleroi (6) - Mons (12) (Won(1-0))
I was doubting about this game but I don't see any reason not to bet on it. While Charleroi has a home reputation, Mons certainly does not have an away reputation. They couldn't win their last 6 home games.

Moeskroen (15) - GBA (8) (Lost(1-0))
I really like how that GBA is playing. And finally they have two scoring strikers. It took Cavens have a season before scoring his first goal, but now he's scoring with his eyes closed and giving away assist like he has never done before. Together with Sterchele they are a nightmare for each team in the Jupiler League, based on this I expect that they will win at Moeskroen.

Nürnberg (4) - Eintracht Frankfurt (16) (Lost(2-2))
Nürnberg has to play on Friday, which gives them an excellent chance to put pressure Leverkussen w…

Uefa Cup

Was a little bit surprised by the draw of AC Milan during regular time.

Today 8 nice UEFA Cup games. All with nice odds. So a lot of potential for wins but also for big losses.

S.C. Braga - Tottenham (Won (2-3))
Very nice odds for Tottenham. enough to place a bet on. The keep the combo safe I will play this one as a single bet.

Maccabi Haifa - Espanyol (Lost(0-0))
Again nice odss for the visiting team, who should be capable of winning in Israel. Despite the confidence I have in Espanyol, I will also place a single bet on this one.

My bets:
A 1€ single bet on Tottenham with a possible pay-out of 2.30€. -> won
A 1€ single bet on Espanyol with a possible pay-out of 2.25€. -> lost

Last night my ADSL modem died on me. So I will have restricted internet access for the next weeks. I don't know if it I should buy a Wireless ADSL router cuase my ISP has the idea that it can't garantee ADSL service to my new address.

Total at stake: 2€
Possible pay-out: 4.55€
Actual pay-out: 2.30€
Profit/loss …

Ac Milan and Manchester United

I just forget the CL yesterday, which was a good thing cause I wanted to bet on Lyon. Phew.

I have a good feeling in AC Milan and Manchester United today. Ac Milan has to win against Celtic to qualify after the scoreless draw. Manchester United does not need to win to qualify but will win to satisfy the home crowd.
The odds for both teams are the same, 1.37 for a home win.

Manchester United - Lille (Won(1-0))
AC Milan - Celtic (Lost(0-0))

Maybe better to stay away from Arsenal - PSV. Arsenal has to win and PSV is very good in the counter attack. With Kone they have a suited striker for this. In normal situation Arsenal should win this game, but how longer it takes them to score the opening goal, how bigger the confidence of PSV will become. If it is still 0-0 at half time, I think PSV will qualify.

My bets:
A 1,22€ combo on Ac Milan and Manchester United with a possible pay-out of 2.29€. -> lost

Total at stake: 1.22€
Possible pay-out: 2.29€
Actual pay-out: Pending€
Profit/loss this post: Pe…

First bets of the month

A new month, new bets. Let's see if we can make more profit as last month.

Not a lot of interesting games to place a bet on this weekend. At least that is my idea. Lot of games where the outcome will be difficult to predict, meaning lots of big winning capabilities.

AA Gent (4) - Lierse (18) (Won (4-0))
This one should be an easy Win for AA Gent. While the quality of Lierse improved after the winter break there is still not enough quality to survive, also it seems that they are playing without passion. Gent is also out on revenge after 3 losses in a row.

Werder Bremen (3) - Bochum (15) (Won(3-0))
Also this one should result in an easy victory for the home team. But in the bundesliga there are no easy games. The head to head statistics back me up on this one. But I wouldn't be surprised if Bochum will win for the first time in Werder after I placed the bet :). Still my money is on Werder.

Dortmund (9) - Cottbus (12) (Due to a mistake when registering my bets, I made a mistake a took …

Looking back at February

Last month was not super and it was not bad.
I ended up with a 11 eurocent profit. Better than a loss I guess.

50% of my combinations were correct and 60% of my single bets.

The best markets were:
Tennis -> 13 bets -> 13 correct
The Premier League -> 5 bets -> 4 correct
The Jupiler league -> 6 bets -> 5 correct

But still there is lots of space for improvements. I wasn't capable of prediction a correct match for the Eredivisie and la Ligue 1.

Also for the first time I made a profit in the tipster competition in which I participate. I made a profit of £1,147.

So for this month the goal is to get 5€ profit and qualify for one of the prices in the tipster competition.

Good Luck,

National cup matches all over Europe

I going to bet very carefully today. The maximum amount I will bet is 2€, which means that this month I will end up with a profit. Depending on the result of today it will be 0.11€ or more. Also I will only bet on soccer. My picks for tennis this month were 100% correct.

Today there are a lot of cup games going around in Europe and a complete matchday in Italy.

