Why do I like the Supertoto?

Well it feels more like a competition than gambling. Of course it isn't but don't spoil my fun.

I was annoyed making great combo's with incredible pay-outs to see them fail at the last minute of a game.
In such a case it is all or nothing. This isn't the fact with the supertoto, one incorrect prediction doesn't mean that the complete bet is a waste of money, it just moves your ticket a group down.

It is also cheaper for me than creating my own betting combos. Selecting matches to include in a combo, throwing them away, starting over again. Don't forget that for just 0,10 euros you can start playing supertoto.
There are plenty of enough chances per week, but my main focus lays on the supertoto 14.
Also you play with the games on the coupon, period.

Also I find it important that I don't need to find the weaknesses of the bookmaker or their incorrect odds. I just play against other gamblers.

It is just like playing the lotto but than with a little bit more insight. We all do think that we make educated guesses, don't we?

For me gambling on sport is a hobby. Of course I'm trying to turn it into a profitable one. Supertoto just fits my needs.

What was also important for me, is that Supertoto is offered by Unibet, which had an official license in almost every european country and is a trusted bookmaker.
I you want to try, please use my UNIBET banner on the right to register!

Have fun,

Supertoto what is it?

Now what exactly is that dude talking, writing, bragging and weaning about?
I will try to explain in my words the most important rules of supertoto betting.

Supertoto is a pool game mostly around football, occasionally tennis or Icehockey.
There are 2 different types of supertoto:
- Supertoto 14 (and 14 XL and 14 XXL);
- Supertoto extra.
Both times of Supertoto have a guaranteed price pool from 5.000 euro onwards as high as 100.000 euro for a single winner.

For each row on the tickets you have multiple choises. 1: home team wins, x: draw, 2: away team wins.
You can also make 2 choices (called halve-hedging), which will double the cost prize of the ticket, or mark all 3 options of the row (full-hedging) which will triple the costing price of the ticket.

Supertoto 14, Supertoto 14 XL and Supertoto 14 XXL
The supertoto 14, as the name says consists of 14 matches. Mostly on one day (Saturday), occasionally spread over Saturday and Sunday. The tickets with a minimum of 11 correct predictions can receive a pay-out.
The pay-out is spread over 4 groups.
Group 1 consists of the tickets with all matches correct.
Group 2 consists of the tickets with 13 out of 14 correct.
Group 3 consists of the tickets with 12 out of 14 correct.
Group 4 consists of the tickets with 11 out of 14 correct.

Did you notice the "can"?
One of the rules of the Supertoto 14 is that the minimum pay-out per group is 1 euro. If the price money of the group is below 1 euro, than the money is carried over to the next Supertoto 14.

How much does it cost to participate. You can make it as expensive as you wants but the minimum bet is 0.10 euros.

The price pot is divided as follows:
Group 1: 25%
Group 2: 18%
Group 3: 17%
Group 4: 25%

So where is the other 15%. You didn't believe that the bookmakers are paying the complete guaranteed price pool for a single winner didn't you? 10% of the price pool goes to Bonus Pot #1 and 5% goes to Bonus pot #2.
Bonus pot #1 is paid out to the single winner, bonus pot #2 is then moved to bonus pot #1.

What happens if there are no tickets within a group or when the payout for a supertoto group is less than 1 euro?
55% of the price pot for the group is carried of to group 1 of the next Supertoto 14. 30% goes to bonus pot #1 and 15% goes to bonus pot #2.

Each ticket within a group gets an equal share of the price pool for the group.

But there is also some good news, unibet offers a discount of 10% for coupons registered on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

Supertoto Extra
While the simple rules are the same, the set-up is completly different.
First of all, there are/can be multiple supertoto extras per week, even more than one per day. In general they do consist of less matches, ranging from 4 tot 12.

Secondly there are less winning groups. In general only 2!
Group 1: consists of the tickets with all matches correct
Group 2: consists of the tickets with almost all matches correct (If X is the number of matches than this group consist of the tickets with X-1 correct).

Than 10% of the prize pool will go to the guaranteed fund.
The remaining 90% is divided over the 2 groups. Most of the time, the division will be 70% for group 1 and 30% for group 2. But this can differ per supertoto extra game but it is always stated in the information box.

As you can see there is no carry over of the money to the next supertoto extra coupon.
If no Coupons exist with the correctly predicted Events for one or several Groups, Payouts will be distributed to the same number of Groups, with the same distribution order and percentage as stated on the coupon starting with a Group with the highest number of correctly predicted Events, then the second highest number of correctly predicted Events and so on.

The minimum payout is only 0,01 euro.

What is the profit for the bookmaker?
A good better knows how the bookmaker makes a profit.
In this case it is really simple. From each coupon the bookmaker rooms 20% of the ante, before the money is place in the prize pool.
This makes the supertoto a safe bet for a bookmaker because he knows in front, how much profit he make, regardless of the outcome of the games on the supertoto.

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