Weekend Recap: Profit made

First let's take a look at the downside of the weekend.
I made a loss of 5 euros by trying some live betting. When Werder Bremen was up 4-1 I made my first mistakes, the second was made when Bremen got a red card and Hoffenheim scored the 4-4! Lesson learned stay of Live Betting!!!!

On the combo side, I had 3 winning combos out of 8. Good for a combined weekend profit of 28,71 euros, the losses on live betting included! For me, and probably for a lot of us, the surprise of the weekend was the loss of Arsenal against Hull City. Combo 2 on Saturday didn't had a chance with the unexpected loss of Hertha and the draw of Juventus.
Sunday, I made the mistake to have faith in Tottenham, I had the idea that they could turn things around but they are in a down spiral! This error screwed up one combo, the other one didn't had a chance with 2 games out of 3 incorrect!

The plans for next week. I will play the uefa cup SuperToto and Supertoto 15. Supertoto 15 has to be played before Thursday so that I am entitled to the 10% discount Unibet is offering. I will made 4 combos for the CL. 2 for Tuesday and 2 for Wednesday. Probably I will play 4 combos on the uefa cup. And then the weekend is again knocking on the door.
On Wednesday I will also post the recap of September!

Good luck,

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