First Round CL bets

Tomorrow the CL 2008-2009 kicks off. I have selected 7 games were I'm going to bet on. These games were selected without knowing the odds so there is a possibility that the pay-out will be lower than expected.
Also, there will probably very juicy odds for a home win of Marseille against Liverpool and for Atletico Madrid winning at PSV. But my gut feeling says to stay of these games, so I will.
Due to time constraint no explanation this time.
Also, as an expection I did put 1 euro on Tottenham for this evening. If they win I have one combo for free for tomorrow :).

Because 4 of my 7 selected games will be played on Tuesday, I will create 3 combo. 2 combos with 2 Tuesday games and one combo with the 3 Wednesday games.

Combo 1: combined odds: 3,66
Teams involved: Werder Bremen and Shaktar

Combo 2: combined odds: 1,63
Teams involved: AS Roma and Barcelona

Combo 3: combined odds: 3,51
Teams involved: Celtic Glasgow, Manchester United and Arsenal

Money at stake: 3 euro
Potential Pay-out: 8,08 euro
Potential profit: 5,08 euro

Outstanding bets including these: 13
BR after these bets: 23,26 euro

Good luck,

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