Tuesday bets and Supertoto Euro Mix

I prepared 2 combos for this evening. Within lots of countries this midweek, without CL and Uefa cup games, is used for the national cups. Besides this I also filled in an extra Supertoto Euro mix, all with games played on Wednesday, and Supertoto 14. This Supertoto was filled in today to make sure that I could profit from the 10% cashback.

Here we go:

Combo 1: combined odds: 4,81
Teams involved: AZ, FC Den Bosch, Nantes and Werder Bremen
AZ is confident after their win over PSV and they will continue this line this evening against Heracles. Fc Den Bosch is one of the tittle candidates in the Dutch Jupiler league, I expect nothing else than a home win. Nantes and Werder Bremen have away games. Bremen has an easy game against Ezgebirge and Nantes will play at Cretiel, both feasible teams for the team from the Bundesliga.

Combo 2: combined odds: 3,28
Teams involved: Eintracht Frankfurt, Arsenal and Manchester United
Arsenal and Man U should have no problems with beating Sheffield United and Middlesbrough. Frankfurt has to face Hasta Rostock, 9th in the second Bundesliga, at home. Frankfurt still has to win a home game this seasin and I hope that they achieve this today!
Edit: Over before it all started. Frankfurt missed a penalty in the last minute. Fuckers, lol!

The Supertoto for tomorrow and this weekend are shown below. First the one for the weekend and then the one for tomorrow:
Come back tomorrow morning for the results and my bets for the Wednesday games.

Good luck,

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