Where to go from here?

Well it has nothing to do with sports betting cause I like my progress and the raise of my bankroll. It has more to do with this blog.

Like all bloggers I had big dreams for my blog. But to all good things come an end. It's strange but the motivation and drive I had in the beginning have vaporised. If I was a loosing playing this would lay within the line of expectations but I'm a winning one. The main reasons are probably the low visitor numbers and the lack of comments. And we all have to admit that recognition is always nice to receive. Like a mastercard add, it's priceless.

But I will not give up this blog too much effort have been put into it already. It will just not post my bets anymore but will follow the mainstream of betting blog and will just announce my results, look for reasons for my loosing bets and spread other betting news. I must admit that I hope for more interaction with my blogging strategy of posting my bets in advance but I guess that nobody is using them or even look at them. So why bother in posting them and putting so much effort in it?

I know that it is difficult to stand up and get noticed in this big internet world, with enough betting blogs, sites and forums. Getting a blog noticed is so much more difficult then writing good comment (not claiming that the content here on this miserable blog is good or even mediocre).

That's all for now.


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