The loosing streak continues

And the title says, again it wasn't a good weekend. At the moment even the most simple combos fail. some of my combos for this weekend were risky but there were also very feasible ones but always at least one team didn't do what I expected.

The prevent going bankrupt I banked my initial deposit + 5% of it. Maybe my bets became to risky due to a bigger bankroll than normal. To put myself back with my 2 feet on the ground I did the banking action I hope that this will help.

Also on the OLBG front it was a lousy weekend I drop 50 places in the central European table and lost my top 3 place in the NHL table. But still half a month to go. The most important thing is that I end the month with a profit if I want to be a pro tipster in January.

I hope that my next post will be a more positive one. I still have 2 weekend in November to make up my momentarily loss of 25 euros. Maybe I should fall back to single bets. I'll see.


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