A new season, a new start!

A new start!!!

Yep, we are going to give it another shot. This time I will try to focus only on
Belgium's Jupiler Pro League.Why? It is the competition I know best.
Besides this I will of course play the supertoto.

Last week I did fund my Unibet account and already had a nice ticket on the 
supertoto, paying out just above 160 Euro. Giving me enough funds to fund my 
game plan for this season.

The idea is the following.
Per match day I will play 5 1 euro bets on the Jupiler Pro League (JPL).
So 30 matches, 5 bets per match day, will result in a total ante of 150 euros.
The 5 bets will have a predefined set-up.
Bet 1: Combo
Bet 2: 1 correct score
Bet 3: Random 5 bet combo
Bet 4: Combo 2 correct scores
Bet 5: 2 scoring players (if offered)

Some explanations:
Bet 1 will be a combo on the all the matches. I will not only go for the regular 
1 X 2, but will also include 1X, 2X of 12 on this combo to improve my winning 
changes. I hope that the average odds will be around 14 Euro. Winning 4 of 5 
of these will result in a profit for the bet type.

Bet 2 is a plain correct score bet. I did some analyse on this one, which I 
will post later. Average odds will be around 7 Euro. Meaning that 5 winning bets 
would seal the deal this type of betting. Should be possible.

Bet 3 consist of 5 combo bets. Bets included can be clean sheet, home teams 
scores, away teams scores, both team score, over and under bets and other types 
of bets. This bet type will probable have the lowest average odds. My estimation 
is that 6 or 7 should make it profitable.

Bet 4 is the dark horse within the betting type. I will combine 2 correct scores 
on this slip. This bet type will have the highest average odds. Even so high that 
probably 1 winning ticket should mean a profit for the bet type.

Bet 5 (if offered) would be combining two scoring players. No idea if this will 
be offered within Belgium (we only have a few legalized bookmakers). At the moment
of writing Unibet isn't offering it, nor BWIN, bingoal, e-lotto or others. If not
offered within 3 match days, I will see if I convert the bet type, to another 
set-up of if I'm going to play only 4 bets per week.

So this plan is set, now comes the difficult part! Sticking to it!!!!
Per betting type, there is also an algorithm to increase the stakes. If the profit 
for a betting type exceeds the increased stake for the rest of the season than 
the current stake will be increased by 1.
For example: after match day 10, the profit for bet type 1 is 62 euros and the 
current stake is 1, than the algorithm would be as followed: 62 > 10 + 40. 
In stead of 30 euro for the regular season, the combined stake would be 50 euros
 but due to the fact that the profit already exceeds this I'm still assured of a 
profit for the betting type.

On the other side I will keep playing the supertoto. Here I do only have a 
restriction, max 2 tickets running and no ticket may exceed 6.40 euros. 1 other
 big win, should secure the profit for this. Don't forget that I'm already 
having a profit of 145,72 euros on the supertoto for this betting run.

Of course I will keep statistics on these bets and will try to post them on a 
regular basis.

Keep in mind that sports betting should be fun, only a few of us can make a
 profit and even less can make it living out of it.


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