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Quick one today

The draw of Bayern came as a complete surprise to me. But thanks to the victory of Stuttgart and Reading I was break even. Not a dime loss, not a dime profit.

Due to time constraints I can only place my bet without the normal stats and explanation.

Schalke 04- Alemannia Aachen -> Won
Chelsea - Blackburn ->Won
Manchester United -Watford ->Won
I have put a 1.59€ bet on this combo with a possible pay-out of 3.06€.

Total at stake: 1.59€
Possible pay-out: 3.06€
Actual pay-out: 3.06€
Profit/loss this post: 1.47€
Loss this month: 16.26€

Good luck,
European Sports Betting

Tuesday 30/01/2007


I'm very proud that I can say that I made a profit last weekend. Certainly cause there were a lot of surprises. I bet on 2 of those but luckely they were both in the same combination.

In Germany and England there is a complete match day.

The selection for today:

FC Bayern M√ľnchen (3) - Bochum (15) (Lost)
The head to head stats indicate a win for Bayern. Bayern last this weekend with 3-2 on the field of Dortmund so they have to win to stay in the race for the championship. It is obliged to their status to win at home against Bochum, who lost 0-1 at home against Mainz 05. The ones with a little more guts than me can easily play this game with a handicap for Bayern.
Vfb Stuttgart (4) - Arminia Bielefeld (9) (Won)
Again very promosing head to head stats for the home team. While there are 5 places between the two teams the gap in points is 9. Bielefeld also has difficulties to get points away from home, while Stuttgart only lost once at home this season. Last weekend Stuttgart lost 4-…

Weekend 26-28/01/07

I just feel it, this is going to be my weekend. I have picked 6 games in which I'm very confident. I'm only doubting about how I will play them. But probably this will be clear after at the end of this post.

Club Brugge (5) - Roeselare (8) (Lost)
The pressure on Club has immensly increased after the scoreless draw at Gent. At home Club won 6 times and 2 times the result was a draw, Roeselare didn't win away from home this season. I know I have already lost some bet when the away time didn't win yet away, but I'm very confident in this one.
STVV(12) - Bergen (16) (Won)
For some or the other reason STVV was never capable of winning at home against Bergen, but this weekend this will change. I'm not impressed with the quality of the team of Bergen. STVV is not much better but they have the home advantage. My money is on STVV.

Werder Bremen (1) - Hannover96 (11) (Won)
The first match day after the winter break in Germany. Schalke04 and Werder are sharing the lead with 3 p…

Sports betting and Poker blogger be aware for Adsense


After a discussion on a bloggerforum I came to the following I was pointed on the Program Policies for Adsense.

From the google Adsense Program Policies:
Site Content
Sites displaying Google ads may not include:
Gambling or casino-related content

Not sure what to do I emailed the Google Adsense team with the following email:
I have seen in the progam policies that blog which have gambling relatedcontent are not allowed to use Adsense. My blog is about sports betting. I just explain my own bets.
Which also confuses me is that I see a lot of betting related adsenselinks on mine and other blogs. How does this correlate?
Can you tell me if I'm am in violation with my blog or not?

The response was what I expected. Some headlines of their response:
Hi Dremeber,
Thanks for your inquiry regarding our program policies. As stated in our program policies, AdSense publishers are not permitted toplace Google ads on sites with content related to gambli…

Wednesday 24/01/2007

Hi all,

Within France there is a regular match day in la ligue 1. Within several other countries team are fighting to qualify for the next round of the national cup.

My selection for today:

Monaco (16) - Rennes (12) (Lost)
The head to head stats favor Monaco by a mile. But last season Rennes returned home with a victory after a 0-2 win. But I think that this year the 3 points will stay in Monaco. Rennes only won once away from home this season while Monaco only lost 3 games at home. Monaco is also already in a 5 games streak without defeat. They will extend this streak this evening with a victory.
Lyon (1) - Bordeaux (8) (Lost!!!!)
Bordeaux was never capable of winning in Lyon and I would be surprised if they would this year. Lyon seems untouchable with the Ligue 1. This season Bordeaux won 2 times away from home, while Lyon still has not lost a home game this season. My money is on Lyon.

I will place a 2€ bet on this combination with a possible pay-out of 4.62€.

Total at stake: 2€
Possible pa…

The quick one of the week

Hi all,

A quick post today. Don't have a lot of time, sorry for this.

