Bugger! I never did see them in this size!

Attracting title isn't?
So what I'm talking about! I mentoined a few posts ago that I finally did got my new car. Well here it is.My Ford Mondeo Titanium WagonSo where r we now? The topic still doesn't cover the tittle or does it? Now there are much bigger cars than this one. For sure.
Yesterday evening driving home from work, the little disaster happened. It was dark within minutes and this at 6.30 pm in the evening during summer. Few minutes later the hail started to poor down. If have never seen so big and violent hails in my life before. As a result, more than 100 dents in the hood, same for the roof, same for 1 door, etc...
My biggest worry (car wise that is) is that the insurance company belonging to the lease agancy will write a one week old car off, like they would do in Germany. In dutch: declare it "per total". In English total loss.

So here are the hails:
The hails that destroyed my MondeoThe hails which destroyed my Mondeo

So indeed: BUGGER.

Good luck at the table,

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