Weekend recap

It was a bad weekend. Played 5 coupons and on none of them did I get into the money. One tickets is still running and appears to be promising. But due to the fact that I wrote this down, it will of course fail miserably.

Total ante for the weekend was 12,8 euros.
On Friday I did had my worst ticket with only 5/12 correct. The supertoto 14 on Saturday was a little bit better, but one mistake to many. The extra coupon on Saturday was also not good enough with only 7/11.

For the moment Sunday is still looking promising, with the second extra ticket on which I have 5 out of 5, with 3 matches to go. At half time, 2 are still correct. The last game is only 17 minutes underway.
If I do manage to get 8/8 I probably will end the weekend in green figure and it also will minimize my losses for the month. The start on Sunday was again a failure with only 7/12.

Lots of tickets ahead this week with the Champions league and the Europa League kicking off.

The lost coupon was a good one. 8 out of 8 correct. Unfortunately many other managed to do the same. Still a pay-out of just above 20 euros. This means that I ended the weekend with a profit 7,80 euros.
Still down for the month but that's my own fault with the expensive tickets for the first WC qualification matches. Shouldn't happen again with the help of my bankroll management.

Good luck,


price per head services said...

It happens some times. but probably you will have a better luck the next week and the ticket left you might win that.

Bettor said...

It is nice when you win money! Even a little amount of them!
Gook luck next week!

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