Champions League here we come

Last weekend wasn't an excellent start of my new betting plan to be honest. Only 3 games out of 6 correct. Nothing to brag about. Good, not actually a good word, for a pay-out of 0.66 euros.

So lets start with betting round number 2. I have picked the following 6 games from the champions league games:
1. AC Milan - FC Zurich: 1
2. Arsenal - Olumpiakos: 1
3. Bordeaux - Maccabie Haifa: 1
4. DVCS Debrecen - Lyon: 2
5. Glasgow Rangers - Sevilla: 2
6. Manchester United - VFL Wolfsburg: 1

If all 6 are correct, it means a pay-out of 20,26 euros.

Good luck,

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Host PPH said...

I am really are into those games but I think that I won't go for betting in those games.