First bets of the month

A new month, new bets. Let's see if we can make more profit as last month.

Not a lot of interesting games to place a bet on this weekend. At least that is my idea. Lot of games where the outcome will be difficult to predict, meaning lots of big winning capabilities.

Jupiler league
AA Gent (4) - Lierse (18) (Won (4-0))
This one should be an easy Win for AA Gent. While the quality of Lierse improved after the winter break there is still not enough quality to survive, also it seems that they are playing without passion. Gent is also out on revenge after 3 losses in a row.

Werder Bremen (3) - Bochum (15) (Won(3-0))
Also this one should result in an easy victory for the home team. But in the bundesliga there are no easy games. The head to head statistics back me up on this one. But I wouldn't be surprised if Bochum will win for the first time in Werder after I placed the bet :). Still my money is on Werder.

Dortmund (9) - Cottbus (12) (Due to a mistake when registering my bets, I made a mistake a took Werder twice -> void)
Cottbus is one of the weakest away teams from the bundesliga, while Dortmund is at home above average. In 80% of the cases Dortmund will win this games. Therefor with these odds it is a good bet.

Premier League
West Ham (19) - Tottenham (9) (Won(3-4))
The most difficult bet for this weekend. My money will be an the Hotspurs. West Ham is sliding down the table, while Tottenham won their last 3 games. Tottenham scores in most of their away games and West Ham have troubles with finding the net (no goals in their last 3 games).

AC Milan (6) - Chievo (15) (Won(1-0))
After a bad season start AC Milan in now on cruise control. Ronaldo puts extra weight in the attack and scores easily. Nope, I don't see how Chievo will return to Verona with one or more points.

Primera Divsion
Valencia (3) - Celta de Vigo (15) (Won(1-0))
Valencia my favorite team in Spain, which makes it extreme difficult to try to find a good Valencia bet. While Valencia in within the top 3 if we only would could the home games, Celta is fourrth in the away table. But Valencia will be motivated, cause with the clash between Sevilla and Barcelona they can be the winnar of the weekend with a victory. The head to head stats increases my believe in a victory for Valencia.

My bets:
Combo 1: a 1€ bet on AC Milan, AA Gent and Werder with a possible pay-out of 2.46€. -> won
Combo 2: a 1€ bet on Werder and Valencia wit a possible pay-out of 1.98€. -> won
Single 1: a 1€ bet on Tottenham with a possible pay-out of 2.30€. -> won

The bloglisting:
More and more blogs are placed on the sportsbetting bloglisting. We now have traffic figures around 250 visits a day, which is far more than I expected 8 days after opening.
So, if you have a sportsbetting blog, make sure that you add it to: Sports Betting Blog Listing.

Total at stake: 3€
Possible pay-out: 6.74€
Actual pay-out: 6.74€
Profit/loss this post: 3.74
Profit/loss this month: 3.74

Good Luck,
European Sports Betting

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