Weekend Recap!

Well let’s start with the most important thing, I made a profit and besides that I had a lot of fun. And let’s be honest that what it’s all about. In total I made a profit of 11,76€ with. Good figures!

The start on Friday was excellent with one combo played and one combo won.

The success story continued on Saturday. The downside was that only one of the three combos was a winner but on the positive side the winning combo has the highest combined odds of the 3. It could have been better but Groningen started with a red card in the second minute. The fought back and were withheld a penalty in the last minute, which could have given them the win and some more profit for me.

On the supertoto side also everything was going good enough with 6 correct games out of 7.

Sunday was a little bit of a cooler. The fun combo has an excellent start but Everton crushed it, so the Marseille wasn’t important anymore (luckily). Tottenham, yep Tottenham again, blew the second combo, while my fourth combo was chance less (0 out of 3). The last combo (3) for Sunday wasn’t so bad but Sevilla weren’t capable of taking the 3 points home.

On the SuperToto side, I had 2 more games incorrect, so I ended up with 2 tickets of 11 out of 14, good for a pay-out of 1,16€ per ticket (not enough cause the investment was 3,20€). Congrats to the one who cracked the supertoto. He/She was the only one with 14 correct games, good for a pay-out above 112.000€.

I was hard not to create another combo for the Sunday evening games but this is against me own rules. The rule says that I’m not allowed to create last minute combo cause most of the time, these bets are placed to recuperate lost money. To bad cause if would have been a winning combo. Maybe my combo for the Sunday games where to risky.

My betting plans for this week are quiet simple. Tonight and tomorrow I will concentrate on filling in the supertoto. Remember that a lot bookies give a 10% discount if you fill in the supertoto before Thursday, if you do this 10 times in a season you will have your 11th supertoto for free. Also there is on extra Supertoto this week for the midweek games in Italy, England and Spain.

On Tuesday I will see if I'm going to make a combo of 2 for the midweek games and from Wednesday on I will concentrate on the weekend games.

I also hope that you all liked the way I presented the combos on Sunday, cause it is my intention to do it like this. So first a little explanation about the combo(s) to end with a picture if it is more than one combo! Feedback is appreciated, both on the combo and presentation.

Good Luck,

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