National cup matches all over Europe

I going to bet very carefully today. The maximum amount I will bet is 2€, which means that this month I will end up with a profit. Depending on the result of today it will be 0.11€ or more. Also I will only bet on soccer. My picks for tennis this month were 100% correct.

Today there are a lot of cup games going around in Europe and a complete matchday in Italy.

Coup de France
Montceau - Lens (Lost (1-0))
Besides the first round against Nancy, the road to the quarter final was very easy for Lens. Also they should qualify for the semis.

Beker van Belgie
Club Brugge - KVK Kortrijk (Won(2-1))
I cannot imagine that Brugge is going to loose this game. Probably over will also be a good bet. The cup is the only chance for Brugge to win something this year, maybe it is also the only chance to play within a European Cup next year.

Inter (1) - Udinese (8) (Lost (1-1))
Inter still has to loose at home this season and this won't happen tonight.

My bets:
A 1€ bet on the combo Club Brugge and Lens with a possible pay-out of 1.65€. -> lost
A 1€ bet on Inter with a possible pay-out of 1.28€. -> lost

Total at stake: 2.00€
Possible pay-out: 2.93€
Actual pay-out: 0€
Profit/loss this post: 2
Profit/loss this month: 0.11

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Good Luck,
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