Uefa Cup

Was a little bit surprised by the draw of AC Milan during regular time.

Today 8 nice UEFA Cup games. All with nice odds. So a lot of potential for wins but also for big losses.

S.C. Braga - Tottenham (Won (2-3))
Very nice odds for Tottenham. enough to place a bet on. The keep the combo safe I will play this one as a single bet.

Maccabi Haifa - Espanyol (Lost(0-0))
Again nice odss for the visiting team, who should be capable of winning in Israel. Despite the confidence I have in Espanyol, I will also place a single bet on this one.

My bets:
A 1€ single bet on Tottenham with a possible pay-out of 2.30€. -> won
A 1€ single bet on Espanyol with a possible pay-out of 2.25€. -> lost

Last night my ADSL modem died on me. So I will have restricted internet access for the next weeks. I don't know if it I should buy a Wireless ADSL router cuase my ISP has the idea that it can't garantee ADSL service to my new address.

Total at stake: 2€
Possible pay-out: 4.55€
Actual pay-out: 2.30€
Profit/loss this post: 0.30
Profit/loss this month: 2.82

Good Luck,
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