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October Recap

Well it wasn't my best month to be honest. A loss of 61,23 Euro. Oeps.
The good news is that there should be a lot of leaks to be discovered.

I played 163 bets, which is a little bit more than in the previous months. The biggest change was the ante, in total I put 440,34 Euro at stake! That's an average of 2,70 Euro pet bet, which is an increase of 40%. Way to much.  If I look at my ROI, which is -13.91%, it is obvious that the main reason for loosing so much money was my increase in stakes.

Due to my betting bake strategy I did withdraw 45 Euro from my Unibet account, leaving 125 available. I didn't withdraw any money from Bwin.

Performance by Sport/Event
If I look at my performance per sport/event than there are more loosing ones than profitables:
1. Supertoto -> -49,16 (-92.8%)
2. Primera Division -> -13,72 (-67,4%)
3. Euro League -> -7.50 (-41.7%)

I do accept to loss at the Supertoto because it is all or nothing, but I have to admit that I played way to many t…

(My) Betting bank

First of all I have to make clear that I'm not a professional punter. Sports’ betting is one of my hobbies. Of course my ultimate goal is to make a profit with it. This article describes my thoughts on a betting bank and has nothing to do with a staking plan, nor should it be considered a bible!

I'm betting on sport since 98 or 99. Not continuously but with waves. Active for months until my betting bank dried up.
Then not playing for months/years. Each time when a new football season starts, it starts itching again and I do fund my betting bank again.

Each time when I do need to fund my betting bank with fresh money I had to do this via my real life bank accounts. Funding never exceeded 50 euros. Most of the time it was even less. I never did see it as investments more as lost money.
This time I was lucky because the second month of my wave was so profitable that I directly decided to withdraw my funding from my betting bank back to my real life account. Meaning that I'm pla…

Homework for the weekend is done! Wen't a little overboard.

For once I will try to give you an insight in my betting strategy.
After doing to home work for this weekend, I did place 15 bets for a combined ante of 44.23 euro. That an average of 2.95 euro per bet. The average odds are 1.95.

I have to admit that this is not according to my bankroll management, nor the money I'm normally willing to put a risk on a single weekend. Don't know why I did it.

I first selected from all the football games across Europe the games where I think I can predict to winner, a goal scorer, etc...
This were put on a sheet. The next step was to collect the odds at the 2 bookies I'm using.

Normally I'm more a one-day gambler. Meaning that in the evening I do select and place my bets for the next day. If I do an analysis of my previous weekend, the number of bets will probably be around the same number. I do doubt however if the average ante would be as high. But it is what it is.

Without any further delay here are my weekend bets:
    Bet type     …

September Recap

September was good for me.
Concluded bets:         135
Total stake                 258,07 euro
Net profit:                  254,61 euro
Return on investment: 98,66%

38,3% of the bets were winners.

While my biggest part of the profit does come from 1 supertoto ticket my other results weren't that bad either.

Performance by Sport/Event
If I look at my performance per sport/event than there are only 4 loosing:
Golf -> - 9,47 euro (-41,2%)
Tennis -> - 7,56 euro (-19,9%)
Serie A -> - 1,56 euro (- 52%)
Premier league -> - 3,61 euro (-31,4%)

The biggest winning sport/events were:
1. Supertoto -> + 240,56 (783,1%)
2. Ligue 1 -> + 17,20 (63,7%)
3. Eredivisie -> + 6,73 (84,1%)

Fairly proud on the fact that I also made a profit with football combos. One of the most difficult areas of sportsbetting.

Performance by bet type
27 bet types are defined in my sheet. 7 bet types weren't used in September. 13 bet types were causing my money, so only 7 were winners.
Top 3 of th…