October Recap

Well October was a good month. It wasn't great but just good. I made a profit of 26 euros.
In total I placed 77 bets (Supertoto not included) and 24 of these 77 bets were winning bets.
The total ante for October was 95,52 euro. The 24 winning bets and the supertoto were good for a pay-out of 121,8 euros.
The difference between becoming a good and great month is the lack of a winning fun combo. September was a great month due to such a fun combo, but on the other hand only 15% of my combo were winning ones, while in October 31% of my bets were winning bets. So my betting is improving!
The most money was won with the combos of 3 games and 5 games. I made a loss with my funcombos and the combo of 4 games.

My Bankroll is steadily growing. The aim for November is to bring it above 200 euros so that in December I can increase my bets for 1 euro bets to 1,25 euro bets.

Good luck,

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