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Why do I like the Supertoto?

Well it feels more like a competition than gambling. Of course it isn't but don't spoil my fun.

I was annoyed making great combo's with incredible pay-outs to see them fail at the last minute of a game.
In such a case it is all or nothing. This isn't the fact with the supertoto, one incorrect prediction doesn't mean that the complete bet is a waste of money, it just moves your ticket a group down.

It is also cheaper for me than creating my own betting combos. Selecting matches to include in a combo, throwing them away, starting over again. Don't forget that for just 0,10 euros you can start playing supertoto.
There are plenty of enough chances per week, but my main focus lays on the supertoto 14.
Also you play with the games on the coupon, period.

Also I find it important that I don't need to find the weaknesses of the bookmaker or their incorrect odds. I just play against other gamblers.

It is just like playing the lotto but than with a little bit more in…

Supertoto what is it?

Now what exactly is that dude talking, writing, bragging and weaning about?
I will try to explain in my words the most important rules of supertoto betting.

Supertoto is a pool game mostly around football, occasionally tennis or Icehockey.
There are 2 different types of supertoto:
- Supertoto 14 (and 14 XL and 14 XXL);
- Supertoto extra.
Both times of Supertoto have a guaranteed price pool from 5.000 euro onwards as high as 100.000 euro for a single winner.

For each row on the tickets you have multiple choises. 1: home team wins, x: draw, 2: away team wins.
You can also make 2 choices (called halve-hedging), which will double the cost prize of the ticket, or mark all 3 options of the row (full-hedging) which will triple the costing price of the ticket.

Supertoto 14, Supertoto 14 XL and Supertoto 14 XXL
The supertoto 14, as the name says consists of 14 matches. Mostly on one day (Saturday), occasionally spread over Saturday and Sunday. The tickets with a minimum of 11 correct predicti…