Okay, I failed in my last post. I will make it up with some tennis predictions.

Gulbis(140) - Baghdatis (12) (Won)
They never played again each other before but I have no doubt that Gulbis will not walk off the court as a winner.
Hyung-Taik (22) - Tursunov (49) (Cancelled)
Tursunov has to defend his crown of last year. Hyung-Taik will not spoil this task.
Robredo (7) - Ramirez Hidalgo (57) (Won)
A warm up game for Robredo no doubt about it.

This combo is worth 2.21€ for a 1€ bet. Won

Golovin (22) - Shua (54) (Won)
Golovin won both previous encouters in the third set. This time I'm confident that she will not need at third set.
Schnyder (9) - Dushevina (101) (Won)
It is time this year for Schnyder to win a bigger tournament. So far she has won 10 titles against 0 for Dushevina. This should be considered a warm-up game for Patty.

This combo is worth 3.58€ for a 1.99€ bet. Won

Total at stake: 2.99€
Possible pay-out: 5.79€
Actual pay-out: 5.02€ Actual loss/profit: 2.03€

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