Coup de France
Montceau - Lens (Lost (1-0))
Besides the first round against Nancy, the road to the quarter final was very easy for Lens. Also they should qualify for the semis.

Beker van Belgie
Club Brugge - KVK Kortrijk (Won(2-1))
I cannot imagine that Brugge is going to loose this game. Probably over will also be a good bet. The cup is the only chance for Brugge to win something this year, maybe it is also the only chance to play within a European Cup next year.

Inter (1) - Udinese (8) (Lost (1-1))
Inter still has to loose at home this season and this won't happen tonight.

My bets:
A 1€ bet on the combo Club Brugge and Lens with a p…

ATP Dubai and Coup de France

It was not a big profit yesterday but it was one.
Today there are not much interesting soccer games and for the moment only one tennis game in which I have confidence.

Coup de France
Marseille - Vannes (Won(5-0))
I guess no explanation needed!

Youzhny, M(18) - Nieminen, J(19) (Won(2-1))
Interesting odds for Youzhny, who is playing like a dream at the moment. Last week he won the tournament of Rotterdam in which he defeated 3 player within the top 20 of the world and the number 8 (Ljubicic). I don't see any reason why he would not continue his winning form.

My bets:
A 1€ bet on Yourhny with a possible pay-out of 1.50€. -> won
A 1.07€ bet on Marseille with a possible pay-out of 1.28€. -> won

Total at stake: 2.07€
Possible pay-out: 2.78€
Actual pay-out: 2.78€
Profit/loss this post: 0.71€
Profit/loss this month: 2.11€

Looking for more bets? Check out the new Sports betting blog listing. Here you will find only sports betting related blogs without the pollution of scum websites.

Good Luck,

A quick tennis bet!

Don't know what to think about the weekend. I expected to make a profit but it was a loss.
I can understand the loss of Schalke but not the draw of Feyenoord and Valencia.

No much betting this week. Within Belgium Megabike will start on Saturday, so a lot of time will be put in making my teams. Doing better than last year is almost impossible after winning a race and getting a second place in another one. But there's no shame in trying.

A quick bet for today:
Oprandi, R - Mirza, S -> @ 1.27 -> Won (0-2)
Hantuchova, D - Castano, C -> @ 1.13 -> Won (2-0)

My tennis record for this month is still perfect. I like to keep it like this. So girls do your utmost best :). I also need profit on this combo, otherwise I will go into the red figures.
My bet:
A 1.44€ bet on the combo as described above with a possible pay-out of 2.07€. -> won

Total at stake: 1.44€
Possible pay-out: 2.07€
Actual pay-out: 2.07€
Profit/loss this post: 0.63€
Profit/loss this month: 1.4€

Looking for more bets? …

The tips for this weekend matches

Pretty satisfied with my combo of yesterday. Not only that went fine but also the surgery that my dad had was a complete success.

For this weekend I have selected 8 matches and the stake for this weekend will be 4€. Maybe I should not bet anymore this month. That way I can end the month with a profit for the first time since the opening of my blog. I also will update the stats after this post.

Club Brugge (5) - Sint Truiden (13) (Won (1-0))
Alot has been going on on both clubs this week. The head Coach of Sint Truiden tried to resign cause there is not enough quality within the team and Brugge is still licking its wounds after the defeat of last weekend at Bergen. while Sint Truiden has a reputation as giant killer they don't do these often away from home. They even rarely win away from home. Club is were you best put your money on. The head to head stats say it all!!

KRC Genk (1) - Roeselare (8) (Won(3-0))
Roeselare is the surprise of the Jupiler League this season. While everybody ex…

Uefa Cup: double chance combo

A little bit disappointed by Barcelona yesterday. I'm think that barcelona wouldn't have lost if their goalie did not make the stupid mistake. But that's life and there are more important issues, like the surgery of my father today.

Due to this real life issues a quick combo today with almost all combos:
AZ - Fenerbache -> 1x -> 1.12 -> won
Sevilla - Steaua -> 1 -> 1.33 -> won
PSG - AEK -> 1x -> 1.16 -> won
Osasuna - Bordeaux -> 1x -> 1.22 -> won
Celta de vigo - Spartak -> 1x -> 1.20 -> won
Total: 2.53€

My bet:
A 1€ bet on the combo above. -> won

Looking for more bets? Check out the new Sports betting blog listing. Here you will find only sports betting related blogs without the pollution of scamy websites.

Total at stake: 1€
Possible pay-out: 2.53€
Actual pay-out: 2.53€
Profit/loss this post: 1.53€
Profit/loss this month: 3.14€

Good Luck,
European Sports Betting

The champions League part II

A beautiful game today between the two last winners of the Champions League. Don't miss it. Of course also a difficult game to bet on, but still I'm confident that I can predict the winner! To base my prediction I will do for once an extensive post. Don't get bored cause there is some really nice info in this post, which may change your own prediction!

