Bets 31-08

Yesterday I made a small profit of 1.16 EURO. It seems small but it was more than 35% of the ante, so thats fine. For today i have again 3 bets. All of them have great pay-outs, which of course is related with th risk level.

Before I post my describe my tips, some advice. Yesterday Ajax lost surprisingly. When reading a sportsbetting forum, I noticed that a lot of peeps out there lost several combos due to this one loss!!! Never put one game in all your tickets. Why should u? There are games enough to choose from!

Here we go with the bets for today:
Combo 1:
AC milan - Bologna: 1 No explanation needed I guess.
Aston Villa - Liverpool: 2 I'm hoping that Liverpool wants to make something good after the CL qualification game.
Santander - Sevilla: 2 Just a feeling.
Possible Pay-out: 7,76

Combo 2:
Atletico Madrid - Malaga: 1 Should not be a problem for Atletico.
Saint-Etienne - Lyon: 2
Stuttgart - Hannover 96: 1
Possible Pay-out: 5,80

Combo 3:
AA Gent - Charlerloi: 1 Gent got their asses kicked in the UEFA quali game and they are determent to make it good for the home crowd.
AZ - NAC Breda: 1 just my favorite team in the Dutch Eredivisie. They have so much potential and want to wipe out last season, which was a disaster.
Roma - Napoli: 1
Pay-out: 4,28

BR after these bets: 33,25
Potential Pay-out for these bets: 17,84
Outstanding bets: 6 season bets

Good luck,

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