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After this weekend 4 major, okay 3 and Belgium, competitions are on its way. The first match days the bookies are offering always great odds.
My previous bets were terrible, they were placed to quickly without enough time to over think the bets. I will not step into that trap again. These are dream bets for the bookies. Always take your time, one of the major betting rules.

My rule for this season. I cannot wipe out my previous bets and I shouldn't, so my starting BR was 50€. 39€ still remaining, with a few outstanding season bets. I hope to double this BR before the winter break. Like always my maximum bet is 1€.
No exceptions!!!!

My betting plans for this weekend are:
- 1 triple toto type bet,
- 4 double toto type bets,
- 10 supertoto bets.

My first action was to print out all 1x2 odds for all the 4 competitions (Ligue 1, Premier League, Bundesliga and the Belgium Jupiler Pro League).
Second actions was to select the games I did want to play. 11 games popped up out of this selection. Based on this I decided to place 5 bets, like placed above. Besides this I will bet 10 supertoto´s on Unibet, costing me 1€. So, my total ante for this weekend will be 6€!

The triple bet consists of 3 wins. I hope that Manchester United, Marseille and AA Gent will win their game. All these games will be played on Sunday. Marseille plays at home against Auxerre. Never an easy game but a team who considers themselves a candidate for the title has to win all their games at home. Also no excuses for Manchester United, which still will play without C. Ronaldo, who faces Newcastle at home. AA Gent is another teams which hope to end within the top of the league.
This bet has a potential pay-out of 2.69€.

Double 1:
Anderlecht and Tottenham. I did combine these 2 games within one combo cause they have the highest odds. A win for Anderlecht is rewarded with a pay-out of 2.60 and a win for Tottenham is still good for 2.25. So this 1€ bet has a potential outcome of 5.85€. So yes it is risky but the possibility that both teams will one are within my eyes high enough to call this the value bet of the weekend. Anderlecht has an away game at Cercle Brugge, the revelation of last season. Surprisingly no of the start players left the team but we all know that the confirmation is always more difficult than the rise. Anderlecht plays already on the first match day a game which will make or break the season, they just can´t afford another blow after the elimination from Europe and the loss of the Belgian Supercup. Tottenham has to difficult away game to Middlesbrough.

Double 2:
Well the second double has a pay-out of 2.92€ and is based on the hope that and Standard Liege and Werder Bremen will win their away game. Both games are played on Saturday. Standard has a relative easy away game to Dender, who are hoping to avoid relegation. W. Bremen has a more difficult away game at Arminia Bielefeld, which I don´t consider a to difficult hurdle.

Double 3:
This double has a pay-out of 2.22€. Chelsea and KRC Genk will kick off the competition with a home game, so both team should win. I consider the home game from Chelsea against Portsmouth relative risk free, but you never know. The other games in this combo is a lot trickier. Genk has to face one of their black beast, namely GBA. But I placed this bet on the knowledge that Genk did some excellent transfers and these guys want to present themselves to the home crowd, while GBA still has to find a good replacement for Losada.

Double 4:
Double 4 is the double with the lowest pay-out (1.95€) and should be the bet with the lowest risk. Both Arsenal and Schalke 04 should win their home games easily. Arsenal has to face West Bromwich, will Schalke hosts the game against Hannover 96.

The pay-outs:
Triple 1: 2.69 -> Lost. Man U failed!
Double 1: 5.85 -> Lost. Tottenham failed!
Double 2: 2.92 -> Lost. Werder Bremen failed!
Double 3: 2.22 ->
Double 4: 1.95 -> Won!

Total possible pay-out: 15.63€
Total ante: 6€

BR after these bets 33€.

The odds in random order for the individual games:
Cercle Brugge - RSC Anderlecht: 2.60
Dender - Standard Liege: 1.61
Chelsea - Portsmouth: 1.33
Manchester United: Newcastle: 1.28
Marseille - Auxerre: 1.48
AA Gent - Bergen: 1.42
KRC Genk - Germinal Beerschot: 1.70
Arsenal - WBA: 1.22
Middlesbrough - Tottenham: 2.25
Schalke 04 - Hannorver 96: 1.60
Arminia Bielefeld - Werder Bremen: 1.80
If you would combine all these games in one combo it has a pay-out of 198€.

Gl with betting,

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