Anderlecht to qualify for the CL group stage?

I know it can be a gamble. But hey isn't all sports betting gambling?

Unibet is offering a great odd if RSC Anderlecht manages to qualify for the CL. They are giving back 5 Euro for each Euro invested. After last game I was baffled that they lost against Bate. So also had so many lame excuses but still I think that they have a much better team than Bate. Don't forget that Anderlecht is still preparing season 2008-2009 while Bate already has played a dozen of league games. So, yes it can be a long shot but I give it more than 50% chance of happening, so in my eyes the odds are appealing.

I'm now going to look for some nice value bets for the Olympics. But first of all I have to fund my BR again. After the lousy TDF and some misfortune in some other bets my BR almost dried out.


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