I will start with a bet I never have posted before. Namely the correct score bet. Maybe the most difficult to predict. But it can pay off. The game I choose is AZ against MVV for the Dutch cup.
AZ is known to have a good home reputation and always play to win at home. Van Gaal certainly wants a price this year and in the competition PSV is untouchable. I expect a 3-0 or 4-0 victory for AZ.
I placed the following bets on this game:
1€ bet on the correct score 3-0 with a possible pay-out of 4.50€. -> Lost
1€ bet on the correct score 4-0 with a possible pay-out of 7.00€. -> Lost
AZ won with 5-0.

Besides these one I have a combo.
Chelsea should have no problems in their cup game against Wycombe. They are out on revenge and will take it.
AZ will win against MVV. I think I'm sure about this, but the odds for a win of AZ were not good, so I will play this with handicap. Meaning that AZ has to win with a 2 goal differen…

The Does and Don'ts within online sports betting

Some rules which you normally should follow when playing online sports betting. OK the reading of it may be boring but please continue cause it can make the difference between profit, even more profit with the same bet or loss.

1) Never play with money you can't miss. When placing a bet you always have to think that you can loose your bet. We all have seen sport games with an undeserved winner. Or football games were the favorite had chance after chance but didn't score.
2) Play for fun. As we all know betting can be addictive. Please don't step in this pitfall, like some of us did before.
3) Never, I repeat, Never pay for advice. Wonder why people need to reveive money for their advice? If they were so good they earned enough with their bets and didn't had to ask money for it and gave it away for free, like me :).
4) Never trust advice you find on the Internet or which you hear from friends. You always can use it to make your up your mind but don't let it guide you. M…

Weekend 19-21/01/07

Okay here we go again with renewed confidence.

I have picked out 7 matches in which I'm very confident. I picked out these matches without looking at the odds first so that the odds could not have an influence

Zulte Waregem(10) - KRC Genk(1) (Lost)
I think will win this. Zulte has bougth in some players during the winter break. So they still have to form a team. Last week they were also eliminated in the Belgium Cup by a team from second division.Genk is determined to stay at the top of the league as long as possible. They also only bought 2 player during winter recess so they don't have to fit in the players.

Anderlecht(2) - Sint Truiden(11) (Won)
Anderlecht starts their chase on Racing Genk with a home game against Sint Truiden. If the match was played at St. Truiden I wouldn't have bet this one, cause their are known to be a giant killer at home. During this competition Anderlecht won all its home games except for the one against Genk. This week the Golden booth was handed t…

Bad streak still going on

Mmmmh. Do not what to say about this last loss. I should have known better. One of the rule in betting in general, it stands for online sports betting, online casinos, etc, is never try to recover your loss at the same day.

Okay, I can live with the draw of R. Madrid but I did not expect that AC Milan would loose. This puts my bankroll on 35€. Still plenty, but I have to concentrate again on 1€ bets and combos. This weekend a lot of football competitions start again so plenty of matches to choose from.

But also some good news. I still have winnings with poker and I have a good shot on a 5 pond prize from Online Betting Guide . I took a gamble (it's virtual money) on the interland Equador - Sweden and placed bets on Equador, Equador double change, over 2.5 goals and even better the correct score. This gives me a net winning of around 450 ponds. For the moment the 5th place had a profit of -97 pounds. The problem of this tipster competition is that it is so addictive. Give it a try.


Cup matches

I keep on betting on the wrong horses. While the start if the year was good, the Australian open has put me into the red figures. While choosing my bets I always try to eliminate the pitfalls but I end up in one with each bet. Let's say that I'm in a bad streak and I'm fighting to crawl out of it. At the moment my poker games are paying for my losses with sports betting.

Real Madrid - Real Betis (Lost)
Tonigth Real Madrid faces Real Betis. In the first game of this round the result was a 0-0 draw. Real Madrid should be capable of winning at home and qualify for the next round. But this is easier said then done. In the last 5 matches between these teams, Real Madrid won only once. While the other 4 games ended in a draw.
Azzero - AC Milan (Lost)
In the first leg, AC Milan won at home with 2-0. I expect that they will win again tonight. It can be a risk cause they don't have to win to qualify. But some star player will get some rest and the substitutes are willing to show th…

Aussie Open Day 4

Ok, I have to admit that it felt good to have a football combo good. Pity that I made a small loss. But I'm hoping to make some tennis profit tonight.