Watch the game of PSV last night against Arsenal. I don't think that PSV stole the victory. Arsenal was nowhere is the second half. PSV had more chances on 2-0 then Arsenal on 1-1. Also a pity that AC Milan was not capable of scoring, while they should have.

Barcelona - Liverpool (Lost(1-2))
* Barcelona arrived at this stage after taking second place in Group A behind Chelsea, while secured their last-16 place on match day 4, as group C winners, already.
* Barcelona already faced an English team at home 22 times. They won 13 times, drawing 8 and just lost ONE. But the nice part is that this loss was against Liverpool in the …

A new bloglisting for sports betting related blogs

Something different for a change.
I was tired of always trying to search for good sports betting blogs. And with blog I mean blog, like mine and the most of my link partners. So I created a new bloglisting. The idea is that only sports betting blogs are allowed.

Feel free to add yours. I'm sure that it will increase your traffic, plus it will make it easy to find peer blogs.

The place to be is:
Sports Betting Blog Listing

European Sports Betting

Champions League Part 1

The champions league continues after the winter recess with some beautiful matches like Real Madrid - Bayern Munich on Tuesday and Barcelona - Liverpool on Wednesday. But even PSV - Arsenal and Inter - Valencia are probably nice games to watch.

Celtic - AC Milan (Lost (0-0))
I know, I know at can hount at Celtic Park. They won 9 out of their 12 home games in the CL. But Milan has won 6 out of 8 in Scotland in the CL. So why wouldn't they do it again. Also it is going to be a gala match for Paolo Maldini who can play in his 100th CL game. 6 less than altime leader Raul.

Lille - Manchester United (Won(0-1))
This one shouldn't be a problem for Manchester U. They are playing like a dream at the moment. Lille only scored three times in their last 5 matches. Not very impressive and not a morale booster to face Man U, who scored 13 times in their last 5 games and only allowed 2 goals against. No Man U is in my eyes a big favorite.

Top 5 appearances in a CL game:
Raul (Real Madrid) - 106

No bets for this weekend

I'm sorry to inform you that real life situations need all my time this weekend. Last night my father was brought to the hospital and is no lying on intensive care.

Next week I will pick up wiht my winning streak. So, come back, cause it does not mean the end of this blog.

In the mean time, try my no deposit bonus offer at my poker blog. Don't mis this great offer.
Learning Texas Holdem Poker

Cheers and Good Luck,
European Sports Betting

Uefa cup and tennis

I'm still on the winning side. Yahoo!!

Today the bets will be a mix of Uefa Cup football and Tennis. I will avoid the combos for today. The games in the Uefa Cup will be close and it is not easy to predict the winner. I only have confidence in one match. I admit that these isn't my fanciest post, but a win is a win.

CSKA Moskva - Maccabi Haifa (Lost(0-0))
CSKA reached this round of the Uefa Cup after ending at the third place within the CL group. Haifa qualified pretty easy in their UEFA cup group after a draw at Livorno. But now, I don't think they have a chance is Moskva.

ATP San Jose
Becker B. (49) - Vemic (364) (Won(2-1))
Pretty nice odds for such a ranking difference. I tried to find the angles but couldn't. Vemic played only one ATP tournament this year (Delray Beach) and lost in the first round against Sanguinetti, who was eliminated in the following round by Becker. This should not be a problem for Becker.

WTA Bangalore
Sucha (94) - Mirza (46) (Won(0-2))
I believe in Mi…

Tennis, tennis and again tennis

Some interesting tennis matches. Lets see if I can increase my profit even further so that I have a small buffer for the Uefa CUP games of this week.

ATP San Jose
Udomchoke (79) - Spadea (64) (Won (0-2))
They have never played against each other before. 2 year ago around this time of year Spadea was number 18 of the world. This year he is playing a lot better than previous and I expect him to get back in the top 50 of the world. Udomchoke is playing more challengers than ATP tournaments. I don't give him a chance against Spadea.

ATP Costa do Sauipe
Ferrero (27) - Roitman (77) (Won(2-0))
And again a match between 2 players who have never faced each other before. While Ferrero is the big favorite if we look at the ranking his form is not promising. Played 3 matches this year, lost 2 and only won one. Still I believe that Ferrero should win against Roitman, who won two matches this year but that was against player not within the top 150 of the ATP ranking.

WTA Antwerp. The tournament with t…

Tennis bets and recap of the weekend

This was the weekend I was waiting for. 7 out of 9 predictions were correct. Resulting in a profit 3,11€, meaning a ROI over the 100%. Also at tipster competition of Online Betting Guide I'm doing fine with a profit for this month over the 300. Now I have to be careful with my profit hoping that at the end of the month I still can show my results in green and not in the so much hated red color.

There are some interesting tennis matches today. I'm very disappointed that I didn't put any money on the Davis Cup game between Belgium and Australia. Very well done by my fellow country men. I'm very proud.

