Weekend 3/02/07

Before I explain my small list of pick for this weekend I want to express my deepest sympathy to the family of the police officer, which died yesterday during the derby Palermo - Catania.
It is shocking that such things happen. I cannot imagine what these people are thinking. But this is not only related to football anymore. During the Australian Open of this year, for the first time ever, 2 groups of supporters attacked each other.

Frankfurt (12) - Mainz 05 (16) (Lost (0-0))
Only four points between Frankfurt and the relegation places. Mainz 05 is on a relegation spot and is trying to avoid it. Mainz won their first two games of the year, while Wasn't capable of winning one. But today they will win their first of 2007.

Premier League
Liverpool (3) - Everton (8) (Lost (0-0))
Liverpool has a very good home reputation. No loses, only 2 draws and 10 victories. I think that they will add another win to the list.

Primera Divsion
Real Madrid (3) - Levante (18) (Lost (0-1))
This should not be a problem for Real. A team which wants to be the champion of Spain is obliged to win these matches.

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