Nakamura, A(64) - Mirza, S (53) (Lost)
Close one to call but I have the feeling that at the moment Mirza is playing at a higher level then Nakamura. Aiko crushed Daniilidou in the previous round with 6-4 6-0, while Mirza won against Savchuck in 2 sets. In the head to head count, Mirza leads with 1-0.
Shuai Peng (52) - Schnyder, P (9) (Won)
They have never played before against each other. Patty should win this easily.

I play 1.74€ on this combo with a possible pay-out of 3.41€. -> Lost

Fish, M (42) - Arthurs, W (163) (Cancelled)
It is probably the farwell game of Wayne. He has played an impressive 15 Australian Opens. But everything has to end. And I hope his tournament will end tonigth.

A single bet to minimize the risk, would surprise if I again will pick out the wrong match. 1.50€ will pay-out 1.90€.

Total at stake: 3.24€
Possible pay-o…

A quick one!

Q quick today without explanation due to time constraints.

Tennis is not bringing me the expected profit, so let's hope that the football games of tonight can make up some of my loss. But we said that sports betting is easy is wrong. I saw a lot of statements on betting forums where people were saying that everybody who wouldn't made a profit last weekend should better stop. Most of these announcers made a big loss themselves.

For tonight I'm going to play one combo and one single.
Newcastle - Birmingham (Lost)
I will play 2.50 on this single game, with a possible pay-out of 4.17€. -> Lost

My combo for tonight.
Sevilla - Rayo Vallecano (Won)
Tottenham - Cardiff City (Won)
Inter - Empoli (Won)
A will bet 2.50€ on this combo with a possible pay-out of 4.74€ . -> Won

I will update the blog tonight with my tennis bet.

Total at stake: 5€
Possible pay-out: 8.91€
Actual Pay-out: 4.74€ Total profit/Loss: 0.26€
Total profit this month: 8.61€

So the first Grand Slam of the year. I guess th…

Aussie Open Day 3

I have to admit that I'm a little disappointed in my fellow countrymen. Okay I can blame Malisse and Vliegen but I was the one putting money on it.

So, let's try it again.

Fish M. (42) -Mahut N (68) (Won)
I favour Fish for this match. In the previous round he had a moral boost by eliminating Ljubicic. Mahut eliminated Monaco. I think that Mahut will loose it match cause he will make to many unforced errors.
Baghdatis(11) - Monfils (43) (Lost)
While Monfils is one of the raising stars of the tour, I don't believe he is ready yet to defeat Baghdatis. Both played 4 sets in the first round. The service will be crucial in this game. Monfils has hit 25 aces in his first match but also only has a 1ste service percentage of 53%. But I have the feeling that he has won his match cause his opponent made a stunning 76 unforced errors.
Kirilenko (29) - Vakulenko (118) (Won)
No explanation for this one. Kirilenko should win this one in 2 sets.

Only one combo today on these 3 matches. A combo of…

The Assie Open: Belgian Day

I have to support my fellow countrymen and women. It is not bad for a country of only 10 million people to have 6 player within the table of a grand slam. If Justine Henin wouldn't have dropped out we would have 2 possible champions for the womens tournament.
Within the mens table we have some outsiders but I doubt that one of them can reach the semmies. I expect most from Malisse and Vliegen. Olivier Rochus has troubles with his back and a toe nail. Christophe Rochus probably will not survive the first round but if he surprises and Olivier confirms that they will meet each other in the second round.
The problem with Malisse is that you cannot trust him. He can be world class one day and the round after that he will not be capable of winning against number 200 and something. Everybody agrees that he has one of the finnest techniques of the tour but that's is only backed up with a semmi at Wimbledon and 2 ATP titles. He is now backup again by David Felgate, apparentely the only t…

The Australian Open

The Australian open: The first Grand Slam of the year. Normally within such a big tournament there are always some surprises within the first round so it is necessary to avoid them. Also betting on the favorites will not help you very well cause the odds for them within the first round(s) are small very small. So you have to pick out the matches very carefully, avoiding the surprising and still winning some money. So let's try for the first round.

Tip: It is always a good idea to first pick some matches without looking at the odds, which could influence you judgement a lot.

