Weekend recap

Another loosing weekend, the so many in a row. But on the positive side, the loss was less than the previous weekends.

First things first. I again did loose my preparation, probably I will find it again some where next week. I decided to decrease the number of bets. With my preparation I have planned to bet 5 combos, 1 single and the already placed Supertoto. It became 7 combos and the supertoto, good for an ante of 8,44 euros. I got one combo correct and an was decreased to a single bet due to bad weather, good for a pay-out of 6,08 euros. So a loss of 2,42 euros for the weekend. Bringing my monthly loss on 28,36 euros.

On the supertoto side I was thinking that it was impossible to do worse than last week but I managed to do it. Only 7 correct out of 14. The draws of Chelsea, Liverpool and Barcelone were a complete surprise.

This month I placed 64 bets but only 12 came out as a winner. That's a miserable 18,75%, which is below my season average which is 24,81%. As usual the biggest part of my loss is cause by the Supertoto, with an ante of 13,92 euros and no winners.

On the olbg front I'm still making a profit, but it is going to be difficult to end on one of the paid places. I'm standing 6th in the NHL table, but already 1000 pounds behind. In the other tables I'm not within the first 250 places. But I have to remind myself that it is more important to end with a profit.

This midweek there are CL games and the UEFA cup group matches. Watch out with the teams who are already qualified for the next round.


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