Profit made on the CL, up to the EL

The system worked. Yeah!!! 5 out of 6 correct, good for a profit of 1.87 euros. Probably I'm not the only one who did not predict the loss of AC Milan at home against Zurich.

So we are now 2 betting rounds far. On the positive side we had a pay-out of 8.53 euros, on the negative side the ante was 12 euros. It should have been better, but the first betting round was a real downer with only 3 out of 6 games correct.

Tomorrow there is a match day in the euro league. I have picked the following matches:
- FC Twente - Bucaresti: 1
- Galatasaray - Strum Graz: 1
- Hamburg - Hapoel Tel Aviv: 1
- PSV - Cluj: 1
- Roma - CSKA Sofia: 1
- Shaktar D. - Partizan Belgrado: 1

Good luck,

Champions League here we come

Last weekend wasn't an excellent start of my new betting plan to be honest. Only 3 games out of 6 correct. Nothing to brag about. Good, not actually a good word, for a pay-out of 0.66 euros.

So lets start with betting round number 2. I have picked the following 6 games from the champions league games:
1. AC Milan - FC Zurich: 1
2. Arsenal - Olumpiakos: 1
3. Bordeaux - Maccabie Haifa: 1
4. DVCS Debrecen - Lyon: 2
5. Glasgow Rangers - Sevilla: 2
6. Manchester United - VFL Wolfsburg: 1

If all 6 are correct, it means a pay-out of 20,26 euros.

Good luck,

A new betting plan. What do you think about it?

Cause my previous betting plan did take to much time in preparation and wasn't quit as successful as I hoped it was.
So it is time for a new betting plan. I tried it last weekend and it made me a profit of 20 euros.

So here it is:
In stead of creating multiple combos, I only create 1 betting slip. On this slip I will play multiple combination all with an ante of 0.10 euros.
An example: This midweek I selected 6 games and filled in the betting slip as followed:
- 15 doubles @ 0.10 euro per double
- 20 trebles @ 0.10 euro per treble
- 15 fourfolds @ 0.10 euro per foudfold
- 6 fivefolds @ 0.15 euro per fivefold
- 1 sixfold @ 1 euro
So the total ante was 6.90 euro. Cause all the six games were correct the pay-out was 27.45 euro.

The big advantage with playing this betting plan is that it is possible to make a profit without having each 6 games correct. Depending on the odds it is possible to make a profit from 4 games and above of course.
Another advantage is that even with only 3 games correct you will receive a pay-out and minimizing the losses.

I will give myself 10 betting rounds to evaluate this betting plan. In stead of playing 1 euro on the sixfold I will play 0.4 euros on the sixfold. On all others I will bet 0.10 euros. Making a total ante of 6 euros per betting round.
Let's see what it brings.

Feedback very much appreciated,

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