Berdych T. (13) - Hyung-Taik L. (48) (Won)
It is the fourth time that Berdych will play in the Aussie Open. The 3 previous one were not quit successfull with not be capable of reaching the third round. But I'm confident that he will qualify for round 2. The risk on this bet is that Berdych has not played on official match this year.
Monfils G.(59) - Bracciali D.(66) (Won)
This one will be close but I'm confi…

Weekend 13-14/01/07

Hi all,

My bets for this weekend.

Chelsea(2) - Wigan Athletic(17) (Won)
Last year Chelsea won this game with 1-0. I think that it is very simple for Morino. If Chelsea doesn't win, he will get fired. While one can easily say that it is crisisteam in Chelsea, I'm confident that Chelsea will win this one.
Watford(20) - Liverpool(3) (Won)
Liverpool visited Watford twice before. Twice they went home with a victory. The Liverpool earns most of their points at home (29 of 40). I have said it before and I will say it again. Betting on Liverpool while they have to play away from home is this year a hugh risk. But against Watford they should be able to win.

Paris S.G.(16) - Valenciennes(14) (Lost)
The encounter in Valenciennes this season ended in a draw. You never know how a team comes out the winter break but what probably will not change is that Valenciennes will not be capable of taking points home wit them. For the moment they only have 1 point out of 10 games. Therefor my money is on PS…

Combo Real and AC Milan

Today a quick combo without a lot of explanation, this due to time constraints. Still I will try to update my blog tonight with my predictions for tomorrow. (If not tomorrow morning before 10 GMT)

Copa Del Rey
Real Betis - Real Madrid (Lost)
Capello is trying to get rid of some fallen starts like Beckmand and Ronaldo and will be given some youngsters a change. Probably they will play with all their heart and giving the victory to Real Madrid. Real Betis is fighting against relagation and will give some of their star players some rest.

Ac Milan - Arezzo (Won)
I don't think that a lot of explanation is needed for this one.

I will play these games in a combo with a beth of 1.45€, giving a possible pay-out of 3.25€. Lost

Total at stake: 1.45€
Possible pay-out: 3.25€
Actual Pay-out: pending Total profit/loss: pending
Total profit this month: 0.52€

Don't forget that you can practice your strategies for free at Online Betting Guide with virtual money and still win real money.

Good Luck,

Cup matches

Hi all,

I really cannot complain about my last bets. while the start of the year was a disaster, last 3 posts have boosted my confidence a lot.

Topday a lot of cup games will be played. Here's my selection:

Copa Del Rey:
Valladolid - Villareal (Won)
I have a strong feeling that the number one of the Liga BBVA (segunda division) will win this match against the number 11 of the primera division. Valladolid only conseeded 6 goals at home during 10 matches. They last 7 out of 10 at home. Villareal only won 2 out of their 8 away games.

I will place a single bet on this match of 1.71€ giving me a possible pay-out of 4.45€. -> won

Rayo Vallecano - Sevilla (Lost)
Rayo Vallecano relegated from the Segunda Division after the season 2003/4. I don't give them a change against the proud leader of the Primera Division. The only down side is that is a cup game and Sevilla already lost 4 away games in the competition. But still Sevilla will be in my combo.

Carling Cup
Wycombe wanderers - Chelsea (L…

Empoli - Inter


My single tennis bet is still pending but after my perfect score of 2 days ago I'm pretty confident that this one will also be correct. For today a 1 single from the Italian Cup.

Empoli (8) - Inter (1) (Won)
While Empoli stands 8th within the Seri A, it only won 3 of its 9 home games. Inter on the other side, the proud leader, won 7 of its 9 away games. The match within the regular competition ended in a 0-3 victory for Inter and I don't see any reason why Inter shouldn't win again. It also strange to see that empoli has a problem with scoring goals in their own stadion but Inter finds the way to the net away from home with their eyes shut (10 goals in the last 5 away games, which is impressive in the Seri A).
For a bet of 3.58€ the possible payout is 5.55€. Worth a try!

Total at stake: 0€
Possible pay-out: 2.16€ (Tennis) + 5.55€ = 7.71€
Actual pay-out: 7.17 Total loss/profit: 2.69€

Don't forget that you can practice your strategies for free at Online Betting Guide with v…

Tennis 08/01/07

Yeah!!!! For the first time since the opening of my blog all predictions in a post were correct. Let's see if I can continue this trend.

For today only a single bet.

