US open 2008

After a rather succesful weekend on the footbal front. Hey I made a profit and it doesn't matter how small it is, it is a profit and progress compared to last weekend. It can become even a big profit if my last combo is correct. But we will have to see.

Tomorrow the US open starts. So another chance to win or loose a lot of money. Betting on the first round can be tricky.

Let's take a look at the favorites for the mens title. Without looking at the odds 3 names spring into my mind. At number 1. Rafael Nadal. He is winning almost everything. It will be his 6th appearance at the US open, his best result was the quarter final in 2006. So the stats are against him but with the form he is having at the moment, everything is possible.
The second favorite, for me, is Djokovic. It will be his 4th US open. He is hoping to do better then last year, when he lost the final against Federer. I think that Djokovic has a better chance than Nadal. Why? For the players, the Us open is one of the strangest tournaments on the calendar. With lots of noise and movement around the courts and this bother Nadal more than Djokovic.
The third favorite is R. Federer. Federer is seeded as number 2 and will be playing his 9th US open. He won the last 4 editions. Impressive. But will he be capable of saving his disastrous year? I don't think so.
Remeber that Federer and Djokovic can meet each other in the semies. But in the lower half of the table there is also Roddick. Roddick probably face Djokovic in the quarters. And if he is injurie free he always makes a chance. And the odds for Roddick are so juicy (65.00).

So what are the odds for these guys.
Nadal -> 2.40
Djokovic -> 4.00
Federer -> 4.50

The womens table is almost impossible to predict. So many possible winners, which of course increases the odds of all of them. But my advice is to stay away from it. Everybody can win from everybody. It will to much depend on the form of the day.

I myself won't bet on the US open. If I would place a bet then I would put a euro on Roddick.

Good luck,

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