Poisson prediction matchday 15: Jupiler Pro League

Here is my Poisson prediction for Matchday 15 of the Belgian Jupiler Pro League!

Poisson prediction Matchday 15: Jupiler Pro League HomeAway1X2 BTTS Over/Under 2.5Correct ScoreResultCharleroiMechelen1YesUnder2-02-0MouscronAnderlecht2YesOver1-21-2EupenAntwerp2YesOver1-20-1KortrijkSt Truiden1NoUnder1-03-2StandardOostende1YesUnder1-10-0WaregemGenk1NoUnder1-20-1Club BruggeWaasland-Beveren1NoOver3-03-0LokerenGent2NoUnder0-10-3SOURCE: Full Cover Betting
Good luck, Dremeber

October recap

October was a good, maybe even a great month.

I did manage to create a profit, which makes it good. The total profit can still rise, due to the fact that 2 games from a 3 fold acca draw have to be played.
But I also made some mistakes. The biggest one, is that I did place to many acca’s on the last match day of the moment.
The idea behind this was that I was happy with my 50+ profit and that I was sure that at least one acca would land.

But it was a worth full lesson. Glad that I did made the mistake.
Let’s take a look at the numbers:

75 accas played, a total ante of €154,72 and a total pay-out of €211,71. This gives us a profit of €55,43. A very healthy ROI of 35,47%.
SixFold Win Acca The biggest profit was made with the Sixfold Win acca’s. Good for almost halve the profit.

This could have been much better. From the 3 loosing tickets, 2 of them only had 1 incorrect. One was lost due to a missed penalty in the 85th minute.
Will be a keeper. But only on matchday where I can pick from more than 4…

My official 2017-2018 betting season starts at the first of September.

My official 2017-2018 betting season starts at the first of September.
I’m still doubting if I will continue to blog about sports betting on this blog, create a new blog or just stop completely with blogging. We will see which direction life brings me. The problem about blogging that it does cost a lot of time.
If I do continue blogging I do need to bring this blog to a higher level and most of all improve my writing skills!!
Like told in the beginning my betting season starts on the first of September. It is not that I’m not betting now, but more playing around in a sandbox. Trying out some new betting strategies and trying to set up a betting plan for the new season.
Why do I start the first of September. By starting then, I hope to have some more insight in the competitions, balancing the teams and most of all cause the transfer market is closed.
The betting bank for the new season will be €150. Like each year the aim to make a profit J, which is harder than it looks. For sure cause I …

Tips and Picks: Round 7 Play-off Jupiler Pro League

4 more rounds to play before the season in Belgium ends.
At the moment the Poisson model is running a little bit behind. Mainly caused by the 1X2 bets. Don't know what the problem is there. I decided to continue to play them, to have a complete historical record for next years play-offs.

I would be nice to score another Acca. I did hope on 3 acca's, so one to go.
As always all my bets are placed at:

My 1X2 tips and bets for this round:

RoundHomeAwayTypeAnteOddsBetResultG/FPay-outP/LSP7CharleroiClub Brugge1X21222G21SP7MechelenWaasland-Beveren1X211,510-1SP7KortrijkRoeselare1X211,7610-1SP7LokerenMouscron1X211,8510-1SP7St TruidenStandard1X213,5X0-1SP7OostendeGent1X213,45X0-1SP7AnderlechtWaregem1X211,2810-1SP7GenkEupen1X211,2810-1
The Over/Under market stand on a small profit for the moment, let's continue this momentum.


Betting tips round 6: Jupiler Pro League Play-offs

Like posted in the previous post there are 5 more round, to end the season in green figures.
For the moment the 4 O/U acca is assured of a profit.

For this weekend the following bets should deliver a profit for me.
In total 36 bets are placed, with a total ante of 36,35 units. Would be really nice in the Yankee correct score would come in, cause the potential pay-out is 3919 units.

So let's start with the 1X2 bets for this weekend:
8 bets, hoping on a lot of upsets.
RoundHomeAwayTypeAnteOddsBetResultG/FPay-outP/LSP6GenkKortrijk1X211,3511G1,350,35SP6LokerenEupen1X213,0521F0-1SP6WaaslandSt Truiden1X212,4512F0-1SP6LierseMechelen1X2131xF0-1SP6GentAnderlecht1X212,72XF0-1SP6OostendeCharleroi1X214,221F0-1SP6MouscronRoeselare1X214,321F0-1SP6Club BruggeWaregem1X211,4511G1,450,45
In the Over/Under 2.5 market, 7 bets. Almost all over 2.5 bets.
RoundHomeAwayTypeAnteOddsBetResultG/FPay-outP/LSP6StandardUnionO/U11,57OOG1,570,57SP6LokerenEupenO/U11,74OOG1,740,74SP6WaaslandSt TruidenO/U12,02OUF0-1…