November 2008 Recap

To be honest: well I didn't deserve a profit this month but the betting slip on the left did turn a loss of over 50 euros into a profit of 4,something euros. I also have to admit that it was placed in Tilt mode. But a win is a win!

November started of great with 3 winning tickets to continue into a real betting nightmare. Bankers failed to win, resulting into a loosing streak, resulting into a spiral of badly placed bets etc...

In total I placed 93 bets and only 16 of these were winners, that's a miserable 17,20%. 7% below my average. But the thing that bothered me the most was that my combos with 3 games failed, weekend after weekend. Only 2 correct out of 14 played and that's only 8,33%. 21% below average. Have to create these combos with more care next month.

On the positive side, this was the first month that I made a profit with my 4 games combos.
Like each month the Supertoto was my biggest loosing pot, good for a loss of 17,62 euros. Which brings the total Supertoto loss a little bit above 26 euros. But I will still continue to play it. I love them to much. But I hope that next month I can present better results than: 9/14, 10/14, 7/12, 8/14, 7/14, 5/10 and 7/14.

In total I have wagered now 288,36 euros and received 449,30 euros. So still a pretty decent turnover.
November on itself was good for an ante of 119,14 euros. Which is the biggest ever. Will try to decrease this a little bit.

I did also cash some money in November. I banked 55 euros. Getting my initial deposit + 5% back. Placing my playing bankroll on 135 euros and my total bankroll on 190 euros. Close to the 200 euros, and this will be the target to end to year.

I will update my stats page somewhere this week. Don't know when cause I will be pretty busy with work, a training course, indoor football and last but certainly not least my 3 months old son!

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On the OLBG side, I was in the running until the last day for a paid place in the NHL competition. But I will end just out side the places. The most important thing here is that I did end with a profit. So 2 months more to go.
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