Weekend Recap

Well it was a loosing weekend. Bugger. First of all I lost me prepared bets, so I had to create new ones. And those new bets were bad. Only one good combo (Sunday evening I found the sheet again and it appears that it also would have been a loosing weekend with the initial bets) good for 6 euros. Which resulted in a loss of around 10 euros.
Also on the supertoto front it was a bad weekend. As usual I had 10 out of 14 correct. Again close but no sigar! Still waiting on that big win :).

On the OLBG front everything is going fine. I'm standing fourth in the central European table (top 3 paid) and third in the NHL table (top 3 paid). Beside that I only need two profitable months. If I can achieve this in the next 4 months, I will be a pro tipster for at least one month. And that is were the big money is.
We will see how this will evolve.

This midweek a lot of cupgames will be played. So a chance the recover some losses. For today I have placed 3 combos and one fun combo for today and tomorrow (if it is still valid tomorrow).

At the moment I'm around 10 euros down for the month. Time to turn things around.

Bankroll is still very healthy at 170 euros. The aim has been decreased and I hope to brake the 200 euro barrier before 2009 kicks in.


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