A quick tennis bet!

Don't know what to think about the weekend. I expected to make a profit but it was a loss.
I can understand the loss of Schalke but not the draw of Feyenoord and Valencia.

No much betting this week. Within Belgium Megabike will start on Saturday, so a lot of time will be put in making my teams. Doing better than last year is almost impossible after winning a race and getting a second place in another one. But there's no shame in trying.

A quick bet for today:
Oprandi, R - Mirza, S -> @ 1.27 -> Won (0-2)
Hantuchova, D - Castano, C -> @ 1.13 -> Won (2-0)

My tennis record for this month is still perfect. I like to keep it like this. So girls do your utmost best :). I also need profit on this combo, otherwise I will go into the red figures.
My bet:
A 1.44€ bet on the combo as described above with a possible pay-out of 2.07€. -> won

Total at stake: 1.44€
Possible pay-out: 2.07€
Actual pay-out: 2.07€
Profit/loss this post: 0.63€
Profit/loss this month: 1.4

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Good Luck,
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