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Uefa Cup Matchday 4: The sequal

Ok I admit the X2 bet on Brugge was a bit risky. And everybody who watched the game should agree that a draw or even a win for Brugge was possible. A lot of refs in the world would have shown the red card to Runje. And you can discus the penalty for Besiktas, but I cannot say that Besiktas did not deserver to win.

The draw of AZ was a bigger surprise! But that's live.

So all my combinations are lost. So I will create another one (OK two) for tonight.

The first combination is the Bwin special as shown above within the banner.
Ajax - Espanyol (1.65, 3.40, 4.70)
No question about it. Ajax will win. They have to to avoid a crisis. After losing back to back against PSV ans surprisinly against Sparta last weekend, it is time for a morale booster. And lets be honnest Espanyol is not the top of the Primera Division. The only downside is that Ajax will play without Stam, the leader of the defence.
Eintracht Frankfurt - Newcastle (1.70, 3.50, 4.20)
Frankfurt has to win to keep a chance on qualific…

Uefa Cup Matchday 4

As promised my bets for the Uefa Cup Matchday 4. The odds are pretty high for almost all matches indicating that it avery difficuly games. Besides the Uefa Cup matches there are also 6 games in the Premier league.

Uefa Cup matchday 4:
My selection.

AZ - Slovan Liberec (1.42, 3.95, 7.50)
AZ at home is a very strong team. AZ only needs one more point to be absolytly sure of the next round. But they won't settle for one point and also the home crowd will be only satisfied with a victory. Life is not easy and cannot be trown in statistics but: AZ defeated Braga at home with 3-0, while Braga won easily 4-0 against Liberec at home. I have no doubt that AZ will win.

Osasuna - OB (1.45, 3.90, 7.00)
Osasuna has to win to keep a change on qualification. Depending on the result of Lens, OB can qualify for the next round with only one single point. But I don't believe that they will gain this point in Osasuna.

Celta de Vigo - Fenerbache (1.73, 3.45, 4.50)
Celta only has a change of qualification …

Finally Success

The first time since I opened my blog I can report good figures. 7 of my 8 predictions were correct. I felt pretty save on Sunday that it would be a 100% score but Ado Den Haag did not like that idea. They surprised friend and enemy and won 2-5 in Groningen. conclusion: I will never place a bet again on a match were one of the teams has a new head coach.

2 out of my 3 combinations were correct. The Friday special and Comb02. The combined pay-out was 4.94 euro while my 3 bets were 3 euro in total. So a profit of 1.94 euro.

Most time this weekend was past trying to connect my laptop through a bluetooth wireless network to the Internet via my desktop. But for the moment no success :(.

Tomorrow my predictions will follow for this mid week uefa cup match day 4. Just took a quick look at the odds. They can be very promising but they also indicate that I will be very though to choose the correct combinations.

My stats are updated weekly. You can visit them via the permalink in the si…

Weekend 24-26/11/2006

I cannot complain about the midweek bets although it could be better. I won 2 of my 4 combinations. Yesterday I went to Club Brugge again Dinamo Bucaresti. Great game with a 1-1 result giving Brugge less than they deserved. My advice for this weekend. Hoping to improve my bankroll, stats and your faith in my advice.
A special low risk bet for the games on Friday evening:Schalke 04 (1) – Bochum (16) (1.37, 4.25, 9.00) (4/2/2)
The proud leader of the Bundesliga may kick off Matchday 14 at home against VF Bochum. Schalke is still undefeated at home this season and only allowed a draw against Bayern Munich. Last week bochum surprised everybody, including themselves, by winning at home against Eintracht Frankfurt. But I don’t see how they will be capable of returning home with a point or even a victory. Schalke 04 will win easily.FC Twente (5) – Vitesse (12) (1.50, 3.60, 6.25) (5/5/4)
Twente still has to loose at home this season while Vitesse only has one away victory against Sparta Rotte…

Uefa Cup

While the Uefa Cup has nice odds for a lot a games I only picked three. I find thos games difficult to predict. Especially since the introduction of the poule system. Some games I thought about but left out are Club Brugger, cause I don't like betting against or for teams in the Uefa cup which are from my home country (I would not place a rational bet but will be influenced by my feelings), and Nancy. While the odds for Nancy are very good for an away win (3.25€) I decided to leave it out cause I allready have picked 3 more predictable games.

Parma - Heereveen (1.80, 3.30, 4.40)
While the team of Heereven is good enough for the Eredivisie it fails within Europe. Even within the Eredivisie it is diffcult for Heereveen to win their away games. Parma on the other side is struggling within the Seri A and still have to win their first match this month. But it is almost not possible to compare the Seri A with the Eredivisie. Pama should not have any problems with Heereveen.

