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November 2008 Recap

To be honest: well I didn't deserve a profit this month but the betting slip on the left did turn a loss of over 50 euros into a profit of 4,something euros. I also have to admit that it was placed in Tilt mode. But a win is a win!

November started of great with 3 winning tickets to continue into a real betting nightmare. Bankers failed to win, resulting into a loosing streak, resulting into a spiral of badly placed bets etc...

In total I placed 93 bets and only 16 of these were winners, that's a miserable 17,20%. 7% below my average. But the thing that bothered me the most was that my combos with 3 games failed, weekend after weekend. Only 2 correct out of 14 played and that's only 8,33%. 21% below average. Have to create these combos with more care next month.

On the positive side, this was the first month that I made a profit with my 4 games combos.
Like each month the Supertoto was my biggest loosing pot, good for a loss of 17,62 euros. Which brings the total Supertoto los…

Last chances to turn things around

Well the month is not even finished and I already can declare this my worst betting month ever.
I did place my bets for today already and probably will place 3 others tomorrow.
To try to make up my losses I gad to place a fun combo with combined odds of 32. If this one is correct it will bring my losses into an acceptable area but to be honest I don't count on it cause I'm into a spiral of loosing bets.

The only thing that can save my months is the supertoto but last week I had only 6 correct out of 14.
Looks I'm into spiral of losses, I hope I turn things around next month!

Good luck,

Weekend recap

Another loosing weekend, the so many in a row. But on the positive side, the loss was less than the previous weekends.

First things first. I again did loose my preparation, probably I will find it again some where next week. I decided to decrease the number of bets. With my preparation I have planned to bet 5 combos, 1 single and the already placed Supertoto. It became 7 combos and the supertoto, good for an ante of 8,44 euros. I got one combo correct and an was decreased to a single bet due to bad weather, good for a pay-out of 6,08 euros. So a loss of 2,42 euros for the weekend. Bringing my monthly loss on 28,36 euros.

On the supertoto side I was thinking that it was impossible to do worse than last week but I managed to do it. Only 7 correct out of 14. The draws of Chelsea, Liverpool and Barcelone were a complete surprise.

This month I placed 64 bets but only 12 came out as a winner. That's a miserable 18,75%, which is below my season average which is 24,81%. As usual the biggest …

The loosing streak continues

And the title says, again it wasn't a good weekend. At the moment even the most simple combos fail. some of my combos for this weekend were risky but there were also very feasible ones but always at least one team didn't do what I expected.

The prevent going bankrupt I banked my initial deposit + 5% of it. Maybe my bets became to risky due to a bigger bankroll than normal. To put myself back with my 2 feet on the ground I did the banking action I hope that this will help.

Also on the OLBG front it was a lousy weekend I drop 50 places in the central European table and lost my top 3 place in the NHL table. But still half a month to go. The most important thing is that I end the month with a profit if I want to be a pro tipster in January.

I hope that my next post will be a more positive one. I still have 2 weekend in November to make up my momentarily loss of 25 euros. Maybe I should fall back to single bets. I'll see.


Weekend Recap

Well it was a loosing weekend. Bugger. First of all I lost me prepared bets, so I had to create new ones. And those new bets were bad. Only one good combo (Sunday evening I found the sheet again and it appears that it also would have been a loosing weekend with the initial bets) good for 6 euros. Which resulted in a loss of around 10 euros.
Also on the supertoto front it was a bad weekend. As usual I had 10 out of 14 correct. Again close but no sigar! Still waiting on that big win :).

On the OLBG front everything is going fine. I'm standing fourth in the central European table (top 3 paid) and third in the NHL table (top 3 paid). Beside that I only need two profitable months. If I can achieve this in the next 4 months, I will be a pro tipster for at least one month. And that is were the big money is.
We will see how this will evolve.

This midweek a lot of cupgames will be played. So a chance the recover some losses. For today I have placed 3 combos and one fun combo for today and tomo…

Where to go from here?

Well it has nothing to do with sports betting cause I like my progress and the raise of my bankroll. It has more to do with this blog.

Like all bloggers I had big dreams for my blog. But to all good things come an end. It's strange but the motivation and drive I had in the beginning have vaporised. If I was a loosing playing this would lay within the line of expectations but I'm a winning one. The main reasons are probably the low visitor numbers and the lack of comments. And we all have to admit that recognition is always nice to receive. Like a mastercard add, it's priceless.

But I will not give up this blog too much effort have been put into it already. It will just not post my bets anymore but will follow the mainstream of betting blog and will just announce my results, look for reasons for my loosing bets and spread other betting news. I must admit that I hope for more interaction with my blogging strategy of posting my bets in advance but I guess that nobody is using t…

Weekend recap and CL bets

Due to a cold I did not post my bets for last weekend. Not that anybody are using them but still.
I even didn't prepare my bets as normal. I just logged in on Saturday and Sunday morning and placed my bets. But never less it was a success. A profit of 7.10 euros. And this thanks to one successful combo of 4 games, with a combined value of 18,30 euros. In total I played 8 combos and the Supertoto 14. This last one again without success. I have to evaluate the Supertoto at the end of the month if it is still worth playing.

The bankroll is steadily increasing and reached 193 euros. Which is not bad considering that I started with 50 and only play 1 euro bets. When my bankroll will break the 200 barrier I will increase my bets with 0,25 euros. While the increase seems marginal it is a increase of 25%, which seems substantial. I will stick to this new ante until my bank drops below 175 or it reaches above to 250, what ever comes first.

This midweek there is a lot of action on the field wi…