Ac Milan and Manchester United

I just forget the CL yesterday, which was a good thing cause I wanted to bet on Lyon. Phew.

Champions LeagueI have a good feeling in AC Milan and Manchester United today. Ac Milan has to win against Celtic to qualify after the scoreless draw. Manchester United does not need to win to qualify but will win to satisfy the home crowd.
The odds for both teams are the same, 1.37 for a home win.

Manchester United - Lille (Won(1-0))
AC Milan - Celtic (Lost(0-0))

Maybe better to stay away from Arsenal - PSV. Arsenal has to win and PSV is very good in the counter attack. With Kone they have a suited striker for this. In normal situation Arsenal should win this game, but how longer it takes them to score the opening goal, how bigger the confidence of PSV will become. If it is still 0-0 at half time, I think PSV will qualify.

My bets:
A 1,22€ combo on Ac Milan and Manchester United with a possible pay-out of 2.29€. -> lost

Total at stake: 1.22€
Possible pay-out: 2.29€
Actual pay-out: Pending€
Profit/loss this post: Pending€
Profit/loss this month: 3.74

Good Luck,
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