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No weekend bets? Only a supertoto

Hi all,

Silly me. I lost my sheet with the selected bets for this weekend and cause I do have the feeling that creating new ones is a bad idea I decided to only play the Supertoto.

In stead of going for a 1.60 euro ticket I doubled my ante, so it became a 3.20 ticket. Droping my bankroll just above 50 euros. So if it is a loosing ticket I did spend my complete deposit bonus.
So here is my Supertoto ticket for this week.

I guess that no explanation for this ticker is needed.

Good luck all with the bets this weekend.


Weekend bets

Sorry for the late posting but had to play myself this evening and earlier in the week I was to buys with work.

The Twin:Cause I prefer to pick some risky matches for my Twin slip, the pay-out is pretty nice for a ticket with only 2 games. I also do believe that Roda should be capable of winning their first home game of the season. The draw last weekend @ Heereveen for sure will had a morale booster effect.
Lyon on the other side is determined to regain the title. Last season they surprisingly finished in spot 3. Le Mans on the other hand finished just above the relegation places. The odds are so high cause the bookies don't know yet what the real strength of the teams are at the moment.

The triplet:I expect a lot from VVV, for sure after their 3-3 draw at PSV. They really deserved it. I don't see them loosing their first home game of the season in the Eredivisie after a year of absense.
NAC Breda may not have any problem at home against Heracles. I do find the odds strangly high,…


What a bad start of the season. I ran into almost all surprises, bugger.

I could live with the fact that Standard Liege did not win against standard, missing 2 penalties in the 90th minute. But I was really surprised by the ass kicking Genk and AZ received.

Luckily, unibet always had bonus offer at the start of the season. This time it was a 20% reload bonus. So I did deposit my planned 50 euros, to see 60 euros added to my BR.

So up to the midweek European matches.

I also added a link to my stats page. For once I tried to do it with google docs. You can find the link in the first sidebar at the right.