Mahut (67) - Chela (33) (Won)
Both players have never played against each other before. For Chela it is even the first official game of the year, this is also probably why his odds are so high. A Chela in form never should have problems with Mahut. Mahut played in Chennai last week, where he won in the first round against Falla and lost in the second round against Sanguinetti in 3 sets. Last year the season started dramatically for Chela with 2 first round exists in the warm-up tournaments before the Aussie open. This will not happen this year.

This single bet is worth 2.16€ for a 1.44€ bet.

Total at stake: 1.44€
Possible pay-out: 2.16€
Actual pay-out: - Total loss/profit: - (Updated in the post Messina - Inter)

Don't forget that you can practice your strategies for free at Online Betting Guide with virtual money and stil…


Okay, I failed in my last post. I will make it up with some tennis predictions.

Gulbis(140) - Baghdatis (12) (Won)
They never played again each other before but I have no doubt that Gulbis will not walk off the court as a winner.
Hyung-Taik (22) - Tursunov (49) (Cancelled)
Tursunov has to defend his crown of last year. Hyung-Taik will not spoil this task.
Robredo (7) - Ramirez Hidalgo (57) (Won)
A warm up game for Robredo no doubt about it.

This combo is worth 2.21€ for a 1€ bet. Won

Golovin (22) - Shua (54) (Won)
Golovin won both previous encouters in the third set. This time I'm confident that she will not need at third set.
Schnyder (9) - Dushevina (101) (Won)
It is time this year for Schnyder to win a bigger tournament. So far she has won 10 titles against 0 for Dushevina. This should be considered a warm-up game for Patty.

This combo is worth 3.58€ for a 1.99€ bet. Won

Total at stake: 2.99€
Possible pay-out: 5.79€
Actual pay-out: 5.02€ Actual loss/profit: 2.03€

Don't forget that you can …

FA Cup and Primera Division

My year could have started better. One surprise in football and the other one in tennis crushed 2 combos where I had a lot of faith in!

Let's see if I can do better, worse is not possible!

English FA Cup
Manchester United - Aston Villa (Won)
For once I'm not using the head to head stats cause each cup game is different. Last game Aston drew against Chelsea while Man U drew at Newcastle (which I consider as a good result!). Manchester will win their first game at home this season.
Sheffield Wednesday - Manchester City (Lost)
Sheffield is the number 11 of the championship while City is the number 10 of the Premier League. Their last encounter on the field of Sheffield ended in a 2-6 victory for the team out Manchester. And again Manchester will win but probably not with such a big figures. It is from end november last year ago that Wednesday won at home. While each team will play better than they are capable against a team from the premiership it will not be enough.
Cardiff City - Tott…

Restricted internet access / Online Betting Guide

I have not been updating my blog lately due to restricted internet access. This week I'm working in Reading.

From next week on, maybe this evening maybe, if I'm not exhausted from my trip I'll try to give my predictions for these week tennis matches and FA Cup games.

Meanwhile take a look at Online Betting Guide
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Choose from over 30 football leagues with markets like correct score, HT/FT, AH, under/over and more. Horse Racing has Win, EW and Lay options and there are multiple markets in other sports like tennis, golf, cricket, rugby and more.

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First bets of the year.

First of all a Happy New Year to all of you. Y por mi lectores espagnoles: Feliz 2007.

Not many games tomorrow but the Tennis season finally started.

Arsenal(5) - Charlton(19) (Won)
This shouldn't be a problem for Arsenal. This season they didn't loose at home yet, while Charlton wasn't capable of winning one away from home.
Aston Villa(14) - Chelsea(2) (Lost)
Chelsea is at a turning point. Loosing points within this game will be the official start of a crisis within the team. But they face Aston Villa at a right moment. Zero wins in the last 6 games and zero points in the last 4.
I was thinking about playing these 2 games as single bets, but I want to start 2007 with a winning combo, so combo it is.
Possible pay-out for a 1 bet: 1.89 -> possible profit 0.89 -> Lost

The new season is started. For today I picked 2 games which I will play in a 2 euro bet combo.
Pless K. (84) - Nalbandian D. (8) (Lost) !!!!!
In head to head Nalbandian leads 2-0 and should not have a problem with …

Statistics January 2007


%Jupiler League4
50%Premier League14
50%Ligue 14

%Serie A6
100%Primera Division9

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