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Here we go again

Okay, here we go again. A lot of competitions within Europe are now within a crucial phase.
Due to the absence of an internet connection at home I probably saved a lot of money with placing no bets.

From this weekend on, my bets are back. This time I made my selection without looking @ the odds. I have selected 8 games in which I think I can predict the winner without taking to much risks. At the end of the season some more factors kick in, while selecting the game.
- Is the season over for the team (already relegated, avoided relegation, no chance anymore on a European ticket). Such teams only play for the pride (depending from country to country) and the money.
- Also in a lot of teams where the outcome is already known, youngsters will get a chance to show their capabilities. These youngsters are very motivated, which can turn a game around.
- Is a team still in the running for a European Ticket or the title.
- Can a team still win the cup?
All these things…

Its alive

Whooh after one month of an internetless live, I have back access to the internet.
Scarlet Belgium was capable of solving a time-out problem within the adsl connection within one fucking month.

So, you can imagine that I'm going to look for a new internet provider.

From next week on I will bring you again my sportsbets for the week.