Weekend 26-28/01/07

I just feel it, this is going to be my weekend. I have picked 6 games in which I'm very confident. I'm only doubting about how I will play them. But probably this will be clear after at the end of this post.

Jupiler league
Club Brugge (5) - Roeselare (8) (Lost)
The pressure on Club has immensly increased after the scoreless draw at Gent. At home Club won 6 times and 2 times the result was a draw, Roeselare didn't win away from home this season. I know I have already lost some bet when the away time didn't win yet away, but I'm very confident in this one.
STVV(12) - Bergen (16) (Won)
For some or the other reason STVV was never capable of winning at home against Bergen, but this weekend this will change. I'm not impressed with the quality of the team of Bergen. STVV is not much better but they have the home advantage. My money is on STVV.

Werder Bremen (1) - Hannover96 (11) (Won)
The first match day after the winter break in Germany. Schalke04 and Werder are sharing the lead with 3 point advantage of Bayern München. München plays on friday and Schalke04 on saterday, probably one of these team will loose some points so Werder Bremen can do excelent things with a victory. This should not be a problem against Hannover. But be warned Hannover is the only team within the Bundesliga who has collected more points away from home then at home.

Ligue 1
Lyon (1) - Nice (19) (Lost)
Very nice odds for Lyon, probably cause of their loss against Bordeaux during the midweek game. I cannot imagine that Lyon will thos home games in a row and don't forget Nice wasn't capable of winning away from home. No according to me Lyon is a banker.

AC Milan (9) - Parma (18) (Won)
Without the poinst deduction AC milan would stand on the 4ht place. This weekend they will play against Parma, who are fighting to stay in the Seri A. But I don't think that they will go home with some points. This season they haven't won away from home. Ac Milan won 5 of their 10 home games and lost 3 of them. AC needs to win almost all their home game to secure Europa Cup football next year. They are 5 points away from the qualification rounds of the CL and 3 points away from a Uefa Cup place.

AZ (3) - Sparta (13) (Won)
AZ should be capable of winning this game with their fingers in their nouse. Only the top game of the Eredivisie should normally be capable of winning at AZ and Sparta isn't one of them. AZ scored an impressive 32 goals in 10 home games.Sparta on the other hand does not score enough away from home to win this one. But hey, these are only stats, each game has to be played.

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My bets:

Combo1: Lyon and Club Brugge @ 1.25€ -> possible pay-out 2.03€ -> Lost
Combo2: Werder and AZ @1€ -> possible pay-out 1.62€ -> Won
Combo3: STVV and AC Milan @ 1.25€ -> possible pay-out 2.97€ -> Won

Besides these bets, I have 5 0.1€ bets on the supertoto.

Total at stake: 3.5€
Possible pay-out: 6.62€
Actual pay-out: 4.59€
Profit/loss this post: 1.09€
Loss this month: 17.73€

Good luck,
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