Sparta - Ajax …

Champions League Matchday 5


A lot of midweek games this week. Within the Champions League we have Matchday 5 and in the Uefa cup it's matchday 3.

Today we will concentrate on matchday 5.

First let's start with the Tueday special. This one is a little bit tricky but you'll never know.

Real Madrid - Lyon (1.90, 3.25, 3.75)
The number 1 in group E visits number 2. Real lost 2-0 in Lyon, but is now playing much better. Van Nistelrooy has fitted in and scoring goals on command. Both team are already qualified for the next round so it is just a matter of proud. The fans of Real expect a nothing less than a victory therefor I favour Real.
Celtic - Man U (4.00, 3.20, 1.85)
Nice odds for Manchester. The home game of Manchester was a beautiful game to watch. Man U won with 3-2. Within Scotland Celtic is undefeated for 13 games but in Europe the story is different (won 2. lost2). For the moment they are still unbeaten in the home games in this campaign but Man U will end this streak.

This combination wi…

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Weekend 17-19/11/2006

With again renewed confidence I will post my bets for this weekend again. While my percentage for the single matches is not so bad, my combinations are. Let's see if we can change this this weekend.

Lierse SK - Germinal Beerschot (3.70, 3.30, 1.95) (7/9/2)
Don't let the h2h foul you. Lierse is currently last within the Jupiler League with only 2 points out of 12 games. In the beginning of this week Lierse fired their Coach Trost, who was probably the most motivated coach for the first division. GBA on the other hand is figthing back after a bad streak with as deepest point the elimination against KV Mechelen in the Cup. I strongly favour GBA.

Marseille(8) - Valenciennes(15) (1.45, 3.80, 8.00) (-)
Valenciennes lost their last 6 games away and were only capable of scoring 3 times in those 6 games. Marseille won 4 of their 6 home games, the only lost against Lyon (1) and Lorient (9), which were their last two home games. So they defenitly need to win this one and they will. They the …


Hi all,

Welcome to my stats page. On this page you can follow which betting types are successful for me! Nothing says more about a sports bettor than his stats, it says even more than the profit made or lost.
Also you can see how much I already collected or have lost.

Good luck,

Euro 2008 & International friendlies


As told in my previous writing I will start again with renewed confidence.

This midweek there are a lot of international friendly games and some qualification games for Euro 2008. I don't fancy playing friendlies cause you never know which experiments will be done.

So let's start first with my bets for the qualification matches:
Combination 1:
Finland - Armenia (1.22, 5, 15)
Finland is out on revenge after the scoreless draw a month ago in Armenia. The last time Armenia visited Findland was 2 years ago for a WC qualification match in which they lost 3-1. I consider Finland now stronger than two years ago, so I predict an easy win.
Belgium - Poland (2.30, 3.05, 3.10)
Belgium cannot affort the loose some points again at home during this campaign. Poland is known for a bad out reputation, however in this campaign they won there only away game in Kazahstan. But still I favor Belgium.
Israel - Croatia (3.15, 2.90, 2.45)
Nice odds fro Croatia, current group leader after the won against …

Black weekend

What can I say. I was so sure of my bets and predections but everything was against me this weekend. But I consider it as a lost battle but I did not loose the war yet :)

Three of my predictions were correct!
STVV walked over Lierse, while Manchester and Barcelona won with only one goal difference.

Hertha was capable of scoring three times at home (as more or less predicted) but I did not expect Bochum to also score three time.
Beveren maybe got their penalty for free but even without this AA Gent would have won this match.
The team of Dortmund decided to fight for their coach and they did it with success. Dortmund ended the undefeated streak of Werder at home.
I did not see anything of the Roda game, so cannot comment on that one, just as I cannot comment on the draw of Valencia.

But this midweek their are a lot of qualification matches for Euro 2008. A good time, to start with a new winning streak.

Tips for the Weekend

Oh man I completely screwed up yesterday. Sorry for that.
I have tried to find a uniform way of presenting my predictions, this is the result so far.
I will split up the selected matches per country. First I will name the match with between brackets the place of each time in the league. The team I expects to win will be highlighted in green, if I predict a draw no team will have a color. After this on the same line you can find between brackets the head-2-head information (home team won, draw, away team won). In the next bracket you can find a quotation of a bookmaker. (1 / x / 2)
I hope you find this presentation easy to read if not let me know (via a comment).

