Here we are again

Playing again since a week or 2.
No big results yet, but also no big losses.

For the meantime I'm more gambling on golf than on football. Took some time, to create a golf gambling plan. But finally I have one, no I have to stuck to it.
I'll be betting on the PGA and European tour. Max 5 players per tournament on which I will place a win and place bet, eacht worth one point.

When gambling on golf, you and your bankroll has to be capable to under go some long loosing streaks.
It is hard enough to pick out a place or winnen within a 140 people field. But most of the time, a winning bet will buy you some time.

My bets for the Johnnie Walker @ Gleneagles are the following:
Win and place both for 1pts at the following players:
- Cabrera-Bello (w: 34 p: 8)
- M. Warren (w: 26 p: 6)
- S. Gallacher (w: 23 p: 5.75)
- F. Molinari (w: 13 p: 3.75)
- B. Koepka (w: 51 p: 11)

My bets for the PGA tour this week, (not according to the betting plan, placed before the plan was created):
- K. Bradley (winner 1 pt (41))
- B. Haas (winner 1 pt (46) and place 1 pt (10))
- J. Day (winner 1 pt (34) )
- I. Poulter (winner 1 pt (71) and place 1 pt (15))
- J. Spieth (winner 1 pt (61) and place 1 pt (13))
- W. Simpson (winner 1 pt (36))
- H. Stenson (winner 1 pt (19))

Welcome back,

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