Still alive and kicking

No, this blog is not dead (yet).

For the moment I´m putting more effort in my poker blog than in my sportsbetting blog and there are only 24 hours in a day. And off course you can only write about poker if you are playing poker.

Also don´t underestimate the effort needed to find each week interesting matches and try to come up with the good analysis. Therefore I have decided that for next season I will use a different approach.

Unibet offers each week a big Toto. Each week 14 matches. Most of the time from England, France, Spain, Germany and Italy.

Filling out a ticket costs only 0,10€. With other words peanuts.

Each week I will discuss during the week these games and will fill in 5 to 10 tickets. So at maximum it will cost me one whole euro a week. An amount which I can easily miss (I hope!!).

This way I will rule out the mistake I sometimes make with selecting games with a feeling, which is not always a good thing to do.

Sometimes there are also midweek toto´s with for instance the Uefa Cup and/or Champions league matches. Depending on the time I have I will also give comment on these SuperToto. The disadvantage is that within these Toto´s you need to have 7 or 8 out of 8 correct to fall into the prices and only these toto´s are more expensive.

So at maximum there will be around 50€ at stake.

If someone is interested to help me with the games of Spain or France, please leave me a comment. My knowledge about these strong competition is pretty low, so help is always welcome.

Also my stats pages are going to change cause most of the stats which are present now will be meaningless within the new approach.
I´m thinking of posting the next stats.
- Biggest win in money with one ticket
- Biggest win in money per play day
- Times 14 correct
- Times 13 correct
- Times 12 correct
- Times 11 correct
- Times 10 correct
- Times 9 correct
- Times 8 correct
- Times 7 correct
- Times 6 correct
- Times 5 correct
- Times 4 correct
- Times 3 correct
- Times 2 correct
- Times 1 correct
- Times 0 correct
- Number of tickets with a loss
- Number of tickets with a profit
- Overal profit/loss

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