But with renewed confidence I present you the bets I will play this weekend:

Belgium: Jupiler League (Oh I love this beer)
Beveren (16) - AA Gent (7)(0,4,6) (3.15/3.3/2.15)
While Beveren is at the bottom of the league, they won 3 of their 5 last matches at home. On the other side Gent didn't loose there 6 last matches. And I beli…

Thursday evening football


As a special a football combination for tonight.
Chaidara - AEK Athene15,004,001,27
Rosenborg - Brann1,653,505,15 1X -> 1,14FC Utrecht - Rijnsburgse Boys1,089,0016,00
Messina - Inter4,003,002,00
Celta Vigo - Alav├ęs1,473,707,00
Real Madrid - Ecija Balompie1,078,0020,00

For once I will use the 1X for Rosenborg - Brann. Brann will certainly not win in Rosenborg, but i consider a draw possible. Let's say that I'm to confident in a 1X bet to leave it out :).

Utrecht, AEK and Real Madrid should have no problems with their opponents. Real Madrid is out on revenge after the scoreless draw in the first leg.
Celta should be capable of winning at home against the number 7 of the segundo division.

I have to admit that the win of Inter is a little bit of a gamble, but that it what it is all about.
This combination would payout 4.91 for a 1 € bet.

Some statistics for the predictions so far:

%Football Total853
Proposed 5 com…

Interim result Midweek Football

Some surprises I did not expected :(

Superfund lost at home as Bayern did. Luckily both matches are in the same combination.
My first combination was also a failure cause Feyenoord is playing extra time at Waalwijk and loosing 3-2.

The good news is that Valencia is leading 2-0 at half time, meaning that my third combination still stand. Already ended matches within this combination are Twente, who won against Nijmegen, and Werder, who won away on Nurnberg. This combination pays out 3.19 euros. This means that I won 0.19 euros on my midweek matches. Could be better, could be worse.

If we look at the stats, I predicted 6 out of 9 matches correctly. And 5 out of 5 tennis games.
As predicted Sharapova won against Clijsters and Kuznetsova won against Dementieva. For the moment Hingis leads 1-0 in sets but Petrova is fighting back and leads 2-1 in the second.

Tomorrow the picks for this weekend will be presented! Again I will propose 3 combinations, hopefully with a better profit than this week!


First results


My blog made a good start. For all the 6 matches (3 football and 3 tennis) I predicted the correct winner. So for the moment I have a 100% score.

Some will mumble that I only take easy games for my predictions, but that is not correct. I only take matches where I can give my readers input in which I believe myself. Not everybody will for instance have predicted that Petrova would win against Mauresmo or would have predicted the loss of Nurnberg at home.

Some figures:
If you have played my combination proposed for the WTA, it would have paid-out around 3.30 euros for a 1 euro bet.
My proposed combinations of the football games are not all played, but they are all stil valid.

Today, I will concentrate on the WTA again. Very difficult matches today buet let's give it a try.

Kuznetsova - Dementieva: Dementieva leads 2-1. but the only match this year was won by Kuznetsova and she will do this again today. I believe that Dementieva does not have enough power to beat Kuznetsova. Add…

WTA championship

A small side step today. Besides football I think I have knowledge of Tennis.
Today the WTA championships will start in Madrid. I consider this one of the most existing tournaments within the tour.

The tournament is played in 2 groups, with round robin principle.

The red group:
Henin, Petrova, Hingis, Mauresmo
The yellow group:
Clijsters, Kuznetsova, Dementieva, Sharapova

In the Red group I see Henin and Petrova go to the next round.
In the Yellow group I go for Sharapova and Clijsters.

Matches today
Mauresmo - Petrova:
The number one of the world against number 5. Mauresmo leads 5-2 in the head to head confrontations. If we only look at the matches from this year, Mauresmo leads 2-1. Petrova reached the final of the 3 last tournaments she played in. Mauresmo was not able the reach the semis in her last 2 tournaments. While all the bookmakers favor Mauresmo, I would bet on Petrova.

Sharapova- Dementieva
While there is no easy money in sportsbetting, this one comes really close. Sharapova won the …

First tips

Hi world,

I can be contacted on: dremeber at

Started with sports betting again. After being fed up with playing Texas Holdem Poker I had still 7 euros on my account. In stead of trowing it away on the Poker tables, I decided to trow some money on sports betting.

So a month and a half ago I started with my 7 euros, which are now 53 euros. I try to restrict my bets to the sport, which I think I know. But this is sometimes difficult, especially after a bad streak.
Remember that you will always have good streaks and bad streaks. The art is to make the good streaks so good that you still have a profit after a bad streak.

First let's check general gambling rules:
1 - Don't play with the money you need.
2 - Play for fun.
3 - Never place a bet when you have been drinking!!!!
4 - Never include a bet in multiple bets at the same time with the same result.

While most people only gamble on one game within a bet, I like combination. I will rarly bet on only one game because most of the t…