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Champions League Qualification 2008/2009

Tonight the second qualification of the CL will start. There appear to be some easy bets but avoid the surprises.

4 teams should win their home game easily. These are Fenerbache, RSC Anderlecht, Glasgow Rangers and Panathinaikos but of course the value of these bets don't make them interesting. I expect that at least Sparta Prague or Dinamo Zagreb also should be capable of winning their away games. And because it is now wise to combine all these games within in combination I have to make some decisions.

Cause Anderlecht is one of my favorites teams, their are the first team in my combo. Because all start is difficult I decided to only have 2 games within my combination I have to pick one other game. By looking at the odds I have to decide between Sparta and Dinamo. My gut feeling says Sparta, so Sparta it is.

So the winning combo for tomorrow is:
Anderlecht and Sparta good for an odd of 2.24 for 1 EURO.
Bet is 1.25 for a possible payout of 2.80 EURO.

Good luck,

Bugger! I never did see them in this size!

Attracting title isn't?
So what I'm talking about! I mentoined a few posts ago that I finally did got my new car. Well here it is.So where r we now? The topic still doesn't cover the tittle or does it? Now there are much bigger cars than this one. For sure.
Yesterday evening driving home from work, the little disaster happened. It was dark within minutes and this at 6.30 pm in the evening during summer. Few minutes later the hail started to poor down. If have never seen so big and violent hails in my life before. As a result, more than 100 dents in the hood, same for the roof, same for 1 door, etc...
My biggest worry (car wise that is) is that the insurance company belonging to the lease agancy will write a one week old car off, like they would do in Germany. In dutch: declare it "per total". In English total loss.

So here are the hails:

So indeed: BUGGER.

Good luck at the table,

Football Season bets 2008/2009

In the post you can find all my season bets. All bets are 1 EURO bets.

Belgian Jupiler League:
Champion: RSC Anderlecht -> 1,70
Top 3: KRC Genk -> 3,50
Bottom 2: Tubize -> 1,75

Ligue 1:
Top 3: Marseille -> 1,65

Top 3: Werder Bremen -> 1.75

Premier League:
Top 4: Tottenham -> 6.00

La Primera Division:
Top 4: Atletico Madrid -> 1.75
Degradation: Sporting Gijon -> 1.65

Champion: PSV -> 2.00

Total ante: 9 Euro
Maximum Pay-out: 21,75

Good luck,

Preview of the Belgian Jupiler League

In the weekend of the 19th of August the Belgian Jupiler League will kick off again.
Let's see who are the favorites for taking the title, the relegation candidates and the European places.

The Jupiler League:
The competition is played with 18 teams and a home and away points. Besides the Champion and the cup winner only the number 2 and 3 will play in Europe next season.
The numbers 17 and 18 will directly relegate to the second Division (Exqui League from this season on).

Last season:
Surprisingly Standard Liege took the title last year. With Anderlecht on a second place and Club Brugge at third. The surprise of the season however was Cercle Brugge with a rookie coach and attractive football ending in spot number 4.
Fc Brussels and Sint Truiden relegated without a chance on another year in the Jupiler League.

The Championship candidates:
Standard Liege
I don't see how Standard Liege can prolong their title. Although (at the moment) no important player left the team, the coach did surp…

Ricco, Fuck Off

In the beginning I had my doubts about the TDF and their doping program but they were spot on! Great job done.

Now what is their magic secret. First of all, the French doping labs are capable of tracing EPO 3 in the urine of the riders and almost nobody knew this. Secondly it is the only country where EPO 3 is on the doping list. All other countries are still debatting what the allowed % of this new EPO is allowed within the body.

While this is a complete blow for my bets for the Polka Dot Jersey I'm still delighted with the discoveries. On the other hand, there is back hope for my bet on the white Jersey!

Good luck,

Finally a goal to play for

I never had a real goal where I was playing for but this has changed. It is time for a new tele and the ones which I like aren't exactly the cheapest ones.
I hope that our tele will keep going until at least March next year, so I have until to collect the necessary funds. Like that will happen, lol.

It would be great if I could pay lets sat 20% of the tele with my sportsbook and poker winnings. For once this is a long term challenge in stead of my normal small ones.

In the mean time, my bets for the TDF aren't going great.
Yellow: Valverde -> possibility 0%
Green: McEwen -> possibility 5%
Polka dot: Soler or De la Fuente -> possibility 1%
White: Andy Schleck -> possibility 0%

Luckily my tennis bets are keeping my BR alive. Currently it is standing on 9 EURO with 2 tennis bets remaining.

So lets say that 9 euro is the BR at the start of my challenge!

Good luck,

Tour de France: Update

How are my TDF bets holding?
Before the tour I placed 4 bets, one EURO on a possible winner of each Jersey. Well, I had to place a new bet on the Polka dot jersey today cause Soler did leave the tour. So I did place a new bet, this time with De la Fuente as expected winner, good for 14 to 1.

My bet on the yellow jersey is on Valverde. Still possible. He is currently in 17 position a little bit more than a minute behind Evans.

My green jersey bet is McEwen but that doesn't seem going according to plan. I guess the only thing that can get him the jersey is that the others drop out. I expect that Cavendish and Freire will do this but then there is still Hushovd.

My money for the white jersey is on Andy Schleck. Everything is going according plan here.

Good luck,