San Jose
Chela (39) - Martin A. (56) (Won(2-0))
The last 4 encounters where won by Chela indicating that he knows the responses on the play of Martin. Martin only has won once this season, but that was against Monfils. The other games were lost against Rochus O., Roberedo and Murray. My money is on Chela.

WTA Antwerp
Vesnina (56) - Safina (11) (Won(0-2))
The head to head stats are…

Revival weekend for PSV, Lyon and/or Bayern??

When writing this post I came to the conclusion that this weekend it the weekend of the revivals (PSV, Bayern and Lyon). Rarely seen that so big teams having a back to back loosing streak.

Westerlo (8) - Bergen (14) (Won(2-1))
Bergen lost 5 out of their last 6 away games, Westerlo 4 out of their last 6 home games.I have no doubt that Westerlo will win this one.

Lokeren (15) - Roeselare (6) (Lost(1-1))
I really don't understand how it is possible that Roeselare stands so high in the ranking and why Lokeren stands so low. Football I guess? Roeselare away from home is no succes but Lokeren at home also not. Roeselare surprised everybody by winning 0-1 with a last minut goal against Brugge. They surely will not win twice in a row away from home. Also Football is improving in Lokeren, so my money is on them.

Bayern Münich (4) - Arminia Bielefeld (10) (Won(1-0))
I cannot imagine that Bayern will continue with their bad streak, they haven't won in their last 3 games(2 defeats and 1 draw). …

Dechy - Mauresmo

Yesterday a lot a international Friendlies are played.
Most of them had the expected outcome like the win of Holland against Russia and the deserved victory of Check Republic against Belgium :(. This last one indicates that we, Belgians, can forget about qualifying for the next european championships. There was not a real team on the pitch. The defenders made a lot of mistakes, etc... Strange how a player like Van Buyten is not able to play one good mathc for his national team. Time and time again he makes mistakes which always results in a goal. Maybe this is alo the problem for Bayern!

The second round of the Gaz de France in Paris.

Dechy (53) - Mauresmo (3) (Won (0-2))
Dechy was elimated in the first round in the 2 previous tournaments she played this year. While the defeat at the Australian open against Hingis was expected, the defeat a Sydney against Craybas came as a surprise to me. In the first round of the tournament she won against Garbin. For Mauresmo it is the first match of th…

Quick one today

My fear to bet on international friendlies was correct. Greece lost 0-1, but if you followed my under prediction you were fine.

For today only tennis.
Shuai Peng - Oprandi (Won (2-1))

Total at stake: 1.78€
Possible pay-out: 2.40€
Actual pay-out: 2.40€
Profit/loss this post: 0.62€
Loss this month: 1.40€

Good Luck,
European Sports Betting

International friendlies and Gaz de France

I'm curious what my bookmaker is going to do with the result of Gruber and Cuche. They both finished 4Th with exact the same time. Probably the will just pay-out the ante.

Rezai (43) - Vaidisova (9) (Won (0-2))
The only previous confrontation was at the French Open last year, where Vaidisova won 2 sets to 1. The remark to that is that Reiza at that moment in time was number 142 of the world, while she made a lot of progress since then. Rezai is not in form, losing in the first round of the Australian Open and lost in the second round at Sydney. Vaidisova on the other hand won 8 matches this year and lost 2. In both tournaments where she participated this year, she reached to semis, loosing against Jankovic in Sydney and against Serena Williams at the Australian open. I expect a 2-0 win for Vaidisova.

Chakvetadze (13) - Poutchkova (35) (Won (2-0))
The first encounter was won by Poutchkov, but after that it were 2 victories for Chakvetadze, who has an excellent start of the year. She wo…
It could have been worse. I think that a lot of people has lost money this weekend with the losses of Lyon, PSV, Bayern Münich and Real Madrid. The draw of Liverpool etc....

I'm won a little bit of money back with a last minut bet on the correct winner of the Superbowl. My profit their was 1.08€.

I'm curious what the Italian soccer federation is going to do with the riots during the derby last friday. Such behaviour is unacceptable.

This week the Tennis tournament in Paris starts, let's hope we can recover some of my loss.

Safina (12) - Krajicek (70) (Won (2-0))
While Michaelle has a lot of potential, she still is not strong enough to win against somebody from the top 20 of the WTA ranking. She played two matches this year and lost both, so also the motivation will not be at a very high level. The only encounter between these 2 players was last year on grass. Krajicek surprised by winning in 2 straight sets. Safina already won the tournament of Gold Coast this year but failed o…

Statistics February 2007

40%Jupiler League6
Premier League5
80%Ligue 13
33%Serie A2
00%Primera Division4
CompetitionPredictionsCorrectFalsePercentageSingle advise
50%Single bets
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