Match day 1: Recap

No winning tickets :(. But I'm proud that I did show some discipline.

JPL8 1X2: I really did underestimate the power of the first home game of a team that promoted. A real surprise to me. Still 29 match days to go, to reach my goal of 4 winning tickets in this betting type.

JPL5 R: Only one incorrect. KAA Gent didn't manage to find the net. I wasn't sure that Gent would win this away game but based on the pre-season matches I did expect at least one goal. But just like the JPL8 1x2 betting type, still 29 rounds to go, to achieve my goal.

JPL CS: Some bad bet from my side. I know that with my betting plan I will have some overlap of matches spread over the tickets and I do know that this one of the more difficult betting types but I should have bet with the correct score on this game.

JPL2 CS: I have to be honest, this is more a lottery than educated betting. No of the 2 correct scores correct! Lokeren even lost the game, but the ticket was already worth less after the 3-0 victory of Standard.

JPL2 SP: While Standard won 3-0 not a great display of Ezekiel. Probably to much thinking about a transfer than interested in playing a game. Castillo on the other hand did what I expected. Also here 29 round to go, to make a conclusion.

Stats about the JPL so far:
Home wins: 6 (75%)    (Overall: 47,11%)
Draws: 1 (12,5 %)     (Overall: 24,96%)
Away wins: 1 (12,5 %) (Overall: 27,93%)

Home team scores: 6 (75%)   (Overall: 78,61%)
Away team scores: 3 (37,5%) (Overall: 68,00%)
Both team scores: 2 (25%)   (Overall: 53,40%)

No goals: 1 (12,5%)         (Overall:  6,79%)
Over 0.5 goals: 7 (87,5%)   (Overall: 93,21%)
Over 1.5 goals: 6 (75%)     (Overall: 77,33%)
Over 2.5 goals: 3 (37,5%)   (Overall: 50,59%)
Over 3.5 goals: 2 (25%)     (Overall: 31,07%)

Most frequent scores:
2-0: 2 (25%)   (Overall: 9,25%)
3-1: 2 (25%)   (Overall: 5,85%)
0-0: 1 (12,5%) (Overall: 6,79%)
1-0: 1 (12,5%) (Overall: 9,50%)
3-0: 1 (12,5%) (Overall: 3,48%)
2-0: 1 (12,5%) (Overall: 9,25%)

Up to match day 2!

Good luck,

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