October Recap

Well it wasn't my best month to be honest. A loss of 61,23 Euro. Oeps.
The good news is that there should be a lot of leaks to be discovered.

I played 163 bets, which is a little bit more than in the previous months. The biggest change was the ante, in total I put 440,34 Euro at stake! That's an average of 2,70 Euro pet bet, which is an increase of 40%. Way to much.  If I look at my ROI, which is -13.91%, it is obvious that the main reason for loosing so much money was my increase in stakes.

Due to my betting bake strategy I did withdraw 45 Euro from my Unibet account, leaving 125 available. I didn't withdraw any money from Bwin.

Performance by Sport/Event
If I look at my performance per sport/event than there are more loosing ones than profitables:
1. Supertoto -> -49,16 (-92.8%)
2. Primera Division -> -13,72 (-67,4%)
3. Euro League -> -7.50 (-41.7%)

I do accept to loss at the Supertoto because it is all or nothing, but I have to admit that I played way to many tickets (16). Both the Primera Division and Euro league had black figures last month. So nothing to worry about at the moment.
The biggest winning sport/events were:
1. Ligue 1 -> +11.36 (82,56%)
2. Champions League -> +17.69 (56,09%)
3. Golf -> +6.08 (28.95%)

It is nice to see that Golf is finally writing the figures in green!

Performance by bet type
31 bet types are defined in my sheet. 14 bet types weren't used in September. 12 bet types were causing my money, so only 5 were winners.
Top 3 of the loosing betting types (money wise):
1. Supertoto -> -42.90 (-100%)
2. 1 2 -> -11.33 (-16,6%)
3. Over/Under 2.5 -> -10.06 (-45.7%)

1 2 and Supertoto did had black figures in September, the Over/Under 2.5 bets are a complete different story, cause also in September  I had a loss there. So maybe I should avoid this betting type in November.

The top 3 of the winning betting types (again money wise):
1. To score -> +10.95 (28.1%)
2. 1 X 2 -> +7.23 (4.6%)
3. 2 ball -> +5.08 (29.9%)

It is really nice to see that I did again made a profit in the 1 X 2 market! When playing the To score market correctly, I do feel that this could be a cash cow for me.

The goal for next month are, the turn back into green figures. Downsize the Supertoto bets and in number and in stake.
Staying away from the Over/Under bets.
And limiting my stakes to a 3 Euro max!!!

Also I want to finish my post: finding leaks in sports betting based on odds!



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