Weekend recap and CL bets

Due to a cold I did not post my bets for last weekend. Not that anybody are using them but still.
I even didn't prepare my bets as normal. I just logged in on Saturday and Sunday morning and placed my bets. But never less it was a success. A profit of 7.10 euros. And this thanks to one successful combo of 4 games, with a combined value of 18,30 euros. In total I played 8 combos and the Supertoto 14. This last one again without success. I have to evaluate the Supertoto at the end of the month if it is still worth playing.

The bankroll is steadily increasing and reached 193 euros. Which is not bad considering that I started with 50 and only play 1 euro bets. When my bankroll will break the 200 barrier I will increase my bets with 0,25 euros. While the increase seems marginal it is a increase of 25%, which seems substantial. I will stick to this new ante until my bank drops below 175 or it reaches above to 250, what ever comes first.

This midweek there is a lot of action on the field with the 4th round of the CL and the second match day of the UEFA groups.
I plan to play 2 combos on Tuesday and Wednesday and 3 or 4 on Thursday.

Here are my CL bets:

Combo 1:
Based on the away win of Bordeaux at CFR CLUJ, the walkover of Inter over Famagusta and last but not least the revanche of Marseille on PSV. This with a combined odd of 9.13.

Combo 2:
A little bit less risky with predicted wins of Liverpool (against Atl Madrid) and Werder Bremen (against Panathinaikos). Combined odds 2.24.

Combo 3:
The home win of Real Madrid against Juventus and the away win from Zenith at Bate. Good for a combined odd of 3.01.

Combo 4:
This one exists of 3 games all with relatively low odds. I hope that Villarreal will have no problems with AaB, that Lyon will be capable of beating Steaua Bucaresti at home and that Arsenal will keep the three points at home against Fenerbache. If all this falls into place I will get 2.47 euros.

Good luck,

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