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Still alive and kicking

No, this blog is not dead (yet).

For the moment I´m putting more effort in my poker blog than in my sportsbetting blog and there are only 24 hours in a day. And off course you can only write about poker if you are playing poker.

Also don´t underestimate the effort needed to find each week interesting matches and try to come up with the good analysis. Therefore I have decided that for next season I will use a different approach.

Unibet offers each week a big Toto. Each week 14 matches. Most of the time from England, France, Spain, Germany and Italy.

Filling out a ticket costs only 0,10€. With other words peanuts.

Each week I will discuss during the week these games and will fill in 5 to 10 tickets. So at maximum it will cost me one whole euro a week. An amount which I can easily miss (I hope!!).

This way I will rule out the mistake I sometimes make with selecting games with a feeling, which is not always a good thing to do.

Sometimes there are also midweek toto´s with for instance the Uefa Cu…