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Bets for match day 3!

Hoping on the first winning ticket of the season!

Bet typeGamePred.ResultOddsC. OddsJLP8 1X2KRC Genk - Lokeren121,325,15KV Mechelen - KV Kortrijk1x1,31Lierse - Moeskroen12,35Waasland - Westerlox21,45Cercle Brugge - KV Oostende12,15Standard - AA Gent121,24Anderlecht - Charlerloi11,28Zulte Waregem - Club Brugge121,27JPL5 RLierse - MoeskroenBTS1,8613,11KV Mechelen - KV KortrijkO 2.51,86Anderlecht - CharlerloiCSH1,86Waasland - WesterloHTS1,25Zulte Waregem - Club BruggeBTS1,6JPL CSKV Mechelen - KV Kortrijk1-177JPL2 SPKV Mechelen - KV KortrijkHanni4,68,88Anderlecht - CharlerloiMitrovic1,93JPL2 CSCercle Brugge - KV Oostende2-010,5210Lierse - Moeskroen3-120
Good luck,

Recap: Match day2

Again no winning ticket. Have to remind myself that it is a marathon and not a 100 meter dash.
JLP8 1X2: 2 wrong. The first one is my own fault. Originally I did put a 1X on Genk - Cercle, but changed it into 1 to increase the odds. A stupid beginner mistake. The victory of Westerlo at Charlerloi was a complete surprise to me. It is the first time since the new competition format that a promoted team wins its first 2 matches. (avg odds.  19.94)
JPL5 R: Just like the first match day one wrong. This time it was the over 2.5 bet for Oostende - Anderlecht. Still I have faith in this betting type. (Avg odds 4.15)
JPL CS: At half time my correct score prediction was spot on, but Westerlo decided to score 2 extra :(. (avg. odds: 9.5)
JPL 2 SP: Due to the fact that Suarez didn't start the game the odds were decreased to 2,38. While Mboyo gave an assist, he didn't netted one. (Avg Odds: 6.74)
JPL 2 CS: This one is just a lottery. Hope that I can win one of these this season. (Avg odds…

Matchday 2 bets Jupiler Pro League

Homework for match day 2 is ready. Here are my bets!

Bet typeGamePred.ResultOddsC. OddsJLP8 1X2Oostende - Anderlecht21,6215,24Kortrijk - Standard121,3KRC Genk - Cercle Brugge11,52Moeskroen - Waasland11,9Charlerloi - Westerlo1X1,35Lokeren - Zulte Waregem121,29Club Brugge - Lierse11,23AA Gent - KV Mechelen1X1,17JPL5 RCharlerloi - WesterloHTS1,254,15AA Gent - KV MechelenHWH1,34Lokeren - Zulte WaregemHTS1,21Oostende - AnderlechtO 2.51,72Moeskroen - WaaslandHTS1,19JPL CSCharlerloi - Westerlo2-110JPL2 SPKRC Genk - Cercle BruggeMboyo2,386,43Oostende - AnderlechtSuarez2,7JPL2 CSMoeskroen - Waasland1-1747,25Club Brugge - Lierse2-06,75

Match day 1: Recap

No winning tickets :(. But I'm proud that I did show some discipline.

JPL8 1X2: I really did underestimate the power of the first home game of a team that promoted. A real surprise to me. Still 29 match days to go, to reach my goal of 4 winning tickets in this betting type.

JPL5 R: Only one incorrect. KAA Gent didn't manage to find the net. I wasn't sure that Gent would win this away game but based on the pre-season matches I did expect at least one goal. But just like the JPL8 1x2 betting type, still 29 rounds to go, to achieve my goal.

JPL CS: Some bad bet from my side. I know that with my betting plan I will have some overlap of matches spread over the tickets and I do know that this one of the more difficult betting types but I should have bet with the correct score on this game.

JPL2 CS: I have to be honest, this is more a lottery than educated betting. No of the 2 correct scores correct! Lokeren even lost the game, but the ticket was already worth less after the 3-0 vic…

Matchday 1: Jupiler Pro League Betting plan

My bets for matchday 1!!

Bet typeGamePred.ResultOddsC. OddsJLP8 1X2Standard - Charlerloi11,3724,64Waasland - Club Brugge21,8Cercle Brugge - AA GentX21,24Lierse SK - KV Oostende121,31Westerlo - Sp. Lokeren22,15KV Mechelen - KRC Genk121,31Anderlecht - Moeskroen11,2Zulte Waregem - KV Kortrijk11,82JPL5 RKV Mechelen - KRC GenkBTS1,654,16Anderlecht - MoeskroenO 2.51,56Cercle Brugge - AA GentATS1,18Standard - CharlerloiHWH1,19Waasland - Club BruggeATS1,15JPL CSCercle Brugge - AA Gent1-299JPL2 SPStandard - Charlerloi2-0872Westerlo - Sp. Lokeren1-29JPL2 CSStandard - CharlerloiEzekiel2,357,05Waasland - Club BruggeCastillo3
BTS: Both teams score
ATS: Away team scores
HWH: Home team wins at least one half

Good luck,

A new season, a new start!

A new start!!! Yep, we are going to give it another shot. This time I will try to focus only on Belgium's Jupiler Pro League.Why? It is the competition I know best. Besides this I will of course play the supertoto. Last week I did fund my Unibet account and already had a nice ticket on the supertoto, paying out just above 160 Euro. Giving me enough funds to fund my game plan for this season. The idea is the following. Per match day I will play 5 1 euro bets on the Jupiler Pro League (JPL). So 30 matches, 5 bets per match day, will result in a total ante of 150 euros. The 5 bets will have a predefined set-up. Bet 1: Combo Bet 2: 1 correct score Bet 3: Random 5 bet combo Bet 4: Combo 2 correct scores Bet 5: 2 scoring players (if offered) Some explanations: Bet 1 will be a combo on the all the matches. I will not only go for the regular 1 X 2, but will also include 1X, 2X of 12 on this combo to improve my winning changes. I hope that the average odds will be around 14 Euro. W…

Tickets I'm proud of!